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  • Query for 'User Activity' Webi Line Chart using BO4.0 Auditor Updated:11-30

    Need to create a webi line chart to measure  'user activity' per month, year or day using BO4.0 Auditor on Oracle.     This question raises two sub-questions: What actions constitute user activity?  Is it concurrent logins by users?   I am confused i

  • MSSQL Query/View Single Line Output For Combined Multiple Data Elements - Possible Pivot Table? Updated:10-11

    HELLO... I hope you experts out there can help me.  Consider the following (2) Tables in MSSQL: 1. TENDERED --> Primary Key = DATE / DOC_NO / PAYMENT_SEQ_NO DATE DOC_NO PMNT_SEQ_NO PAYCODE_TYPE AMOUNT 2. TENDERED_CR_CARD -->Primary Key = DATE / DOC_

  • BI 4.1 auditing sample reports in WebI format ? Updated:10-11

    Hi! Is it possible to get auditing sample reports in WebI format instead of Crystal format (like in previous versions of BO) ? When Crystal is not used by a custommer, it's a pity to install and run Crystal servers & client just for auditing reports,

  • Oracle 9i & 10g replicated to MSSQL 2005 Enterprise: Problem ! Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have been doing some oracle 9i and 10g Replication to MSSQL 2005 Enterprise Database using the SQL 2005 Server Enterprise replication tool. This is working great, however, we recentrly had some problems on the Oracle side getting errors on new

  • Error while creating a new DAC connection using connection type MSSQL Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am trying to create a new DAC connection i.e. a new DAC repository in the SQL Server 2008 database. DAC version : Database : SQL Server 2008 I have downloaded the sqljdbc4.jar file from the below link and placed it in the D:\orahome\

  • Error while defining USB dribe as backup device in MSSQL Updated:10-11

    Hi all, i am facing this error when i am creating a new backup device in MSSQL and while watching media contents. System.Data.SqlClient.SqlError: Cannot open backup device 'SAPMSQLDB(E:\SAPBackup\SAPMSQLDB.bak)'. Operating system error 2(The system c