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  • OSB throwing "BEA-380000 Unauthorized" error when calling https Updated:11-30

    Hello All, I am invoking webservice using OSB service and I am getting "BEA-380000 Unauthorized" error. The webservice is HTTPS . I enabled the weblogic SSL trace and it looks like SSL Handshake is successful. >>self-tuning)',5,Pooled Thre

  • OSB- BEA-380000 - in OSB 11.1 Updated:11-30

    Hi,   My test case is a simple one. JMS Proxy (Publish with QOS- exactly once) --> http Proxy (Publish with QOS- Best Effort)--> http BS. Am getting a BEA-380000 - error while testing from JMS proxy in test

  • BEA-380000 Error : Thread loss ? Updated:11-30

    Hi Information: My proxy message flow: 1. Proxy calls business service. Business service response is transformed and returned to client. 2. If business service call fails, then proxy writes to database with comment "EmployeeID_Failed". (Employee

  • BEA-380000: Transport Exception Updated:11-30

    I am getting this exception when i am trying to call a business service from proxy using dynamic routing , please help me      <soapenv:Envelope      xmlns:soapenv="">      <soapenv:Body>     

  • [errorCode: BEA-380000] Proxy service using Google API Updated:11-30

    Hi sirs, I testing following this blogs : There's 4 step but i'm stucking at step 2 1. Authenticate using API ClientLogin authentication with your Google username (email) and password

  • BEA-380000: General runtime error: Read channel closed - intermittent Updated:11-30

    I am encountering this error code intermittently. My production has been live from past 20 months and I see this error very recently and its like once a week. I doubt if this has something to do with the network and as this is very generic error(BEA-

  • Tutorial 1: Routing a Loan Application - BEA-380000 SOAPFaultException Updated:11-30

    Hey together, recently i tried aqualogic servicebus for the first time. Therefore i went trough the tutorial referring to the routing-loan-example. I set up eerything just like described in the tutorial. But when it comes to testing the configuration

  • OSB - BEA-380000 - Updated:11-30

    Hi, Any idea when this error usually occurs in OSB. Thanks.Hi All, I found these are the observations when ever this error occured. 1) name space issue, un used namspaces are giving conflict, two namespaces with different uri's, out of which one is n

  • OSB Error propagation not propagating the original error Updated:10-11

    Hi, I'm having trouble with understanding how to propagate error from inner to outer flow. This is the scenario: I have a flow listening on MQ queue, and in turn performs callouts to 3 inner flow's (protocol is local). Inside the inner flows there is

  • UTL_DBWS support of the Secuity call to the Web Service.: Updated:10-11

    I am invoking a webservice, by making use of the package URL_DBWS.INVOKE procedure. my request xml containss the security information as part of the request header. when i make a invoke call, i am getting the following error.: : Java call terminated

  • OSB to SOA suite package not forming correctly Updated:10-11

    Setup is as follows: AIX 5.3 on the box, 10 gigs ram, installation of the latest releases of OSB and SOA suite on top of weblogic. I've built out a couple of simple database queries in BPEL based off wsdls, dropped them on to the SOA suite server, us

  • XSL transformation in OSB Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I am new to OSB. I am having trouble to understand how to do XSL transformation in OSB. I have created a business service which targets wsdl with a particular schema for the input message. I have created a separate wsdl for the proxy service

  • Urgent:I need help with the errors of  my proxySerce call Updated:10-11

    when I call my bs-serviceI get the following error: The invocation resulted in an error: Internal Server Error.      <soapenv:Envelope      xmlns:soapenv="">      <soapenv:Header/>      <so

  • I need an urgent help  remove namespace from proxyServie request body Updated:10-11

    I have EFIBetalingOrdningMisligholdt proxyService that called IMMultiHaendelseModtag IMMultiHaendelseModtag business Service, but they have different xsd, so i am transforming EFIBetalingOrdningMisligholdt proxy service reuest xsd to IMMultiHaendelse

  • Unable to call  BPM process webserivce  from Proxy in  oracle Service bus Updated:10-11

    I created business service in oracle service bus through BPM process WSDL. later Created proxy out of business service. In proxy service MessageFlow I created a route node with service as my BPM process business service. When i invoke proxy I am alwa

  • OSB invoking RESTful webservices:issue with relative-URI instead of Updated:10-11

    Hi, We have a requirement where we need to pass the request content as string in the URL. we need to send the request in the URL like:<Employee><name>abc</name><empid>1234</empid>...<Employee>

  • How to handle error from parlayx21/sms/SendSms service due high rate req? Updated:10-11

    Hi, I'm developing an integration with ALSB that call parlayx21/sms/SendSms for sending sms. It works properly if I send few sms but if I increase the rate sometimes it give me a fault with BEA-380000 Intenarnal Server Error. Calling from Business th

  • OSB Read Timed Out Error Updated:11-30

    We have configured a business service with JCA DB adapter and uses a select statement to fetch a single record from a database. The select is simple query uses single table with a "where" clause having 5 conditions, like where column1 = 'value'

  • Catching and rethrowing a SOAP Fault from an OSB 11g Proxy service Updated:11-30

    Hello, We have a chain of proxy services (that last one of which calls a business service) in our OSB project.  At one of the lower levels, we successfully throw a fault like this: <soapenv:Body xmlns:soapenv="

  • OSB call to remote Web Service via https proxy and https CONNECT problem Updated:11-30

    Hi I have a service that calls a web service on another server as a web service. This call is via https and the certificate validation raises no errors. I now want this call to go via a squid httpd proxy on port 3128 on some machine. So I would like