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BCS information plz

  • BCS  Information for tryining for a FICO  consultant Updated:11-30

    hi   i am a FICO consultant i am planning to take tryining upon BCS . Kaindly could u plz tell wether it will use full for me . i am in banglore so kaindly plz suggest me best parctise books and trining centers wich are all located in banglore. and k

  • Need small information... about oinv address Updated:11-30

    hi. I am running below query in sql.. select Address  from OINV where oinv.CardCode = 'CE73' it is coming from invoice under logistic tab.. My problem is that some invoices are having with TEL:+39 02 25459028 and some are not having with Tel:+  at lo

  • 6230i help plz pzl :( Updated:11-30

    i Have a 6230i i have connected it to my pc but i need a MMC to explore the fetures i havnt got a MMc is there any other way i can connect whtih my computer p.s ashamed but truth is i dont now what sync is so can u say full information plz thx alot H

  • Plz friends help me... Updated:11-30

    Hello, i am scrolling ticker on mobile screen sucessfully.. But problem is that i want to use image as a seperator between two information. plz tell me how can i add image with ticker in j2me..(if possible). If possible plz give me an example. Aman G

  • Hey everybody could u help me plz Updated:11-30

    Hey mr : I just bought an iPad 4 . But it dosnt work cause it's keep asking about the pass word for the iCloud owner ( first hand)  , I don't have it !! any solution for dat prob ,, thanx ,Thanx bro , nd iam asking for more information plz . If I go

  • Free goods in Retail Updated:10-11

    Hi These are scenario for Beverage business- mostly they have complicated promotion on free gifts which I think SAP ERP SD cannot cover it. I also check Promotion in retail and found out, if it's discount - it can handled but for free goods - there i

  • Not able to open the sql .. Updated:10-11

    hi. i am facing one problem. plz have a look on below image. i am not able login into the data bases.. any has seen  this type of problem. i all ready search in google ... They provide some solutions 1) Go to sql view see the data base and then start

  • Error in the phase IMPORT_PROPER while applying support packages Updated:10-11

    Dear All, I am on ECC 6.0(ABAP+JAVA) SR2, SUSE Linux 10 SP1, DB2. I have successfully applied the kernel patch and started applying the support packages,  i have successfully completed applying the ABAP, Basis, BW, HR and other related patches, but i


    HI. I need one requirement in this, i need to capture the Total before discount amount at A/R invoice. i checked in tables Discount and Discount amount will be come below Total before Discount amount but Total Before Discount Amount i am not able to

  • How To Install Informatica and DAC Client on windows Updated:10-11

    Dear Friends, I had installed Oracle Informatica 8.6.1 and Oracle DAC Server ( on Linux server (RHEl 32 bit) Now i want to install Informatica and DAC Clients on windows machine. Where to download the software and in the existing Dump i do

  • Difference between the Logical System n Client Updated:10-11

    Hi Guys,   i need a some information plz help me. what r the differences between the logical system n the client. plz give me the detail explanation appreciated with points regards kkHi there, 'logical system' is used to identify an individual client

  • Automati-payment Updated:10-11

    in automatic payment programme we can use the house banks:- as like this:- SBI                   ICICI                   HSBC                   CITI BANK  MY REQUIREMENT IS THE I HAVE ONLY PAYMENT FOR THE HSBC is it possible or not if possible how (g

  • How to update the field 'VBRK-ZUONR' of Billing Document Header(VF03) Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts. I got a request to update the field 'VBRK-ZUONR' of Billing Document Header(T-code:VF03). At first i thought it might be a BADI or User-Exit case and looked up in Standard Program but found nothing. Thus i doubted if it was a configuratio

  • Any body help me regarding MS_WORD_OLE_FORMLETTER? Updated:10-11

    hi friends, i  have to display some fields of itab in word document. for this i searched this FM MS_WORD_OLE_FORMLETTER. But i am not getting how to use this FM. Even i searched in this forum. But in that i didn't find correct information. plz can an

  • How to Find the XML Tag in indesign Updated:10-11

    HI!!<br /><br />We are working with XML work flow in indesign. In indesign how could we find the XML Tag in indesign.<br /><br />Example::<br />In the Below list we could have to find the xml tag <chapter> in story edit

  • How to find the xml elements in Indesign pages Updated:10-11

    i imported the xml file in now i want to find the number of pages and no. of elements. i found out it. but i was not able to find which elements are placed in which page. i want that information. plz kindly help. i am using<br />for

  • Threads with http socket Updated:10-11

    Are there any good tutorials that teaches multithreading with http sockets?Topic: IDLE Time for Java Application not SYSTEM Idle Hi I am Krishna , I want to calculate idle time for an application.That is , if user1 uses the application for example ca

  • X  axis labels vanish in P4 Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am using Oracle Database which is on Sun solaris server. I have installed 9ias( server on Win2000 server P4. All workbooks that i create in Discoverer plus are available in discoverer viewer but the labels of x axis of grap

  • LOCK BOX-forms Updated:11-30

    experts- Can u give the brief explnation about the Lock box information there what type of FORMS are used, who is the configured about this one. (for eg:- we are use the forms in APP f110_D_AVIS) AS the same what type of forms are used.(if it is aski

  • Invoices that were on hold; Updated:11-30

    Hi, How should i get below information.Plz help me... invoices that were on hold; and had been manually released from hold, validated (ready to be picked up by payment batch runs) but not yet paid in a periodRun the 'Invoice on Hold' report from the