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  • How to make join bsis,bkpf,bseg table with zdbb and zobb table for data retrieval Updated:10-11

    HI, I have an abap  development requirement in which i have to retrieve data fields from different table, like bsis ,bkpf, bsip, bsas, pyar, lfa1,skat,etc. I have retrieved data from bsis and bkpf and bseg by finding  common field like "belnr, budat

  • Get zuonr of  table bsis and bsas Updated:10-11

    Hi All, Tried getting the zuonr of  bsas and bsis using bseg but  got Run time error long text.  Exceeded the permitted time. My condition is  c_sales_pdc type bseg-hkont value u20180000102120u2019. Need your advise on program optimization and rephra

  • Updating the line items Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am unable to update the Business Area . I have some blank Busines Areas i should update the Business Area line items  same as According to the belnr(header) REPORT zfir_vendorwise_grir_balances NO STANDARD PAGE HEADING                         L

  • Updation of blank field in internal table Updated:10-11

    Hi,   I want to update the blank businees area field with the header item of that particular business area belnr. i am sending you the updation of business area code plz find out where rhe error and rectify please. points given REPORT zfir_vendorwise

  • Retreive data from wa structure into fields. Updated:10-11

    Hi friends,             I am having a query regarding classical report.I want to retreive data for vendor billwise realisation report.I am getting few fields into my list screen(fields from bsis table).Remaining fields i want to retreive from table b

  • Regarding ABAP report Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, I have to create a report in the following format: Report AA   |Date     |      X     |Y      |     Z    |     XX   |     YY 11:30|05/10/08| 989     |4567 |     B   |     A    |     A      Maria Smith      123  Main St.       Apt.      99

  • Creating Logical Database Updated:10-11

    hi,    i need to display Outstanding Liability GRNs in my report. for that report, i have created a Logical Database. The structure of ldb is, BSIS>Bkpf->Bseg--->Rseg     My Input fields                     GL Account                     Plant   

  • Line overlapping row in report Updated:10-11

    I am doing maintenance in a report that runs to a time when small executes properly, but when runs for a whole month, about 165,000 pages, a dotted line (uline) overwrites the record. Someone already seen something similar before and solved. Example

  • Electronic Bank Statement (EBS) Updated:10-11

    Hi All, My Client is implemented Electronic Bank Statement using BAI format. GL Accounts set up is wrong (all bank accounts should be clearing type accounts (Open Item managed, except Operating Account (Main bank account))),but these accounts are not

  • Advance through cash journal to vendor( through t.code F-48) Updated:10-11

    hi SAP guru, i am getting error while makng advance payment through cash journal t. code-f-48 "payment amount is larger than cash on hand ,change amount"    though i have sufficent cash balance even it is showing this error. total available cash

  • Oracle Assets Category-wise Report from FA and GL tables Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am developing a customized report (Schedule of Fixed Assets) in the Oracle Assets Module, Which includes Category Wise Opening Balance, additions, adjustments, transfer IN, Transfer OUT and Retirements of Cost and Depreciations. I am using FA t

  • F-04 and F-03 Clearing T-Codes Updated:10-11

    In an F-04 Post with Clearing entry what would the additional accounting entries look like?  In a regular F-03 clearing transaction would the only changes in the system be in the BSIS and BSAS tables?Hi,, it will effect BSIS , BSAS & BSEG Regards, R.

  • How to Create an FI document using a BAPI Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have a requirement as under(for a report creation): I need get all the Account numbers(from table BSIS) depending on the Posting date(BUDAT) and the Price difference accounts(HKONT) for the previous month(say 1/1 to 31/1). After I get all the d