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  • Cannot open application, web browser(default nokia... Updated:11-30

    hello everybody.. I want to ask about my phone nokia 5130c xpressmusic. I have some problem in my mobile. I cannot open application, web browser(default nokia), radio, and music player. How to solve that problem? thank you for your answer and attenti

  • Update the browser for nokia ashamed 305 Updated:11-30

    Hey please could give us an update for browser of nokia 305 as it is having a lot of problems..some of them are listed below >NO COPY AND PASTE OPTION >CANT EVEN DOWNLOAD THEMES INTO THE BROWSER. >FACEBOOK AND TWITTER ARE NOT RUNNING PROPERLY.WHE

  • Problem with browser in Nokia N8 Updated:10-11

    Hello everybody I just installed Symbian Anna in my phone, everything works right but one thing.  When I try to open a link included in an email the browser opens and immediately closes and I cannot see the contents of the link.  Same happens for exa

  • Internet browser for nokia 2730 classic is no long... Updated:11-30

    My nokia 2730 classic is no longer browsing to the internet, what is wrong with it?ovi store uses prefered access point wether you set it to be used or not. Some operator have different access point for different purpose. Eg, prepaid customer have di

  • Flash lite in browser for nokia 6233? Updated:11-30

    hai, can U help me? i use nokia 6233 but flashlite not desplay in my web browser what is the content type in device setting > browser ?If you haven't already done so you can download the Flash Lite 3 Developer Edition from Adobe Labs. Here is the lin

  • Browser for nokia 303 Updated:11-30

    How can i re-install my old web browser? Because i cannot use the new downloaded web browser(nokia xpress). Pls reply asap thanksOnly a factory reset can downgrade your browser. That too if there was a different browser that came pre-installed with t

  • How to invoke MIDlet from a Web Browser in Nokia 6230 ? Updated:11-30

    Hi! I Would like to invoke MIDlet from a web browse in mobile phone. How to do it ? is it possible ? Generally I need to send sms automatically depending on the data from a browser. I wish to click a link that will lead to the midlet which would send

  • Problem during web browsing in nokia E-5 Updated:11-30

    recently i had a problem while browsing the net. Somehow my bookmarks are not showing. when trying to add a new bookmark it is added but when opening the 'bookmarks' nothing showing. Also if i try to add a bookmark which was added before the problem

  • Problem in browsing in nokia e6..... Updated:11-30

    dears, iam facing a problem in recievng service reply after having a call or after sending a message. Untill i recieve that service message, my net connection wont get reconnected and thus iam compelled to switchoff my set again and again to regain t

  • Y-Browser for Nokia N97 Updated:11-30

    Does anybody have a link for this App? I have tried googleing it but all the one's i have downloaded, once installed say that the App is not compatibale with my handset. Any N97 owners have a link to one that is compatible with the N97? Thanks in adv

  • Html 5 browser for nokia c5 when come Updated:11-30

    when i watch youtube video on mobile then some video displace the below message Not Available on Mobile Watch Later on desktop Share Video please give solutionIt's might be off the topic, but why don't you use YouTube app to watch YouTube videos? bba

  • My nokia browser is not closing. Updated:10-11

    Hi sir, when i opened internet on my device 311 there's a massage to update and i do that. But after that i browse my internet and want to close that app then its not clossing. What i have to do? Please help.Pressing end key twice should close the br

  • Where is the close button in nokia browser??! Updated:11-30

    Hi,, *Please, where is the close button in nokia browser i mean inside the app beacuse i close it from the shutdown phone key?? *How can i delete the input history (in the sites forms) like google????? *what is the best browser for Nokia Asha 303 ins

  • Nokia 5610 browsing problem Updated:11-30

    Hi, i can not browse web with my nokia 5610 but i can browse with nokia browser. Also i can not use any software which need network connection. it says that i have to activate my network for java. can anybody help me plz. my firmware version is 4.20.

  • Nokia Browser version Spell check Updated:11-30

    I'm running a Nokia Browser version number on my Nokia C7 device, it's a Symbian Belle OS. is there any way I could install a spell check like there is in other web browsers. I still haven't found any browser for Nokia that has this feature,

  • Nokia x202 browser problem Updated:11-30

    Hi Sir, I have Nokia x2-02. My defult browser is Nokia browser. Few days before I update it. After update the browser is not open and it showing this immage " " and it is not working even after restore all. I have a big problem. please sir, sove

  • Nokia 7610 browser setup with AT&T Updated:11-30

    Hi, Need help. Recently purchased unlocked 7610 Supernova here in U.S. and can not use internet browser. Nokia can not help since they do not know ATT settings. ATT can not help since they do not have this phone available for sale. Does anybody know

  • Nokia browser is not working in nokia x2-02 Updated:11-30

    I have nokia x2-02. My default browser is nokia browser.Few days before i updated it. After that it is not opening and showing this message " conflicting application:show items?" and it is nt working even after restore all. I hav a big problem.

  • Nokia N8 Flash compatibility with streaming video ... Updated:10-11

    Wondering why I can't watch streaming video sites like on my new N8 but can view them just fine on my E71.  When trying to watch a channel on, It states I must upgrade my flash player.  How can my brand new phone's flash not be co

  • My Nokia C3 is not supporting softwares Updated:10-11

    I have tried so many ways to download softwares, but to my efforts are all fruitless. When i go to other sites to download and install softwares, the place to download the software will not even be active and when i download from ovi store it is not