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C6 envelope size for HP envy

  • Envelope sizes and Beginner Questions Updated:11-30

    -I want to print on envelopes that are 3 5/8 x 6 1/2. How do I modify the existing templates in '08 to accommodate the change in envelope size? Or is there another approach I should take? -I'm very new to iWorks and WP in general. I'm looking for iWo

  • Envelope sizes Updated:11-30

    I use various card programs such as Hallmark.  Want to  print  half fold  card envelope size (8 5/8W x 5 5/8H). My HP 2540 does not give me any print envelope size choice that is near this.  How can I do this? Can I custom size envelopes?  How?  I bo

  • Envelope size Updated:11-30

    How do I print an envelope that is not a standard size as set in the printer.  I have envelopes that ate 5 3/4 x 8 3/4 inches for greeting cards.  The C5180 will not print on them, and I do not have the menu stated in the help file to make the change

  • Spell checker - unrecoverable error / envelope sizes Updated:11-30

    Probably due to microsoft updates ... spell checker no longer works in Star Office (unrecoverable error notice). I have to cut and paste into word, then check spelling, then return text to Star Office. Also envelope sizes do not print. Over the years

  • Printing question HP6515 - Envelope Size: 3 1/2 X 5 inches Updated:11-30

    Hello  - Can an HP6515 printer print an envelope who's dimensions are 3 1/2 X 5 inches?    I don't want to ruin a bunch of envelopes if the printer isn't designed to handle that size envelope. Thank you for your help and assistance. Bogdan2015Hi Bogd

  • Mismatch envelope size officejet pro x64 Updated:11-30

    I'm trying to print on Invitation Envelopes size 4 3/8 x 5 3/4 using Print Shop or Printmaster softwear. There is no size envelope equal on the list for my printer, Officejet Po 9620. I get mismach paper size error. Is there a way to bypass the print

  • A6 Envelope printing on HP Envy 5530 Updated:11-30

    I am trying to print a return address on an A6 envelope. I set up a MS Word document for the page size of the envelope (6.5" wide x 4.75" high) and also set up a custom paper size (A6 Env) in MS Word's print settings_page setup_paper size_manage

  • Acrobat 8.1 PDFmaker won't print envelope size pages Updated:10-11

    Vista Home Premium 32-bit Acrobat 8.1.3 Professional Word 2007 I create mail-merged #10 envelopes in Word 2007 and then use PDFmaker to create a PDF of the result of the mail-merge. The resulting PDF has a number of pages each the size of a #10 envel

  • How do i determine the envelope size in Pages? Updated:10-11

    I'm printing envelopes for Christmas and I can't find how to adjust to the size envelope that fits my Christmas cards. I'm working with 5x7 envelopes.Menu > Page Setup- > Paper Size > Manage Custom Size- if the size isn't there already PeterRead

  • Adobe Reader 9.1 prints only #10 envelope size Updated:10-11

    Every time I print a Adobe document the only size it lets me print is #10 envelope.  I have looked everywhere but I can't find an option to change the paper size. I have looked in all of the obvious places, but cant find the page set up option.  I ha

  • I'm trying to type wedding invitation envelopes which are 5x7 and I don't know how to create the format.  In the pages area, the available templates are all standard envelope sizes.  How do I create the 5x7 format template Updated:11-30

    I'm trying to print 5X& envelopes.  In pages, the templates are all standard sized.  How do I create a 5x7 envelope template so I can merge my addresses?I presume you are using the Pages application, is that correct? So start off by launching Pages a

  • How to change print size on HP Envy 5530 Updated:11-30

    Hi, I just set up my new Envy 5530 printer and have begun printing. I am not seeing an option to change the print size. As I primarily will be using this printer for business shipping postage labels, I usually reduce my print copy to 85% to save ink,

  • Place MultiPage PDF creates envelope size pages only Updated:11-30

    I know I somehow changed my default settings so I quit out of ID. I start it up, I select default (8.5 x 11), new doc opens. I open script and select place Multipage PDF. By default, new doc is first option, I select it and I end up with a multipage

  • Change envelope sizes & margins Updated:11-30

    OK, I have resized the template from a #10 to 7.2" X 5.0". But now I need to change the margins but the inspector won't allow me that option without the left margin printing off the edge of the paper. The addressee appears to be locked to the le

  • 8600 Won't Print to Custom Size Envelopes Updated:10-11

    I used to have an HP Office Jet 7410 and was able to print all the addresses for my holiday cards on custom envelope sizes - nothing too out of the ordinary, but not #10.  I have now upgraded (or at least I thought I was upgrading) to the 8600 Premiu

  • How do I print standard 6 3/4" standard size envelopes from an hp 8600 officejet pro printer? Updated:10-11

    How do I print 6 3/4" standard size envelopes from an hp 8600 officejet pro printer. This printer has this size on the tray and has this size listed in the printer set up on the printer, but the drop down boxes from my computer to set up the printer

  • Printing envelope not formatted correctly on custom size 8.75 by 5.75 Updated:10-11

    Printers and All-In-Ones running win 7 64 bit, officejet 8600 pro all update current, In works 2007 word processor or 2011 Hallmark card progam.  downloaded latest driver and reinstalled same (deleted original dr and rebooted first). Envelope is corr

  • How to print custom size envelope Updated:11-30

    I'm having trouble printing 3 5/8x 6 1/2" envelopes.  The templates in Pages are for business size envelopes.  I made a custom template, but I get an error message <The specified custom paper size is not supported in the selected tray.>  I only

  • Mac Mini envelopes printing full page size from contacts Updated:11-30

    Good day. So here's my story. In early summer I printed out enveoples form "Address Book" for our wedding invitations from a Macbook pro 2.16 GHz running 10.6.8. Everything worked out perfectly. I then got a Mac Mini 2.7 GHz Core i7  for a weddi

  • HELP! Trying to print on an envelope (logo/return address), but when change page/paper size, prints blank page Updated:11-30

    Before now, I have really only used Acrobat to convert and send uneditable documents (just to give you an idea that I am not used to trying to edit docs or print them out in paper sizes other than 8.5 x 11.  However, I have a document (created by a g