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  • Sales report with gl numbers Updated:11-30

    Hi Gurus, I want to generate a report from SD showing details of Material description (items sold) and amount from G/L Numbers 400013, 400017, 400018, 400001 and 400005.with the gl number also displayed. pls help. thanks MaureenHi, You can get the De

  • Update BSEG-ZUONR with VBRK-BSTKD Updated:11-30

    Hi experts, This enhancement will kick in in real time when ever a billing document is generated and it involves posting into accounting. Update BSEG-ZUONR with VBRK-BSTKD . I need the substitution rule exit details. Plz can u tell me that whether I

  • BSEG to VBRP AND VBRK Updated:11-30

    Hello, I need to link sales orders in VBRP and VBRK to their respective GL line entries in BSEG.  Dos anyone have a SQL query that accomplishes this?  I'm not sure what the relationships are between BSEG and these sales tables. Any help would be grea

  • Relation field between table VBRK/VBRP and BSEG Updated:11-30

    Can any body guide on the common fields between VBRK/ VBRP and BSEG, except field "assignment".Hi, If you know the accounting document number, Goto SE16. enter BSEG table and enter. Enter the accounting document number in selection screen. E.g 9

  • How to Join VBRK, VBRP and BSEG Updated:11-30

    Dear Guys I have Billing No from VBRP/VBRK and want to join these tables with BSEG to pick Accounting Doc No. How to Join these tables. ThanksHi, What you can do is to use FM AC_DOCUMENT_RECORD. Please check my example below: MOVE: 'VBRK'          TO

  • BSEG-BELNR based on VBRK-VBELN Updated:11-30

    Dear All, Happpy Diwali. I want BSEG-BELNR based on Invoice no(VBRK-VBELN). Please tale me another way to get same data as per below code. DATA : V_BELNR TYPE BKPF-BELNR.     LOOP AT IT_DATA .       SELECT SINGLE  BELNR         INTO V_BELNR         

  • How to get general account for a billing document ( BSEG) ? Updated:10-11

    Hello, For a billing document to a client , We need to get the general account for each item of the invoice . We based on the field XBLNR of table VBRK to select a document from BKPF with condition : VBRK-XBLNR = BKPF-vbeln . If yes we will get from

  • Data from Bseg taking too much time Updated:10-11

    Hi , I need to extract data from BSEG and it is goin in timeout. my query is  : 1 :  on the basis of VBRK i need to fetch data from bseg. loop at it_vbrk.       awkk = it_vbrk-vbeln.       CALL FUNCTION 'CONVERSION_EXIT_ALPHA_OUTPUT'         EXPORTIN

  • Populating BSEG-ZUONR for GL Line item Updated:10-11

    Hi experts, I need the system to copy field VBRK-ZUONR to BSEG-ZUONR when posting a billing document.  The situation is as follows: - When I post the billing document to accounting BSEG-ZUONR is populated for the customer open item but - BSEG-ZUONR i

  • Link GLPCA Ref doc to BSEG (ABAP Table Logic) Updated:11-30

    Hi, We are trying to link GLPCA to BSEG via the Reference Doc No in GLPCA.  This is to get the reference field in BSEG.  All seems to work well for finance documents, but when we work with GLPCA Sales Doc Types RV the REFDOC Line has the line of the

  • BSEG-XINVE not specific to accounting principle Updated:11-30

    Hello gurus, I need to reclassify invoices related with capital investments using the indicator BSEG-XINVE and the transaction FAGLF101. My problem is that for some invoices there is a gap between the FR GAAP and IFRS rules: -Case 1: Investment in bo

  • BSEG Table join Updated:11-30

    Hi, Please help me to join BSEG and VBRK table in the SAP query(SQ02). Because there is an error as "Table BSEG cannot be used in a join". Regards, SanjayaHiya, BSEG is too massive, so SAP doesn't allow using it in queries. You may create some A

  • BSEG Line item Value Updated:11-30

    Sir's, My table link is BKPF --> BSEG --> VBRP ---> VBRK ---> Konv. i want to ftech  Feild DMBTR and WRBTR from BSEG table using key belnr, but here lots of entry avalble same belnr, i want to fecth line BSEG-BUZEI line no 3. please guide me h

  • Invoice details in tables BSEG,BSID Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, 1.How to get the details of open invoice(customer invoice) from table BSEG, BSID or BKPF. 2.Which field in these table belongs to invoice number? 3.Will accounting document gete generated for every invoice created & cancelled? I dont want

  • Fetching Invoice details from BSEG Updated:11-30

    Hi experts,                 I  fetched  details like BUZEI BUZEI KOART SHKZG MWSKZ DMBTR PSWBT PSWSL HWBAS KTOSL HKONT KUNNR MATNR TXJCD from Bseg . program execute  well in development server but very slow  in production server. Coding is given belo

  • How to link invoice line items VBRP to BSEG lines Updated:11-30

    Dear all, We're trying to link VBRP records to BSEG records. Only link we've found is the VBELN and nothing abouth line items. VBRP has line items indexed with POSNR like 10,20,30 ... etc. BSEG has lines indexed with BUZEI 001,002,003 ...etc. So we c

  • Function module for BSEG table Updated:11-30

    Hi Guru's,   SELECT bukrs          belnr          gjahr          budat          monat          waers          awkey     FROM bkpf     INTO TABLE i_bkpf_data     WHERE  bukrs EQ pa_bukrs AND            budat IN so_budat. SORT i_bkpf_data BY bukrs beln

  • Assignmnt num population(BSEG-ZUONR) in all line of Acc doc for Cr Memo(G2) Updated:11-30

    Hi, Our business process is we create Credit memo request with reference to Returns Sales order and create Credit memo with reference to Credit memo request. When creating Accounting document from Invoice Assignment number(VBRK-ZUONR) is copied to BS

  • BSEG table in Report painter Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I want to create a report using a report painter. For this while creating library, i want to use the table BSEG. But i am getting an error message "Table BSEG is not installed in report painter". Then i used transaction MC27 and created

  • Unable to capture the value of vbrk-vbeln value from VF02 Updated:10-11

    Hi All, am printing form from VF02 ,,,once i execute the VF02 , and select Billing Document -> Issue Output to  option .., my printi program gets triggered ,......, but in my print program am unable to capture the value of VBRK-VBELN which i have ent