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  • Bdc mb21 Updated:11-30

    hi can any one tell about  the transction mb21 and how the bdc recording will be done step by step using bdc table control method with help of sample codeHi, Please search in SCN with search term "How to use table control in BDC", you will get t

  • Multiple receivng storage locations on Reservation (movement type 311) Updated:11-30

    Hi We have a requirement where we create a reservation document either using BAPI or BDC (MB21). At the time of creation we require to maintain different receiving storage location on the reservation. Currently SAP allows to maintain receiving storag

  • BDC for MB21 Updated:11-30

    Hello, Please help me with BDC for mb21 for multiple item System to sytem no of items display in MB21 screen varies & new items has to be entered further. For eg: if I have 30 items to be reserved. My MB21 screen is showing only 19 item, to reserve t

  • Issue on mb21 transaction Updated:11-30

    Hi sap fans, I got one issue on mb21 ( material reservation) my client saying that while doing purchase order for every material backend one reservation number generates automatically this reservation number automatically updates to eket, rseb table

  • Coding block error in MB21 Updated:11-30

    hi,   i recorded the BDC for TCODE: MB21 only for 2 screens.   My  requiremnt is to display the items.  the user can modify the items and save the same.   while saving systems shows the coding block error.   how to remove that coding block error.   r

  • Error while running a BDC for the Transaction F-02 Updated:10-11

    Hi,        I'm getting an error <b><i>"Parking not possible during Batch Input"</i></b> while running a BDC for the transaction F-02.        When i click on the error message it displays the message [b<i>]"In C

  • Unable to update the serial number through bdc in Sales Order Updated:10-11

    Hi experts, I written the inboud FM for to update the 3rd party items serial number to the sales orders through BDC Call transaction Method. Here i am facing a problem when i have the 19 item Quan ,it is updating correct through idoc , when ever ther



  • Creation of PGI using BDC for tc VL02N is not happening.. Updated:10-11

    Hi All, i need to do Post Goods Issue (PGI) thro' BDC and after that i need to update the flag in Ztable. its giving Success message and updating the database also. but its not issuing the PGI.and further i want to create billing doc.So its compulsor

  • Problem in creation of BDC for transaction phap_create Updated:10-11

    Hello Friends, I am trying to create BDC for PHAP_CREATE. When you run a transaction a pop up window appears to select the template id. And in BDC it is selected by cursor position. So once selected, the value of template id cannot be changed. I want

  • Help needed in BDC Updated:10-11

    Dear Experts, I have a module pool program and transaction for shipping advice, where I have given a option that if user enters Sales Order in the selection screen and in the next screen it shows all the related infromation of that order and if neede

  • What is the Tcodes for Uploading of data using BDC & CATT Updated:10-11

    PP members: I was going through the <b>cutover activities</b> ,  and what I understood is  we transfer all the legacy system data into SAP before going live The data upload follows certain steps (depends on the organizational design load strat

  • Unable to capture sy-ucomm in BDC Updated:10-11

         Hello Everyone,  I have created a BDC for CG3Y everything is working fine after creating a log when sy-subrc eq 0. when user hits SAVE I have given a message stating 'LOG HAS BEEN GENERATED' but when the pop for overwrite appears and I hit NO, i

  • Unable to run BDC due to start-of-selection Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, I am running BDC for ROH type. The data is in the excel file so I am performing the below operation. In the BDC recording before perform open group there is "START-OF-SELECTION" and I also have a START-OF-SELECTION for excel uploadin

  • Unable to incorporate multiple data in BDC * URGENT* Updated:10-11

    Hi EveryOne  .   See the code. This code can do BDC for a single value of store and bonus buy no., in transaction  WPMA The current requirement is for a given store all bonus buy values should get populated and then executed each time store wise. Eg

  • Sap console bdc Updated:10-11

    Dear All, We have developed some customized z-transactions related to standard MIGO transaction for our Barcode Implementation project so that they can run on Hand held terminals(HHT) as HHT doesnot Support SAP GUI (for ex : table controls, Tab strip

  • Internal table in bdc Updated:10-11

    I am new to the bdc . i have gone to SHDB and created a new recording  for the some T-code . After that i have created a prog (transfer from recording ) . i got some values in the file in my presenation server. i got default code generated . I have t

  • Is it possible to skip the screen in BDC using IF statement. Updated:10-11

    Hi Friends, I have written a report using BDC for tcode CO11 thru recording using CALL TRANSACTION. Case 1: If I go to transaction CO11 (screen number 100) and give the  order number which has more than 1 operations to be partially confirmed and pres

  • BDC Call Transaction - Doc.No not getting generated in Message Internal tab Updated:10-11

    Dear All, I am using BDC Call Transaction method for uploading data for transaction, Iam able to successfully capture the Error messages, sucess messages and the transaction number is also displayed for the bdc run in Mode A, but in case of schedulin

  • Field not getting updated in BDC while running in background Updated:10-11

    Hi Friends, I'm executing a BDC transaction to update the Alternate Tax Classification (VBAK_TAXK1) field in Sales Order. I'm passing value 1 to the field and then saving it directly. While running the BDC in background, the field is not getting upda