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  • Bitlocker Network Unlock - How to setup and configure Updated:11-30

    Good Afternoon, I have a home network running Windows Server 2012 R2 that is a domain controller. Currently the roles on the server are the following: - Active Directory Certificate Services - Active Directory Domain Services - DNS - DHCP - Hyper-V -

  • BitLocker Network Unlock on Hyper-V Gen2 Virtual Machines Updated:11-30

    Need some help with just figuring out basic requirements here.  I have read some mixed information.  Curious if a windows server 2012 R2 running as a Gen2 type VM on a Hyper-V server can be setup to use the new BitLocker Network Unlock feature.  If s

  • I'd like to know how to get the SIM Network Unlock PIN for my DROID2 GLOBAL Updated:10-11

    I am living in Haiti and I made someone buy a Droid2 Global for me in USA. I have had the phone for 2 months but I never could operate it.  Any time I open it, it requires that I enter a SIM Network Unlock PIN that I have not. I' d appreciate you hel

  • What is the sim network unlock pin for when you replace your old sim card? Updated:11-30

    Hi, so I've just put my new Dan and Phil sim card into my phone but its asking for a sim network unlock pin, what is it?? ThanksHi,  It means your phone is network locked to another carrier. To use this sim your phone needs to be on EE, unlocked or s

  • Do I need to network unlock after updating to iOS 6? Updated:11-30

    Some people sat that after updating to ios6 they can't connect wifi. Do I need to network unlock my iPod touch?  Is it needed? And tell me something about speakers and earphone after updating?I do not understand your question.  Please rephrase it.  I

  • Queries concerning network unlock codes and restri... Updated:11-30

    Thx for the sticky on unlock codes. We perfctly understand that unlock code capability is an agreement between nokia and the operator and that you can not provide them here. There should be no requests for unlock codes here. However you assertion tha

  • What is the network unlock code for my HTC Thunderbolt? Updated:11-30

    I want to unlock my husband and I's HTC Thunderbolts. Our contract is up and we bought our phones out right  before we signed a contract. What is the network unlock code for the HTC Thunderbolt phones? Thanks. Apparently Verizon isn't really "sorry t

  • Entered wrong network unlocking code too many time... Updated:11-30

    Hopeing that you can help. My phone is a lumia 610 locked to the optus network. I accidentally entered the wrong network unlocking code too many times. The phone now blocks any sim card that I put in it. Asks for a PUK code. I got the PUK code from o

  • How to network unlock my iphone 5s Updated:11-30

    how can i network unlock my iphone 5sContact the cell provider the iPhone is locked to and find out if they offer unlocking and, if yes, what the process is.Read other 3 answers

  • Network unlock & activation simplified process? Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am working through a mass 1000+ device network unlock (fleet is Iphone 4, 4S and 5) still require Activation with Apple servers once the new carriers sim is inserted. End user is retaining the same cell number. The end users are asked to back u

  • SIM network unlock PIN for my droid pro Updated:11-30

    I am traveling abroad and insert local SIM card in droid pro,it asks me to input "SIM network unlock PIN" to use the local service.How do I do then?Thanks.    Thanks for the reply Ann154 Hello Cowboy0086 Yes, you would need to contact our global

  • Can my phone be used if it reset using recovery mode and the sim card is taken out and the phone is network unlocked? (iphone 5s) Updated:11-30

    If someone steals my Iphone 5s, removes the sim card, leaves the phone in airplane mode, puts in it recovery mode and resets it completely and deletes everything, then gets it network unlocked at a shop, and uses a pay as you go sim in the phone on a

  • Variation to network unlock procedure Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have read on this forum that to officially network unlock an iphone you must: 1. Use the Itunes account of the original user; and 2. Use the original contract sim card. Reference: First reply to this post:

  • Airport Network unlocks itself, why? Updated:11-30

    I'm the only user on an Aiport Network using iTunes, Time Capsule and AppleTV. I also use the internet via Safari. There are other networks in my neighborhood, so I feel the need to lock it. Not sure if that makes any difference in someone using my n

  • Network unlock vs sim card unlock? Updated:11-30

    Would there be a Network unlock code outside of the sim card unlock code or are they one in the same?Hey There I would be happy to share the differences of a Network unlock and a SIM card unlock.  A Network unlock is more commonly known as a Carrier

  • IPhone 4 network unlocked Updated:11-30

    I had my iPhone 4 network unlocked, but it seems to have been relocked after I updated to iOS 7, what can i do?You should not have to connect your phone to iTunes every time you swap sims. Some users have reported that restoring their phones from bac

  • Network Unlock in different Networks Updated:11-30

    hy,  I use BitLocker with the NetworkUnlock in my organizaition.  We have different locations where we use Bitlocker. I want to use just one WDS in the headquarter for the unlock, but this didn´t work. is that posible with one WDS or do I need in eve

  • Nokia N95 8GB network unlocking invalid error Updated:11-30

    Hello I have the Nokia N95 8gb, and have had it on vodafone for nearly 18 months. I am changing network, they gave me an unlocking code. I have put this in and get a message "invalid operation" they warned in their email to me that I should not

  • Curve 8900 network unlocking (UK) Updated:11-30

    Hi there, i have a 8900 on the vodaphone network (UK), and i need it unlocking for use on the orange network. Unlocking itself is not an is not an issue. I know a guy Although i was wondering if there were ANY problems swapping a handset from one net

  • Network unlock problem Updated:11-30

    Hi,  I have ended my contract with vodafone uk and obtained my NUC. When I input this code into the mobile, it accepts the code but still network remains locked. please help me as I wanted to use this mobile phone abroad.That may well be the case...I