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  • JOIN VBRK VBRP : BAD performance Updated:11-30

    I have a big performance problem with this : SELECT  vvbeln vfkart vfkdat vvbtyp vkunrg vvkorg v~bukrs           bPOSNR bmatnr bfkimg bprsdt b~werks           FROM VBRK As v           JOIN VBRP AS b ON bvbeln = vvbeln    APPENDING corresponding field

  • I want to join the table vbrk,vbrp,konv and fields are vbeln, knumv. Updated:11-30

    i want to join the table vbrk,vbrp,konv and fields are vbeln, knumv is possible . if it isn't possible. what is the another method output is doc. no.(vbrp-vbeln) condition doc. no.(vbrk-knumv) , condition(konv-kschl), tax rate(konv-mwsk1), quantitty(

  • I want to join the table vbrk,vbrp,konv but konv is cluster table . Updated:11-30

    Hi    konv is the cluster table . so   I  want to join the table vbrk,vbrp,konv and fields are vbeln, knumv is possible . if it isn't possible. what is the another method output is doc. no.(vbrp-vbeln) condition doc. no.(vbrk-knumv) , condition(konv-

  • Left joins : Case or if statement Updated:10-11

    Hi I want to know if one can build in a case or if statement into a left join. I want to multiply a value with -1 if the condition is met.I think it is not possible in SELECT statement...but you can do the below to resolve it. add a field for FKART i

  • Printing the header of a report  and checking the join statement... Updated:10-11

    Hi All, This report of mne is working fine but there are things that i want to include: when i print this report i want it to display heading of which is in the html_top_of_page but it does not print it, i am not familiar with smart forms so i won't

  • Find total quantity from vbrk and vbrp Updated:11-30

    Hi frinds doing a report to display sales in 3 month 6 month snd past 12 months but didnt get logic to find out here is my code SELECT vbrk~vbeln          vbrk~fkdat          vbrp~fkimg          vbrp~matnr          vbrp~werks          INTO CORRESPOND

  • Join on 6 tables Updated:11-30


  • Inner join in ABAP and exporting the data Updated:11-30

    Hi, I want to use inner join in ABAP for retrieving data from 2 tables and export that data.How will i do it?Hi, Refer following code *--Select query to pick the data from table VBRK VBRP and VBPA using inner join   SELECT a~vbeln                    

  • Can any one tell me on which fields shell i put join . specially in likp Updated:11-30

    Hi,       I have to create dispatch intimation report. tables i m using r vbrk,vbrp,likp,liks,vbpa,kna1(for customer name ref to likp),lfa1(for transporter name, makt (for material description.). Can any one tell me on which fields shell i put join .

  • List Report ( Join Query ) Updated:11-30

    I am developing list report and in that i have to use approximately 8-9 inner joins and according  to SAP we can use only 2-3 joins so is there any alternative of fetching data from multiple table without effecting performance, i am listing my query

  • Inner Join Built? Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, I need to build a inner join between 4 tbls, like, in such a way that, the user gives his choices in selection screen as SELECT OPTIONS / Range values, 1 - KUNNR-VBAK 2 - KVGR2 - VBAK 3 - BZIRK(dist) - KNVV-BZIRK 4- MATNR-VBAP 5 - ANGDT-V

  • VBAK,VBRP,VBRK for all entries on I_VRPMA:Please help Updated:11-30

    Hi, I need to join 3 tables VBRK,VBAK,VBRP Tables.Actually to improve the performance first i retrieved matnr and belnr(billing records) from VRPMA Table into I_VRPMA where s_vkorg,s_fkdat,s_fkart.(selection screen) Now i need to fetch billing record

  • Plz change code from inner join to for all entries Updated:11-30

    REPORT      : ZSD00009                                               * DESCRIPTION : REPORT FOR TRACTOR ON STOCK AGING                      * CODED BY    : DINESH AGARWAL                                         * SPECS BY    : AJAY KOTHI             

  • Regarding join statement Updated:11-30

    SELECT  vbrkvbeln vbfavbelv           vbrkfkdat vbrkkunag           vbrpwerks kna1name1               FROM vbrk               INNER JOIN vbrp ON vbrkvbeln = vbrpvbeln               INNER JOIN vbfa ON vbfavbeln = vbrkvbeln               INNER JOIN kna

  • Sample coding for multiple table join Updated:11-30

    Hi, i need a sample coding for multiple table join. can anyone help me out. regards GokulSELECT AVBELN AFKDAT AVTWEG ASPART AWAERK AKURRF AKUNAG AKNUMV          BPOSNR BFKIMG BNETWR BMATNR          DBEGRU ELABOR E~MATKL          INTO CORRESPONDING FI

  • Reuse alv hierseq list display pgm doubt Updated:10-11

    can anyone tell me s my coding s write or not becos in the report output i cannot view the line item details but it s gettign populated in the itab REPORT ZTEST_1. TABLES: KNB1,BSID. TYPE-POOLS: SLIS. *TYPES:BEGIN OF TYP_OUTPUT. INCLUDE STRUCTURE ZRF

  • Modified Report required Updated:10-11

    hi guys am new to ABAP, i have a report which prints information of a single customer for a particular period , can anybody modify my report and give me the code for displaying information of multiple customers at a time... and info of every customer

  • Urgent: Report Updated:10-11

    Hi Guru's... My Program Perfomance is very slow.... Plz tell me wat can i do.... TABLES : VBAK, VBRP, VBRK, KNA1, T001, LIKP, VBPA, TVKBT, TVGRT, KONV, VBKD, VBFA, T052, BSAD. TYPE-POOLS: SLIS. DATA: BEGIN OF ITAB OCCURS 0,       VKBUR   LIKE VBAK-VK

  • Get accounting information Updated:11-30

    I have a function as follows to extract the relationship of DN, Invoice and SO, but i want to get accounting information, so i loop the BSEG table, then pass the DN, SO and SO Item to function. The question is when same delivery refer to same so and

  • Fetching Invoice details from BSEG Updated:11-30

    Hi experts,                 I  fetched  details like BUZEI BUZEI KOART SHKZG MWSKZ DMBTR PSWBT PSWSL HWBAS KTOSL HKONT KUNNR MATNR TXJCD from Bseg . program execute  well in development server but very slow  in production server. Coding is given belo