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  • Error, while excuting query Updated:10-11

    Dear Masters     I have 2 problem. I would like to share u. 1) When im excuting query in query design, first time it's taking 3 mins to display report. But second time same query, while excuting, it's taking 4 seconds only. This is happening for SD q

  • Error While Excuting Query in Production Updated:10-11

    HI, I am encountering follwing error on query excution , could you please suggest me , error is as below Error as per ST22 What happened?     The generation of the ABAP program "GP4GEQTW5ZYQ55LEA0      since it     encountered a statement that could

  • How to get Quername while executing query in CMOD Updated:10-11

    Hello, I have written some code for giving authorization to the users while excuting query, i need to find users with role YB_CRM_MN_ADMINISTRATOR which i can get through FM CRM_ROLES_OF_USER_GET. After that I need to find the query it is executing,

  • Display Data Updated:10-11

    hi every body, i want to display data inside my forms when the form open direct, no need to prss Excute query, How ????? thanks.....When dealing with forms a lot of what your do is writing PL/SQl-code, enhanced with the forms-builtin-functions. So yo

  • Do I need to create a view for this? Updated:10-11

    Hi Ihave got 2 tables emp and project In emp tabe: emp_no family name given name In porgect table: emp_no status(assigned,unassigned) start_date end_date emp_no Family_name given_name 1 Smith John In project table same employee can have many assigeme

  • Problem in BEX Analyzer Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus, *Sales Query 1     * *CUSTOMER ID     * *MATERIAL ID     * *Key Figures     * *SALES REP ID     * *No Applicable Data Found.     * Could you guys please help me to solve the above problem in BEX when excute query. No data is showing in BEX

  • Non-cumulative display data error! Updated:10-11

    Hi, experts, I hit a issue here. I use datasource 2lis_03_bf  extract data into stardard inventory cube IC03. The transaction data for plant A only have data from 2009/4/14, and I checked the validity table, it only has plant and calday as charicteri

  • How to display all important keys in the menu at runtime...? Updated:10-11

    Dear All. I need a urgent help from forms guru's,my requirement is i need to display all the necessary keys on the menu option i.e keys(if you press ctrl+F1) at forms runtime.if you see only un necessary keys are displayed instead of the very basic k

  • Line Item 0BATCH is used In Aggregate Updated:11-30

    Dear Masters       I have used aggregate on cube. When I excuting query in query designer, it's taking much time to display the data. When I checked aggregate, it's giving warning message below Line item 'Batch number' is used in aggregate System Res

  • Oracle forms 6i error FRM-42401 Updated:11-30

    i have created a master detail module and when trying to run it, it doesn't come with data when clicking on "execute query" Instead it displays error "FRM-42401 Performing program trigger ON_CLEAR_DETAILS on form" can someone pls help