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  • BUS2012 releaser RELEASE - BAPI_PO_RELEASE, saving releaser Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I know, this kind of topic was already processed a couple of times, however I did not find a suitable solution for our problem. Customer wants to be able to save (and report later) releasers of the PO. There is a new processed being implement

  • BUS2012.PurchaseOrder.releaseStepCreated is not raise on creation of PO Updated:10-11

    We understand that after saving of PO, event BUS2012.PurchaseOrder.releaseStepCreated should be triggred. However, this is not happening in quality environement (in devlopment system raises the above event on creation of PO). The function module atta

  • Service PO created missing service list, with LSMW BUS2012 Updated:10-11

    Hi experts, After days fighting against the Service PO creation with the service list filled, I decided to insert this post. I hope it should be a simple issue for someones. The problem is, I'm able to create a Service PO, but the service list for th

  • SAP BUS2012 Rejection Stop not getting triggered Updated:10-11

    Hi experts, I am facing one particular problem. When I am rejecting a PO, by default , REJECTION_START event of BUS2012 is getting triggered, I can see it in SWEL. But when I am cancelling the Rejection REJECTION_STOP event of BUS2012 is not getting

  • WS20000075 BUS2012 purchase order workflow doesnt handle rejection ?? Updated:11-30

    Hi, I need to understand how the std workflow template WS20000075 works for rejections and subsequent cancellations of rejections ? I have seen that there is nothing in there just completes the workflow, thats it So if I have to arrange for

  • BUS2012 - CreateFromData1 - PO doesn't created Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I have a WF with a Task calling the method CreatedFromData1 of BO BUS2012, when I run the WF all seems OK(I get the PO number), but  when I go to ME23N transaction the PO isn't created. Do you know if I need to call other task after CreateFro

  • Create GOS attachment of BUS2012 in workflow Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I've developped an workflow for approval of purchase order. When the approver has rejected the purchase order I create a document from template to describe the the reason for rejection. Now I want to attach in the workflow this document with

  • Why not able to see BUS2012 through se24 Updated:11-30

    Hi, Please clarify me on this. BUS2012 is a business object for Purchase order. Then why can't I see this object through se24 (Class Builder) . Why there are separate transsactions(SWO1, SWO2) to see these objects. Other classes I can see through se2

  • Business Objects - BUS2017, BUS2012, BUS2032, LIKP Updated:11-30

    Hi, i m new with business objects. where can i find related information about this topic? how can i customize business objects, add attributes, methods, events? especially for the following business objects: - BUS2017 (goods movement) - BUS2012 (purc

  • Workflow start condition : PO type field in BUS2012 Updated:11-30

    Hi all ! I am creating a Workflow process whenever a PO ( Order type NB ) is changed. For this I am using the standard business object BUS2012 ( Purchase Order ) For my objective, I need to use the start Condition of PO type eq 'NB'. I go to Basic da

  • WF start condition : PO type field in BUS2012 Updated:11-30

    Hi all ! I am creating a Workflow process whenever a PO ( Order type NB ) is changed. For this I am using the standard business object BUS2012 ( Purchase Order ) For my objective, I need to use the start Condition of PO type eq 'NB'. I go to Basic da

  • Method BUS2012 - Release  not executing in the workflow Updated:11-30

    hi all! I hope you can help me out with the following: I have created a workflow to release a PO. The approver will see a decision task with Approve and Decline. When he approves the PO, the workflow should release the PO in the background with the m

  • Error in Standard Business Object BUS2012 Updated:11-30

    Hi Friends.. Iam using standard business object BUS2012 for purchase order creation workflow. while creating PO the workflow need to be triggered. But i got an error message in BUS2012 thatswhy the workflow was not triggered while creating PO. i got

  • Error in Business object BUS2012 Updated:11-30

    Hi Friends.. If I am Going to run Standard Business object BUS2012 its working fine in local system but it was not working client system. It shows the error message like this.. "Basic idoc type PORDCR02 is not found" so how can i solve this issu

  • Two Instance getting triggered on Change of PO for BUS2012 Updated:11-30

    Hello experts, I have created a single step Workflow, to be triggered on change of PO. I created a Subtype of BUS2012 and delegated it. added a new method to carry out the processing as required. However on change there are two workflow instance in t

  • BOR BUS2012 problem with event RELEASESTEPCREATED Updated:11-30

    Hi every one. I have a situation with transaction ME21N when I create a Purchase Order, the event  BUS2012-RELEASESTEPCREATE is triggering but i get a error : 'Import container contains errors (are any obligatory elements missing?)'. In my workflow (

  • I have to trigger BUS2012 RELEASESTEPCREATED, when a change in PO happens. Updated:11-30

    Hi, When CHANGED event for BUS2012 happens. I need the release code to also get passed as an event parameter. Let me know, how this can be achieved. Thanks, Sukumar.Hi, once changed event gets triggerd , write a background method which fetches releas

  • Field restrictions set in SWEC for BUS2012. Updated:11-30

    Hi Gurus, The field restrictions have been set for fields (ekpo-menge, ekpo-netpr etc..). But this doesnot seem to work. The workflow triggers if there is any change in the PO. This should not happen. Please help in this regards. Thanks, Sathish.Plea

  • Old object instance in bus2012.changed event Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I'm using the change document event BUS2012.significantlychanged to start the workflow. This event is getting raised and the workflow triggered as i wanted. But when I see the PO attributes in the workflow container it shows the old release s

  • BUS2012 Release Step Event triggered twice Updated:11-30

    Hi Guys,   When a PO is created the BO BUS2012 Release Step event is triggered twice. I am using a condition for my workflow based on the release code. What could be the problem.Kindly Clarify.. Rgds,Hi,   Actually I think the problem is with my Star