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    An update to the Symbian Browser on Nokia Belle FP2 is badly needed. I think Browser is the only disappointment .Rather__Sultan wrote: An update to the Symbian Browser on Nokia Belle FP2 is badly needed. I think Browser is the only disappointment . D

  • Nokia Belle FP2 - Google and Bing local search res... Updated:11-30

    Hi, I've got a Nokia 700 with Nokia Belle FP2. No matter if I use Bing or Google for searching, it does not offer any local search results to me, although the browser supports the HTML5 geolocation API. Also, the Google Mobile version is the "light&q

  • 808 Belle FP2 gallery missing features Updated:10-11

    Nokia 808 Belle FP2's gallery is still crippled. There is no way to organize photos into folders or tag them in any useful manner. And there no possibility to select multiple items for sharing etc. Gallery cannot zoom images that are downloaded to th

  • Nokia 701 - Belle FP2 - No "other" type for email ... Updated:11-30

    After upgrading to Belle FP2 I can only set Exchange ActiveSync accounts, and only one at a time. The "other" option to set other types of email is no longer available. ¿How can I configure IMAP/POP3 accounts? Thanks, JavierPlease do check ur em

  • Issue with belle fp2 Updated:11-30

    i upgraded my 701 to symbian belle fp2. now i can't find facility to send multiple pics from gallery. moreover the videoediting is bad. i can only trim it. so as photo editing. in the former version i can use many options in video editing. now i can'

  • 808 Belle FP2 Updated:11-30

    Is it me or is "Swipe to unlock" rather slow as missing tap to unlock already? Prefer not to use spring loaded "lock-key" as probably first component to fail! Happy to have helped forum with a Support Ratio = [email protected] Did you r

  • Belle fp2 Updated:11-30

    is belle fp2 update going to come for nokia 500Hi We currently do not have any information on upcoming software updates suffice to say Nokia regularly deliver software updates to all phones to give our consumers both performance improvements as well

  • Belle FP2 is still unavailable. Updated:11-30

    I'm in Srilanka, I'm using a Nokia 603. I frequently check in Software update and device manager for Belle FP2 but its still not available Moderators Note : Reference to illegal third party flashing software removed. Please do not discuss third party

  • Belle fp2 for n8 Updated:11-30

    I guess every n8 fan would love their phone updated to belle fp2!!hi Alex2Gud666, sounds like you did something as stupid as hacking the firmware of your phone and playing around with it, and have now damaged other components of your phone. Discussio

  • Why no Upload to Skydrive for Belle FP2 devices li... Updated:11-30

    Hi I noticed a version of Upload to Skydrive for other Symbian devices like 5800. Please put the software for Belle FP2 devices like 808 into Nokia Betalabs. Thank you and happy Easter.Adrocks wrote: Could not get your query wkl12mr, repost in better

  • Book my show app for belle fp2 Updated:11-30

    Hi friends i am from India. I am having a nokia 603 running belle fp2. I desperately need the book my show app. Can any of you provide me that. It is not available in ovi store.... If it is not available do u guys know about any alternative..... Plea

  • Req- Lockscreen music controls for Belle FP2 Updated:11-30

    Nokia,  please release the lockscreen music controls for symbian Belle FP2 phones as the next software update, (like the one in new nokia asha 501). Its a must have feature in today's smartphones.   Have the same issue and so have others. Only fix i

  • Viatun, HotSpot Shiled for Belle FP2 devices Updated:11-30

    Hallo all! I am frm place where internet gets blocked on regular basis. This is not a problem for Android firends as they use bypass apps like HotSpot shield, Viatune etc. which are not available for Belle FP2. Can anyone help with solution? Mainly I

  • How to re-install to refresh Symbian Belle FP2 150... Updated:11-30

    Hi! There used to be a re-install option in Nokia Suite... How to re-install on Nokia 808 PureView to refresh Symbian Belle FP2 1508 on Nokia PC Suite or Nokia Suite without reformatting? Just an in-place re-install will do, thanks! Attachments: NSU

  • Nokia 700 belle fp2 voip Updated:11-30

    I configured Voip on Nokia 700 belle fp2 with the guide from this page. I prefer 3G connection so I set packet data connection over 3G and enabled AWCDMA setting in VoIP service settings. Like in the guide. I can make calls. Sound quality is excellen

  • 808 Belle FP2 - CarMode with Mirror Link Updated:11-30

    As some probably already know since Belle FP2 where basic CarMode application is pre-installed in device firmware it is currently impossible to purchase CarMode with Mirror Link for appropriate head units as Nokia Store says that it is already instal

  • How does Belle FP2 decide which keyboard is presen... Updated:11-30

    Hi, I'm a long-time user of Profimail on Symbian devices. Now that I've gotten used to the new keyboard on Belle FP2 I'm finding it frustrating to use the pre-FP2 keyboard that Profimail presents. I asked the developers if they could update Profimail

  • About symbian belle fp2 Updated:11-30

    I have nokia 603 and really it is better than android. After update it to belle fp2 it totally challenge the android platform except some bug should be repaired. I love the apps that nokia made its own. The most amazing app that i love so much is nok

  • Getting problem s with belle fp2 Updated:11-30

    after updated to belle fp2 , i cant use the opera mini. Opera mini only shows boxes instad of english fonts so i cant read the texts. What to do now?I have installed from Nokia Store several times, but I am seeing same problem. Seeing just Box and Bo

  • Email update problem - Belle FP2 Updated:11-30

    Hello, I have problems with my email application. I have four mailboxes (two yahoo and two gmail) set on my Nokia 701, Symbian Belle FP2. Until yesterday everything was OK. Yesterday it kept asking me for password for for one of yahoo mailbox. I was