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BW master data maintenance in RSA1 7.4

  • Master data maintenance and attributes for GTIN/EAN Updated:11-30

    A review of the SAP documentation indicates that  "You can use the consistency report to change the attributes (for example, quantity, length, height, and so on) of certain materials". The "and so on" seems to imply that the attributes

  • Material Master Data Loading Error Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I am loading master data for material. i got the following error. 1. 0material_attr :     Record 1 :0MATERIAL : Data record 1 ('000000000000010220 '): Version '000000000000010220 ' is not   valid     Process :   If this message appears during

  • Error while loading master data to attribute ZMAJORGU(Major organisational unit) Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, While loading master data to  ZMAJORGU(MOU)(info object texts) from  datasource (ZOS_HRP1000)datasource iam getting error in DTP. below is the error... Diagnosis     Data record 349 & with the key 'Ship &' is invalid in value 'Ship &am

  • Error while loading to Master data attribute 0product Updated:10-11

    Hi experts, While loading the data from 0material to 0product master data attribute i am getting a error ' 0MATERIAL : Data record 2421 (''300000072 '):Version '300000072 ' is not valid. I request u all to help me to solve this error. Diagnosis     D

  • Customer master data copying from one sales order to other Updated:10-11

    Hello Friends, I have requirement on customer master data maintenance, When ever i create a customer in one sales area it has to copied automatically to other sales area.Even if i change also system should replicate the changes to same customer in ot

  • Issue with Vendor Master Data-field notes ID  (Table ADRT-REMARK) Updated:10-11

    Hello, I have a issue related to Vendor Master Data maintenance. The client wants to maintain the u201CNotesu201D field in vendor master data. The field gets populated from the field u201CADTR-REMARKu201D table ADRT. Now client wants to maintain some

  • Problem in Customer Master data Updated:10-11

    Hio friend I need some examples what type of problems or issues or ticket comes at clients in Customer Master data maintenance. If possible send some scnerios with solution also how it was solved. Thanks RajHi, 1. 'Entry GVK 0000140000 does not exist

  • Data error when loading to master data? Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am loading data from Data base to BW.It is a master data loading.I got an error in the 8th package of the load for the time field which is server update time(reference 0TIME) .The data server update time for that particular record is  '19900101