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blackberry 9300 bootrom not connected

  • Blackberry 9300 bluetooth not connected to vaio E series bluetooth Updated:11-30

    My blackberry curve 9300 bluetooth device not get connected to vaio E series with windows 7 (64 bit). Kindly help me how can i connect my blackberry to my laptop.Ah I see. Thanks for the reply.. Then I guess the problem is not the "Connected" pa

  • Blackberry 9300 Curve (02 UK ) No Data Connection Bangkok, Thailand Updated:11-30

    Why can't I get a Data Connection (i.e Email and BBM) on my Blackberry 9300 Curve (on an 02 UK Network) in Bangkok, Thailand?Do you have data roaming active on your account for when your abroad?Read other 2 answers

  • Database connection error - Blackberry 9300 simulator Updated:11-30

    Hi, I'm unable to open database connection in Blackberry 9300 simulator which runs on Device Software. Could someone please let us if I can open the database connection on this device. Also I'm unable to run widget in Blackberry simulator 8

  • Serious problem with blackberry 9300 Curve handset and denial from BB to replace the same, under warranty. Updated:10-11

    Dear Blackberry Authorities, It is really a horrible experience with the handset of blackberry for me. I have purchased blackberry Curve handset 9300 on 22nd April from a "Phone Store”, Shop No.78,79,community centre, New friends colony, New Delhi, T

  • Blackberry 9300 browser not supported uploading picture? Updated:11-30

    Hi, I'm trying to sell on my local selling page on facebook, try upload picture then says my browser is not supported to uploaded photos, why is it saying it, anyone know wat I need to do to fix it, says when I wanna upload pictire to facebook profil

  • Blackberry 9300 g3 curve and Eduroam Updated:11-30

    I have recently bought a Blackberry 9300 3g curve but I am not able to connect to Eduroam at my work (University of Twente) and I am frustrated. I tried several things but simply it did not connect. However, I can connect to the WiFi network of the u

  • Blackberry 9300...access to BTFON Updated:11-30

    I have a Vodafone Blackberry 9300 with BT Openzone access as part of my Vodafone contract. I also have a BT Total Broadband package for my home landline & internet access. I don't seem to be ale to access the BT FON service even though I am entitled

  • Wifi issue in blackberry 9300 curve Updated:11-30

    Respected sir,  i am vinod and i have blackberry 9300 curve.. whenever i turn on wifi able to connect to the wireless network but am not able to use internet. its giving the error message ie  '' unable to coonect to the internet, please try again lat

  • My Blackberry 9300 track pad pointer not stable. Updated:11-30

    Please help me, my Blackberry 9300 track pad pointer is moving upward on it own, even when I try to scroll down or side. I wiped the phone, but the problem still continues. Please help me. What should I do? elected to skip past backing up you

  • Device is connected to to a wifi network but does not have access to Blackberry services over wifi connection Updated:10-11

    please help me, my blackberry curve has been working perfectly fine (everything network and wifi connection are working great) since i got it but all of the sudden when i connect to our wifi at home i noticed that the wifi logo on the upper screen is

  • Curve 3G/9300 no longer connects to Nokia CK-7W Handsfree set Updated:10-11

    I've just updated to OS6 and my BB Curve 9300 no longer connects to the bluetooth handsfree set in my car (Nokia CK-7W). No problems before the update. Presumably this will be a software issue rather than hardware as everything else still connects wi

  • BlackBerry 9300 freezes all the time with a clock/timer in the middle of the screen Updated:11-30

    Device info Your carrier: Vodacom Model info and OS version:  BlackBerry® 9300 smartphone (3G, Wi-Fi) 6.0 Bundle 2475 (v6.0.0.546, Platform 3G Bands 1,4,8 Cryptographic Kernel v3.8.6.5 Branding Version: Micro Edition Configurat

  • Blackberry 9320 can't connect to the internet through WIFI Updated:11-30

    Dear all I have problem connecting my Blackberry 9320 to the internet via the wifi. I have tried all settings but still can't connect. I connect to the WIFI but when I try to connect to the net its says can't connect to the internet if the problems c

  • "The BlackBerry Desktop Software cannot connect with this device." after repair Updated:11-30

    I download the Desktop Software for BlackBerry onto my Mac Book Pro for the first time.  After installing I connected my PlayBook. I get the message "The BlackBerry® Desktop Software cannot connect with this device." The program suggested I repa

  • I lost my blackberry 9300 Updated:11-30

    I lost my blackberry 9300, please let me know what to do to track the location of my deviceHi arpisg25 Welcome to BlackBerry Support Community Forums Sorry for the loss  Please read this Helpful Article  Lost or Stolen BlackBerry -- What to do? . Pri

  • Latest software for blackberry 9300 Updated:11-30

    hello.. can you tell me please how can i download the new software for blackberry 9300?  thanksIf I recall correctly, the most recently released OS for the 9300 is See the link below for the download, and follow these simple installation i

  • Faulty In-Warranty Blackberry 9300 - What do we do? Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am new to the forum so forgiv me if there is an obvious answer to this. We have a faulty Blackberry 9300 that we purchased in early December 2010. There is bad distortion, keeps call failing and freezing. The supplier that we purchased it from

  • Blackberry 9300 solution for mep code (0 left) Updated:11-30

    Hi Blackberry 9300 solution for mep code (0 left) Help me please Thanks...Hi and Welcome to the Forums! With zero tries left, there is only one official solution -- sending your BB to the RIM factory to have it totally reset. Your methods of requesti

  • Blackberry 9300 White Screen Solution? Updated:11-30

    Device info Carrier: Three UK Blackberry 9300 OS Version 6.0 Bundle 2534 (v6.0.0.570,Platform Apps and free space Free Memory on Device: 64134824 Bytes Did a battery pull fix your issue? Temporarily Apps installed and their version if poss

  • Blackberry 9300 os 6.0 help Updated:11-30

    hi  i bought an blackberry 9300 3g with os 6.0,my service provider is vodafone india,as am new to blackberry i dont know what to do the email setup option there is only enterprise option and doesnt have anyother options,there is no applicati