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  • XML (BI) Publisher desktop plug-in installation error Updated:10-11

    I'm trying to install Oracle XML Publisher Desktop 5.5 plug-in on Windows Vista OS. Installation fails with the following error message - "Word application is running. Please close Word application and retry installation", even though no Word ap

  • PeopleSoft XML Publisher Desktop installation issue Updated:10-11

    Hi, I've tried to install the XML publisher desktop desing helper. I've installed it without error. But when i open the Office word program, it didn't show up the Template Builder menu on office tool bar. I've tried to do the following: 1. Set the tr

  • XML Publisher Desktop Db connect SQL Server Host:Port:Sid Updated:10-11

    Brand new to XML Publisher. Set up XML Publisher Enterprise environment to work with SQL Server 2005 using both MS 2000 & 2005 JDBC drivers, so far no problem. However the XML Publisher Desktop Report Wizard will not connect to SQL Server 2005 using

  • How to extend No. of columns for PIVOT table in BI Publisher Desktop Updated:10-11

    Hello Everyone,   I am using the Oracle BI Publisher Desktop to design the TEMPLATE for Oracle Reports. I need to create the PIVOT table .In my PIVOT table I need to display 9 columns but when I tried to create PIVOT table by dragging 9 columns only

  • Getting error while running the XML file using XML Publisher Desktop Updated:10-11

    Hi all, We have successfully loaded the XML file using XML Publisher Desktop. But when we preview the same using PDF format we are getting the following error. Font Dir: C:\Program Files\Oracle\XML Publisher Desktop\Template Builder for Word\fonts Ru

  • Error while installing BI Publisher Desktop - Plz Help Updated:10-11

    Hi all, Getting following error while trying to install Oracle BI Publisher desktop Template Builder Installer failed: Unexpected Error -> I've downloaded "BI Publisher Desktop for Windows" software from the following link http://w

  • Error when login to bi publisher desktop 11g Updated:10-11

    Hi expert, I have a problem with BI Publisher Destktop when I login. I fill username , password and Report server , click Login button then I got the error : error : "Error while trying to access to Report Server Location : Object reference not set t

  • Error while running the XML file using XML Publisher Desktop Updated:10-11

    Hi All, We have successfully loaded the XML file using XML Publisher Desktop.But when we try to preview it using the PDF format we are getting the following error. Font Dir: C:\Program Files\Oracle\XML Publisher Desktop\Template Builder for Word\font

  • Error "Run-Time Error '76' PAth Not Found" in XML Publisher Desktop Updated:10-11

    Hi All, we are trying to preview the PDF output in the XML Publisher Desktop Application. We are able to LOAD the data successfully. But whenever we try to preview the output, we are getting an error saying "Run-Time Error '76' Path Not Found".

  • Error installing BI Publisher Desktop in Windows 7 64bits with Office 2010 Updated:10-11

    Hello I'm having a problem when trying to install the latest version of BI Publisher Desktop on my computer (Windows 7-64bits with Office 2010). Almost at the end of the installation it appears a message box saying "Template Builder installer failed:

  • BI Publisher Desktop On Windows 7 Updated:10-11

    Is there a patch/install file for Bi Publisher Desktop On Windows 7, this is to create the templates for the reports using template builder for word/excel. OS: Windows 7 Enterprise edition 64-bit operating system Oracle Apps: 12.1.3 Database: 11g (11

  • Report server url to use Oracle BI publisher desktop Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have installed Oracle 10g database and Oracle 10g developer suite. I want to learn to use Oracle BI publisher for making reports. Today i have installed Oracle BI publisher desktop for making reports in ms-word 2007. when i try to log on in BI

  • Error opening pdf from published desktop Updated:10-11

    Citrix XenApp 5 Windows 2003 Adobe Reader 9 (Swedish version) We do have the following issue: On a published desktop opened from the webinterface you are unable to open a pdf file from an Intranet site. It doesn't matter if you try it with an admin a

  • Java Development BI Publisher Desktop vs. XMLP562 library Updated:10-11

    Hi, I've created an RTF template with BI Publisher Desktop, that's working quite fine running the preview. In this template I've charts and cross tables. Using this RTF template in JDeveloper with the API of XMLP562 I'm getting errors: It seems that

  • How can i write the code in xml publisher desktop Updated:10-11

    hi all How and where can i write the code in xml publisher desktop ??? shall i know how to write xml code or what ?? in which part can i write the code if i have more than one query ?hi dear Thanks for ur replay... What i mean is : i used to work on

  • Smart Resizing not working for RDWEB Published desktop Updated:10-11

    I have a working RDS deployment, I am able to change the screen resolution of the published desktops both in powershell and registry. However if I add the 'smart sizing' option, this does not get published in the .rdp file. I have added the entries i

  • XML Publisher Desktop 5.6.2 Installation Error Updated:10-11

    I down loaded the desktop version. when I install it, it pops up a dialog "Word application is running. please close word application and retry installation" then, it stops installation. But I did not have word application open, only installatio

  • Installing BI Publisher Desktop as a machine startup script? Updated:10-11

    Hello, Our company wants to deploy Oracle BI Publisher Desktop to 60+ machines with Office 2010. Users on these machines do not have any admin privileges and therefore the installation is done via machine start up script. I managed to comb