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blackberry q10 blink led app

  • Backup BlackBerry Q10 Updated:11-30

    I am having problems with backup of my BlackBerry Q10 using BlackBerry Link.  Upon performing a backup of my device with BlackBerry Link, a "Backup Complete - With Errors" window opens, indicating that "Some items from your device have fail

  • Losing your blinking LED Updated:10-11

    Those of you that have to restart occasionally to get back your blinking LED this might help. I had this issue for months. I noticed I would lose mine shortly after getting a notification from Accuweather. After I disabled the notifications I had to

  • Os 10.3 expected release for blackberry Q10 with videotron Updated:10-11

    Hi, I own a blackberry q10 on the videotron network. I can't update my device to the os 10.3 to be able to use blackberry blend and the new functions. Do you know when I can expect the release of the update for the q10 device with videotron? Thanks a

  • Blackberry Q10 - Bluetooth Audio gone / Contacts not shown in HUB Updated:10-11

    Dear Blacberry Community, I have some questions regarding my Blackberry Q10, that I use since not even a year. 1. If I buy a mobile phone from a company that wants to be the star in the business world, why do I have to solve any issues with the help

  • Synchronizing Outlook Calendar and Contacts with Blackberry Q10 Updated:10-11

    I got a new Blackberry Q10 device and wanted to synchronize it with my Outlook calendar and contacts on my notebook. I installed Blackberry Link on the notebook. But in a pop down menu I was only allowed to choose from 2 pst-files which are not the c

  • Blackberry Q10 latest software update issues Updated:10-11

    I updated the software on my blackberry q10 2 weeks ago and I've been having a lot of issues every other day my email accounts are saying passwords have been changed and it now saying I have too many accounts and this is confusing since I had all the

  • Problems with email account on BlackBerry Q10 Updated:10-11

    At the start of this week I had 2 email accounts on my BlackBerry Q10. Calls/SMSes and emails were all being received/sent/allowed without any issue (through wifi and/or usual network connection). The ONLY exception to this was that I was NOT able to

  • Blackberry Q10 - Deleting Duplicates in Contacts Folder Updated:12-05

    Hello. I have a Blackberry Q10.  In performing my first sync with my Blackberry Curve 9330, I ended up with many duplicate entries in my Q10 contacts file.  Is there a quick and easy way to eliminate these duplicate entries? Thank you for your help.