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  • How keep BlackBerry Q10 led notificati​on blink longer for third apps ? Updated:11-30

    How keep BlackBerry Q10 led notification blink longer for third apps ?Use a configurable third party app such as Hub++ or BeBuzzPro 1. If any post helps you please click the below the post(s) that helped you. 2. Please resolve your thread by marking

  • Backup BlackBerry Q10 Updated:11-30

    I am having problems with backup of my BlackBerry Q10 using BlackBerry Link.  Upon performing a backup of my device with BlackBerry Link, a "Backup Complete - With Errors" window opens, indicating that "Some items from your device have fail

  • Google sheets for blackberry Q10 Updated:11-30

    Hey, does blackberry Q10 have Google sheet App? Thank you,It is half a year later and I have EXACTLY the same problem. Why can this app not be fixed?Read other 2 answers

  • Help with Curve 9300...jus​t quit, only blinking LED!! Updated:11-30

    I just got this phone due to AT&T take over of Alltel....It has only been activated about a week. I was in the process of syncing from my computer to the phone, and the desktop manager prompted that the device was not on....I looked and the screen wa

  • Switch from BlackBerry Q10 to BlackBerry Bold 9900 Updated:11-30

    I need to transfer from a BlackBerry Q10 to a BlackBerry Bold 9900 and retain the data in the Remember app on the Q10.  Any idea how to do this?Nevermind, I did some more searching, Googling, etc. and found out that BlackBerry is not able to be downg

  • An Idea For a BlackBerry Q10 Trackpad? Updated:11-30

    Using my BlackBerry Q10 I like the phone and everything much better than my BlackBerry 9900. Though, I miss the trackpad part. Maybe if BlackBerry where able to complete an app that people can download and use it as a BlackBerry traditional trackpad

  • Blackberry Q10 Suggestion / Enhancements & Bugs Updated:11-30

    Blackberry Q10 Ideas for New Stuff - an Option - to assign hard buttons on device to selected actions - an option - in accounts - select a folder which will be displayed in the HUB and not just an Account. I would like to see my InBox and not see any

  • Blackberry Q10 Missing Applicatio​ns Updated:11-30

    So as the LA Kings just scored on St. Louis Blues,I hope Blackberry can keep up with the real world. From what I hear not all Blackberry 10 apps on the Z10 are available on the Q10. Here is my current wishlist of missing apps. -Bell Mobile TV APP htt

  • Release date of blackberry Q10 Updated:11-30

    When will the blackberry Q10 be available in South Africa. What is the estimated price for the gadget?According to Vodacom the BlackBerry Q10 is due to be released there today. Looks like you can order it from their website here: http://www.vodacom.c

  • Losing your blinking LED Updated:10-11

    Those of you that have to restart occasionally to get back your blinking LED this might help. I had this issue for months. I noticed I would lose mine shortly after getting a notification from Accuweather. After I disabled the notifications I had to

  • Os 10.3 expected release for blackberry Q10 with videotron Updated:10-11

    Hi, I own a blackberry q10 on the videotron network. I can't update my device to the os 10.3 to be able to use blackberry blend and the new functions. Do you know when I can expect the release of the update for the q10 device with videotron? Thanks a

  • Blackberry Q10 - Bluetooth Audio gone / Contacts not shown in HUB Updated:10-11

    Dear Blacberry Community, I have some questions regarding my Blackberry Q10, that I use since not even a year. 1. If I buy a mobile phone from a company that wants to be the star in the business world, why do I have to solve any issues with the help

  • Synchronizing Outlook Calendar and Contacts with Blackberry Q10 Updated:10-11

    I got a new Blackberry Q10 device and wanted to synchronize it with my Outlook calendar and contacts on my notebook. I installed Blackberry Link on the notebook. But in a pop down menu I was only allowed to choose from 2 pst-files which are not the c

  • Blackberry Q10 latest software update issues Updated:10-11

    I updated the software on my blackberry q10 2 weeks ago and I've been having a lot of issues every other day my email accounts are saying passwords have been changed and it now saying I have too many accounts and this is confusing since I had all the

  • Problems with email account on BlackBerry Q10 Updated:10-11

    At the start of this week I had 2 email accounts on my BlackBerry Q10. Calls/SMSes and emails were all being received/sent/allowed without any issue (through wifi and/or usual network connection). The ONLY exception to this was that I was NOT able to

  • Blackberry Q10 - Deleting Duplicates in Contacts Folder Updated:12-05

    Hello. I have a Blackberry Q10.  In performing my first sync with my Blackberry Curve 9330, I ended up with many duplicate entries in my Q10 contacts file.  Is there a quick and easy way to eliminate these duplicate entries? Thank you for your help. 

  • I am looking into Buying Retail a New Blackberry Q10. Doing this to avoid having to Give up my old Data Plan. Have read that when you activate a new Phone it forces you to pick a new Plan. Is this True? and How to I avoid this? 20 Year Verizon Client Updated:11-30

    I am looking into Buying Retail a New Blackberry Q10. Doing this to avoid having to Give up my old Data Plan. Have read that when you activate a new Phone it forces you to pick a new Plan. Is this True? and How to I avoid this? Any other advise in th

  • Problem to configure Blink Pro (App). Error SSL certificate verification error (PJSIP_TLS_ECERTVERIF) (503) Updated:11-30

    Problem to configure Blink Pro (App). Error SSL certificate verification error (PJSIP_TLS_ECERTVERIF) (503)Hi, William My question is if you can help me and support me to configure the Blink Pro App, I have a Mac Book Air, OS X 10.9.1. hope for your

  • Feature Request: Blackberry Q10 Search Configuration Option to "SHOW ALL" Results without clicking an arrow to expand Updated:11-30

    Hi, So my search function does not find "Contacts", in order to search for contacts I need to go into the "Contacts" application/menu. Previously, I would be able to search for contacts using the Global search. Not sure if this is supp

  • BlackBerry Q10 shuts down automatically Updated:11-30

    My BlackBerry Q10 shuts down automatically. I do not switch it of by myself, the device does by it self. Solved! Go to Solution.Try this simple step, cut a small piece of paper and put on the top of the battery and replace in your device... opposite