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  • How to send .jar files via bluetooth in Nokia 6500... Updated:10-11

    I am not able to send and see the option of sending jar files vai bluetooth . I want to know how to send it. Kindly reply ASAP. Thanks AbhishekIts something like , I already have it on my mobile and wanna transfer that file to my another same mobile.

  • Can't download .jar and .jad via Bluetooth to Sony Ericsson phone? Updated:11-30

    I have a standard Sony Ericsson K610i. I tried to transfer the manifest, the .jad and the .jar via Bluetooth. The manifest transferred fine but the .jad and the .jar cannot be transferred. Is there some certificate stuff that you have to do and how d

  • Need a help in j2me-send file to a bluetooth address(mobile to mobile) Updated:10-11

    Dear All; I am new in J2ME programing... I have an application, in which i want to send a copy of my application (application.jar) to other bluetooth enabled mobiles. I have code for searching and listing other bluetooth mobiles. i want to send file

  • SonyEricsson and Bluetooth, even possible? Updated:10-11

    So I'm getting kind of frustrated. I'm digging into Bluetooth and J2ME for the first time, and am using my SonyEricsson T610 as a test phone. I am compiling using the Sony Ericsson Wireless Toolkit, a modified version of Sun's, and am doing everythin

  • Loss of wifi and bluetooth Updated:10-11

    Just wanted to share an episode I had with my mini. Turns out that if you accidentally jar it right, you can dislodge the small ribbon cable going to the combination wifi/bluetooth card. It's a simple fix for a tech and can lead to long calls to tech

  • How to Transfer my Jar and Jad file to my Mobile (Samsung D500) Updated:10-11

    {color:#800000}*Hi* I am an ameture programmer. I have developed some MIDlets using netbeans 5.5 and now I have to load it to my mobile using BLUETOOTH... If anybody know how to do it please help.... my mobile model is Samsung D500... Thanks{color}Go

  • Connection between Sony ericson PDA and desktop using bluetooth Updated:11-30

    Hi folks, My desktop is bluetooth enabled using a motorola USB dongle and I have a Sony Ericsson 910i PDA. My program which is written in JAVA needs to communicate with a midlet running on the PDA. Unfortuantely it doesn't, 'cause its not able to dis

  • Bluetooth adapter DBT-122 from DLink. compliant with JSR-82? Updated:11-30

    Hi I have a Bluetooth adapter DBT-122 from DLink. I would like to program java application in my PC using bluetooth USB adapter. I have a driver called widcomm for it. I am wondeing whether the driver and adapter are JAR-82 compliant. I checked with