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  • Can't pair with my computer via bluetooth for tethering Updated:11-30

    Hi all, please help me. My iPhone 3G(16G) can't pair with my computer (window vista home premium) for tethering although i updated to OS 3.0. The bluetooth is only showing "Searching..." for about 15 mins. I only get internet tethering via USB.

  • IOS 5 / bluetooth and tethering Updated:11-30

    Since my upgrade to IOS 5 the wireless functions have become unstable 1) When I use blue tooth with my car, the phone just disconnects after about 30 minutes, then the phone will crash about 30 minutes later 2) When I turn on wifi hotspot tethering m

  • Os3 Bluetooth tethering Updated:11-30

    Hi guys, quick question regarding bluetooth tethering on new os3. Does this mean I will be able to streeam music from my iPhone 3g to my car sterio via the parrot car handsfree kit that diverts calls through the sterio and speakers ?cheersYou're mixi

  • Tethering Samsung SPH-A920 in Snow Leopard Updated:10-11

    Since upgrading to Snow Leopard I can connect to my Samsung SPH-A920 phone as a modem via bluetooth but tethering through the USB port no longer works. The phone does not show up in the network list in the Network Preference Pane as it did in Leopard

  • HELP! tethering blackberry to macbook pro but cant use BB as modem Updated:11-30

    HI, I have a blackberry 8520 curve I tethered it successfully and it said I had access o the internet however after receiving the unable to connect notification I proceed to "advanced settings" to select modem "vendor". I should be abl

  • My iphone 4 can't find my Dell laptop by bluetooth Updated:11-30

    My phone was updated iOS 4.2, bluetooth of phone and laptop are ON, internet tethering is ON but it is still searching devices (my Dell laptop) and can't find my laptop How can to do and pair the phone with laptop? ThanksYour first post said that you

  • Bluetooth not recognized Updated:11-30

    I am trying to connect my iPhone and my Macbook Pro with Bluetooth so I can send some files back and forth without having to use Internet but my phone won't discover my laptop and I cannot figure out why. Help please!Hello: The iPhone has limited Blu

  • Iphone 3 bluetooth Updated:11-30

    I cannot connect iphone3 to ipad2 via bluetooth. Any solutions? I get following error on the ipad 2: "Connection Unsuccessful. Make sure iphone is turned on and in range" which it is.You can only connect them via bluetooth for tethering. Neither

  • Trying to connect playbook to verizon mobile broadband usb modem--can't get it to work Updated:10-11

    Does anyone have any suggestions for gettting the mobile broadband usb modem to work with my playbook?  it took me a while to find a connector to connect the mini usb to the type A usb, but now that i've got it, i couldn't get it to work at all.   Ha

  • Pairing with MacBook Pro not working Updated:11-30

    Hi I was able to pair my iPhone with my MacBook Pro months ago (for tethering purposes), *but now it stopped working*. Each time I try to pair it, Bluetooth Setup Assistant asks me to insert the pairing number in my iPhone, but I never get to see the

  • MBP keeps waking up (for a few seconds) with lid closed and in sleep. Updated:11-30

    My macbook pro, with the lid closed and hence in sleep, will periodically turn on. As in, ill be laying in bed trying to sleep, ill hear the sound of the fans and hd etc turn on, and then ill see the lcd light up.. itll do this for 4 secs, then go ba

  • Syncing Ideas with Ai Updated:11-30

    I would love the ability to open up Adobe Illustrator and sync my iPad either via Bluetooth or tethered and what ever I draw in Adobe Ideas on my iPad is drawn in Ai. Or the ability to copy from Adobe Ideas and paste into Adobe Illustrator once synce

  • Apple want ipad Wifi+Iphone users to be Outlaw ?... Updated:11-30

    => happy users of Nokia and Samsung mobiles can use Joikuspot to transform their mobile phone in an hotsopt wifi and connect their iPad .. => happy(?) users of Jailbreaked Ipad can use MiWy to connect their Wifi Ipad to their iphone for internet con

  • Blue tooth connect with my mac Updated:11-30

    how do i connect to my mac with my i phone thru bluetoothYou don't. This is not a feature of iphone, unless your wireless provider offers tethering and you are subscribed to the plan.  Then you can use bluetooth for tethering purposes only. Bluetooth

  • HT1338 My macbook pro is not recognising or connecting to the personal internet hotspot on my Iphone 4. How do I rectify. Was working fine yesterday. Updated:11-30

    Since yesterday my macbook wont accept or connect to my personal hotspot on my I phone 4s. Any suggestions fellow applemeisters?Problem resolved I was unable to use iPhone  4 ios 6.o.1 as a WIFI Verizon cellular hotspot to give my with my Macbook PRO

  • Blue tooth connect Updated:11-30

    it finds my connectrion and then pairs and when it goes on sleep mode it wont connect I have to deleate it and reinstall what can cause this ? thanks allYou don't. This is not a feature of iphone, unless your wireless provider offers tethering and yo

  • My Macbook pro and iPhone 4 will not pair. Updated:11-30

    I have gone through the setup assistant procedure numerous times, but always get the message "the pairing attempt was unsuccessful' on the Macbook Pro, and "pairing took too long" on the iPhone. Any ideas?The wireless sync is by way of WiFi

  • I'm having trouble with my Pavilion X2 Atom tablet connecting to WiFi Updated:11-30

    The WiFi connection to my tablet keeps dropping out. I'm using an Iphone 4 as a hotspot. What can I do to rectify this? Can I connect to the hotspot by cable (I don't seem to be able to)? I'm a relative novice with the tabel and how it operates.Hey @

  • TS1702 i want to know how do blutooth with any mobile can iphone do it or not? Updated:11-30

    how i can do bluetooth with any mobile ican do it or ........ ?No. You can not pair it with another phone. Bluetooth is for use with hands free devices, A2DP audio streaming, and keyboards. Some apps can use bluetooth peer to peer. You can use blueto

  • Need to know what cell carriers/phones support bluetooth tethering Updated:10-11

    I had the MotoQ9C for about a year and was using it (OS Windows Mobile 6.0) to tether with my macbook with no problems. However, the phone went belly up and they sent me a replacement. It had the 6.1 OS. Well, it no longer worked with the Macbook aft