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  • How to use vivado hls::mat with AXI-Stream interfaces (not AXI4 video stream) ? Updated:11-30

      Hello, everyone. I am trying to design a image processing IP core with vivado hls 2014.4. From xapp1167, I have known that video functions provided by vivado hls should be used with AXI4 video stream and VDMA. However, I want to write/read image da

  • AXI Stream Data FIFO sends data automatically Updated:11-30

    Hi all! I've been doing a few beginner experiments with AXI peripherals and following some tutorials online on how to create AXI peripherals and connect them to the PS on my Zynq board. So far, I've managed to sucessfully create AXI DMA to send data

  • Flash Live Media and Axis streaming assitant Updated:11-30

    I am trying to use Flash Media live encoder with Axis streaming assistant with an Axis p5534 network camera. It seems to configure and find the camera ok but the stream does not start. It just does an hourglass with the Axis logo. Ajny ideas what mig

  • Dual axi-stream synchronization problem Updated:11-30

    Hi,    I have design which have 2 axi-stream slave and 1 axi-stream master. 2 Slave interface must have synchronization. I mean  first data of the one interface is processed with first data of the other interface. One of the interface connected to th

  • Axi DMA correct parameters Updated:11-30

    I'm making my design with Vivado HLs and Vivado and I'm doing some somewhat big transfers between DDR and my custom IP block and vice-versa. Each transfer from DDR to custom IP is of 256x256x4=262144 bytes and it happens 4 times. My MM2S (Memory Mapp

  • Send data from AXI to AXIS Updated:11-30

    I want to send data from AXILite to AXI Stream with a simple example.The Data are from GPIOs and to DMA. But data transmission failed since the protocols are not the same.I've tried to use protocol converter IP in Vivado but it cannot be used for AXI

  • Need Urgent Help : Using VIVADO Design Suite for PCI Express 3.0, 8 lane, and AXI Interfaces for Video Processing Updated:11-30

    My scenario is as follows :- 1) I am building a Image Processing Application and using VIVADO HLS for that. 2) I have synthesized my design using VIVADO HLS, and export it as IP-XACT format. 3) I have imported it in VIVADO Design Suite, and added to

  • Find resolution of input video stream Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I have a design using the Video to AXI-Streaming core that's working well in Vivado 2014.4. I take in RGB video, apply an overlay, and then output the RGB video, all in 1080p. I'd like to use other resolutions and wanted to make an HLS block

  • Write latency on PCIe from PC (host) to FPGA Updated:11-30

    Hello, In my application, the target is to write 64 Bytes from the PC to the FPGA with the minimum latency. I have implemented the "Virtex-7 FPGA Gen3 Integrated Block for PCI Express(3.0)" IP, that seems the best candidate for that and I am usi

  • UPA to PCI brige performance Updated:10-11

    I'm writing a device driver for a custom PCI device and need 200+ MBytes/Sec through the PCI bus. I am using an Ultra450 with one of its 64 bit/66Mhz busses (528Mbytes/sec). Problem is that the bridge chip disconnects when each 64 byte boundary is cr

  • Expression Encoder crashes when connecing to live source video device under Server 2012 Updated:11-30

    I have setup Axis Streaming Assistant as a video device for Expression Encoder 4  every time I try and select  any video device either this one or the screen capture source, I get a "has stopped working" window and then it closes expression enco

  • FMLE encoding stopped: Problem with capture device. Incorrect samples given by the device. Updated:11-30

    Hi Support, I am trying to use FMLE to encode and stream video from an Axis P1346 IP camera, via Axis' Streaming Assistant software, to a Wowza server. Everyting appears to be working perfectly and the encoding and resultant stream quality is excelle

  • Older versions of Skype Updated:11-30

    Hi everyone. My first post here. I'm trying to use Skype with a Axis M1054 camera. I'm using this via the Axis Streaming Assistant software but I've just found out that Skype 6.3 is the last version the Axis Streaming Assistant was compatible with. I

  • CRITICAL WARNING : axis_tstrb mot connected Updated:11-30

    Hallo , I did this  design in Vivado with a custom FIR Filter . when i click Validate design i receive this windows-message . "CRITICAL WARNING: [BD 41-759] The input pins (listed below) are either not connected or do not have a source port, and they

  • Test Pattern Output on Zynq Zedboard HDMI Updated:11-30

    Hello, I am working on a project where we will eventually display the output from an image sensor through the HDMI output on a Zedboard. As a first step, I would like to build a simple project to test driving the HDMI output from an AXI stream.  The

  • OpenCv ,Hls ,Video Processing :How to use hls::Range() to set ROI(Region of Interest)?Help!!! Updated:11-30

    Hi,     I have one problem,I want to use hls::Range() to set ROI(Region of Interest),and  I could not how to use  it corretly.Anyone can help me ? And give me one example.  1.  Functions are defined as follows: hls::Range Synopsis template<int ROWS,

  • Opencv hls , how to use hls::Range()? Updated:11-30

    Hello ,       I have one problem.I use hls::Range() to set ROI(Region of interest).But, I cound not let it work correctly.Can anyone help me? Can you give me an example? Thanks !!!Hi, I use the hls::Range() like it. #if 1 void image_filter(AXI_STREAM

  • Zynq DMA access to PL memory (AXI BRAM) Updated:11-30

    Hi, We need to transfer data from Zynq PL memory (AXI BRAM) to DDR and also DDR to PL. We have instantiated AXI BRAM controller in PL and are using M_AXI_GP0 interface from PS. We have verified the data transfer between DDR and PL using memcpy functi

  • FPGA to Real Time using DMA to Host using Network Stream Updated:10-11

    Hi All, So I am working on a project where I am monitoring various characteristics of a modified diesel engine being driven by a dynamometer. I am trying to log different pressures, temperatures, and engine speed. It basically breaks down into two st

  • Axis Client Web Service call problem: Stream closed Updated:11-30

    Hi, I tried to call a webservice from Axis Client, and I encounter the following error. Do you guys have any idea what actually happens? Please help, I am newbie in web services. ==============Root Cause=============== AxisFault faultCode: { h t t p