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  • Update the correct profit center in tables BSEG / BSAS / BSIS / BSIK / BSAK Updated:10-11

    Hi FI Gurus, I am looking after a Support Project in SAP IS-Retail. I am from the FI functional and possess very limited knowledge in FI. My client has done the sales posting in SAP using IDOC's. During the postings, it was found that wrong Profit Ce

  • Problem in updating bseg-zuonr and bseg-sgtxt fields. Updated:10-11

    Hi guys, I have a requirement to update    ZUONR  and  SGTXT   fields in  BSEG , BSAS, BSIS, BSAK, BSIK, BSAD, and BSID tables .  Is there any FM or BAPI to achieve this functionality as i dont want to use UPDATE statement. anybody please help me out

  • F.05 fx.val. and archived documents Updated:10-11

    Hello, It is possible that with the fx. valuation with F.05 tr. (end month closing), also works with archived documents, (XARCH field)? I mean, I have Archiving in the company and there are differences betwen BSEG and BKPF archived documents and the

  • Transaction Currency Tables which will give totals only Updated:10-11

    Transaction currency purpose  bseg, bkpf, bsis, bsid contain document wise details hence will not be useful for my purpose,   i need a table which will give transaction currency  totals only.Hi Anu, I am unable to understand your exact requirement as

  • Problem in SAP SET while firing select query Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, please check my code below DATA: BEGIN OF ibsis OCCURS 100,           ebeln LIKE bseg-ebeln,             ebelp LIKE bseg-ebelp,             bsis LIKE bsis,                    ldgrp TYPE fagl_ldgrp.    DATA: END OF ibsis.               TYP

  • How to get Material column in FBL5N Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, Our client has a requirement where they want to have material as a column in FBL5N report. Using the layout we are able to add material column. However, it is blank for all line items. We understand that in FBL5N, we get FI documents and

  • Customer payment  due date Updated:10-11

    i want to calculate customer due date based on payment terms and print in to my invoice output, which fields and table do need to take consideration, would anyone help me on that thanks Points would be rewardedHi Suresh, You can get the relevant deta

  • Line overlapping row in report Updated:10-11

    I am doing maintenance in a report that runs to a time when small executes properly, but when runs for a whole month, about 165,000 pages, a dotted line (uline) overwrites the record. Someone already seen something similar before and solved. Example

  • Advance through cash journal to vendor( through t.code F-48) Updated:10-11

    hi SAP guru, i am getting error while makng advance payment through cash journal t. code-f-48 "payment amount is larger than cash on hand ,change amount"    though i have sufficent cash balance even it is showing this error. total available cash

  • Noted items/ Normal Items/ Special G/L Transaction Updated:10-11

    Hello all, I need again your help. In a report are read docs from BSEG table (BSIS, BSAS, BSID, BSAD, BSIK,BSAK). The selection screen must have 3 checkboxes for normal-items, noted-items and Special G/L Transactions (something like block type in sel

  • Who created Doc. Updated:10-11

    Hi, My client requirement is, when user made a payment via F-53 tcode then it will generated document number. My question is who generated this document? I had checked BSEG, BSAK , BSIS and BSAS table where no user id column to determine that who gen

  • Assignment Number for Special G/L Account Updated:10-11

    Hello, Doing some tests in version ECC 6.0 the field BSEG-HZUON (G/L allocation number) is not being filled while I am manually inputting the assignment (BSEG-ZUONR). When I search items in FBL3N I cant see the assignment number because the special g