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  • Report Builder Error: [BC30455] Argument not specified for parameter 'DateValue' of 'Public Function Day(DateValue As Date) As Integer'. Updated:10-11

    Hi there! I'm trying to calculate the difference between two days using DATEDIFF (). I use following code for this: =DATEDIFF(DAY, CDate(Fields!Eingang_Kundenanfrage.Value),CDate(Fields!Ausgang_Angebot.Value)) Every time I try to save the report, I g

  • Argument not specified for parameter error.(IIF) Report Builder 3.0 Updated:11-30

    Hi, Im trying to set the font colour of text dynamically dependant upon the date.  This is using report builder 3.0 expressions. -I'm new to using expressions.  I want my expression to do this: If less than or equal to today, RED,  If greater than to

  • Report expression Updated:11-30

    Im a bit new to SQL reporting, but one of the items I am trying to generate is an expression within a matrix. One of the fields is not reported within the database, but is based on a calculation of two other fields. These two other fields could be bl

  • Report Builder 3.0 IIF Expression Updated:11-30

    I would like my expression to read: IF the value of Finalsign = 1 and CONT_ACTION =7 then calculate the date (time) difference between the ID (start date) and CONT_TIME (end date).  I would like to only display the count of the documents that were 24