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bluray making with fcp7

  • Final Cut 7 and BluRay..... Updated:10-11

    Well, my hat's off to Apple for including BluRay authoring in FCP7. Bravo! The new Share feature is elegant and produces some incredible video on BluRay. Now, here's some questions I have after burning 1/2 dozen BluRay disks from all sorts of video f

  • FCP7 AVCHD Question Updated:10-11

    I have been unsuccessful with importing AVCHD footage into FCP7.  I've been trying to use the Log and Transfer as directed, but no luck.  I can down-convert the footage w/ Toast beforehand if necessary, but what settings should I use to make it FCP7-

  • Test results showing how FCP7 running on 10.6 messes with gamma Updated:10-11

    I've been running some simple tests to determine how FCP7 handles gamma when running 10.6.4. Note that 10.6.4 now uses a gamma of 2.2 natively (as do PCs). I created three images in targa, png and tif (also tried exr, but FCP won't read that) that co

  • Internal BluRay burner recommendations for Snow Leopard on a new Mac Pro? Updated:11-30

    We're finally getting new Mac Pro's...hallelujah!! I was just wondering if anyone out there could recommend a good internal BluRay burner that will be compatible with the Intel Quad Core, Snow Leopard, and FCP7. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

  • Comparing video quality of AVCHD BluRay discs using Final Cut Pro Share vs Compressor Updated:10-11

    Up front, I will admit to being a newbie when it comes to using Final Cut Studio 3 and would appreciate some feedback from the Apple forum experts. I have spent a lot of time trying to determine how to achieve an optimum group of Compressor 3.5.2 set

  • FCP7 with snow leopard - choppy playback in monitor Updated:10-11

    Ive been fine running fcp6 with a jvc 1080 hd monitor connect via DVI from my MBP duo intel 2.4 (4 gigs ram) its not the fastest setup but its been fine. ive noticed my playback into my monitor is always choppy now since upgrade to fcp7 and snow lep.

  • I'm having a problem in FCP7 with all video transitions. Every transition has a rolling flicker throughout the effect. What is causing this? Updated:10-11

    I recently upgraded to FCP7 from FCP6. I am now having an issue in playback with all video transitions. When I add a transition to my video it does not consistently play smoothly. I now appears to have an old "film" like flicker rolling through

  • Need Help with FCP7 import and plug in question. Updated:10-11

    Hello, I just registered and would like to ask two questions. Everything else I'll use the search function for but I need the answer right away. Ok First question. I have a mac pro at home and a intel macbook both with FCS4 during the holiday season

  • Burning bluray disks on Macbook Pro 17" Updated:10-11

    I have a 1080p camcorder and I wanted to burn my movies on a bluray disc so I was just wondering is there any way to play and burn bluray discs on a mac book pro 17". I tried to find some external drives and I found this two external drives: http://f

  • How many drives can i add in K430? Issue with LG bluray writer Updated:10-11

    I have a K430 with SSD disk +SATA DISK+dvd-ROM. I've changed the dvd-rom drive with an LG bluray writer and added a third harddisk. Windows 8.1 sees the new hard disk but can't see the LG drive, it still claims is a the old dvd-rom drive. The drive i

  • Do I need a separate hard drive to run FCP7 with a new Imac? Updated:10-11

    Do I need an external hard drive as a scratch disc to run FCP7 on a Mountain Lion new Imac?Editing and finishing on USB 3 works great.  Just wrapped up a Smithsonian Channel show where the editor edited on a 2012 Macbook Pro using a USB3 drive, and I

  • Is there a way to NOT have FCP7  auto create a new project at launch? Updated:10-11

    I can't find it anywhere in User Preferences, but is there a setting somewhere in FCP that will open only the Browser and Viewer upon launching FCP7, and NOT generate a sequence/timeline and Canvas automatically? Unchecking "Bring all windows to fron

  • Is there a way to extract a sequence from an FCP7 project that crashes on opening? Updated:10-11

    I ingeniously used a Reference Quicktime to edit with in an old project, and now that that RefQT no longer works (the files it references are old, were moved/removed), the project stalls FCP7 with the rainbow pinwheel after the reconnection dialog is

  • Installed FCP7 on a brand new mac running lion, Now FCP won't boot. Updated:10-11

    Just got a new mac quad running the latest version of lion. When i start FCP7, it's gets to the splash page, asks me to select a deck, then when I hit continue, it just quits out. Any suggestions? I have done the simple restart and tossed out prefere

  • FCP7 export prores 422HQ with discrete audio displays incorrect timecode in quicktime7? Updated:10-11

    Hi all I have been exporting Prores 422 HQ files as a SAS QT movie in FCP7 to create discrete audio channels for the file.  My issue is that once the file is complete and I open it in quick time 7, the timecode progressivly gets out of sync.  For exa

  • HP MediaSmart crashing to desktop when attempting Bluray playback Updated:10-11

    Hello all, I've been trying to get the movie Coraline to play in an HP Envy 17 1181nr to no luck. MediaSmart DVD reads the menu, then the FBI warnings, then the Universal intro in all Universal movies - and then crashes to the desktop. By the way, it

  • HP MediaSmart DVD - Need to Update Bluray Software - Advice?? Updated:10-11

    Hi Guys, So has there been any update to this issue after all these months? I recently bought an HP Pavillion Slimline 5500t and when I first got the system about a month ago the Blu Ray player worked although not very well. It skipped and stuttered

  • PS3 (Playstation 3) issue not loading BDR Bluray | Adobe Encore CS6 Updated:10-11

    I recently created a Bluray using Adobe Encore CS6, and the Bluray is not loading on my PS3, but is working fine on my other player (LG, Toshiba and PC).  Does anyone have the same issue and found a solution?  I need help on this as most of my client

  • MPEG-2 Video Linear PCM Timecode no longer working in FCP7 Updated:10-11

    I edit daily with Final Cut Pro 7.0.3 on my MacBook Pro. I have several projects in which I imported files from an MR HD-100 hard drive. Not only did I successfully edit several projects, but I could open the individual files in QuickTime. They are 1

  • FCP7 upgrade without a previous version installed? Updated:10-11

    So yes I screwed up. let's get that out of the way. When I bought FCPX I left on my machine FCP7 for a while but then I though, eh, I'm not using 7 for the forseeable future, let's get rid of it for the time beilg and if I need it I'll just reinstall