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BBM Video Chat Not Working

  • BBM video chat has no voice??? Updated:11-30

    Can't hear anything on BBM chat, neither can the other person hear me. Help, this is rather frustrating Solved! Go to Solution.Start with a battery pull on both ends.  You and the other user should both remove your batteries while your phones are pow

  • BBM Video Chat Offline Updated:11-30

    Yesterday I could chat with my BBM contacts with video chat and now today the option is gone! The video camera icon is gone from any of my BBM contacts that I can chat with. And anyone trying to video chat with me it shows that I am offline! Anyone h

  • Q10 - BBM Video Dilemna Updated:11-30

    I recently upgraded from the Torch to Q10.  Previous advertising of the Q10 and on BlackBerry's website, I should be able to do a BBM Video Chat on my mobile network, right?  But why can't I?  I can only do a BBM Video Chat when I'm in a wi-fi area. 

  • BBM voice and video chat Updated:11-30

    Hello Everyone,   I just bought the bb Z10 and it has been great so far. Yesterday i noticed the bbm video icon had disappeared thus disallowing me to make or recieve a voice or video chat. I have done everything possible to the best of my knowledge

  • Z10 BBM Vedio Chat does not work Updated:11-30

    I can not get my BBM Vedio Chat to work, nor can i enter a new contact in the BBM Vedio Chat contact list, they all go to the BBM Contact list For each contact i have entered all fields of information, but when I BBM them there is NO option for BBM v

  • Video Chat from my PlayBook to Z10 Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have a Playbook and a Z10, both of which are on separate BBID's. Till about 2-3 months back, I was able to video chat from my Playbook  to my Z10. However, I am not able to do that now and I get the message 'COntact's unavailable'. But, I can s

  • Blackberry Playbook Video Chat Connection Problems Updated:11-30

    Hi trying to use the Video Chat App, i have found that almost that the app is not working 50% of the time due to the way it is designed. Most corporate environment will provide a tight security on their network and are very unlikely to open their fir

  • BBM Video Updated:11-30

    The other day a friend of mine wanted to test his Playbook video chat so he sent me a text message telling me that he would be calling within the next few minutes, soon after I received his message I hear my Playbook ringing for a Video chat, as I wa

  • Playbook Monumental App Announcements and Kudos List: Facebook App and Video Chat Updated:11-30

    Here is a list of the latest apps coming to Playbook in May: 1. Facebook App for Playbook (this week - May 3 - 5) and Video Chat (May 2011) Source:  Li

  • Once and for all: MSN VIDEO chat on the mac... can it work? Updated:10-11

    the situation: my friend in France uses an msn account on a PC with the latest version of windows live or some such. I'm in the states on my blackbook. I set up a shiny new msn account, hoping to connect up to him. I've tried adium, msn mac, mercury,

  • Facebook video chat compatibility in window 8.1 Updated:10-11

    Please note that I can't able to find facebook video chat icon in window 8.1 operating system. Same has been available in window 7 and lover version. Please note that I was use same logging and I found this mismatch. Request you to please provide sol

  • Unable to start video chat, "'Username' did not respond" Updated:10-11

    I'm currently in Dubai, UAE, and trying to use iChat to video chat. I'm in a hotel, so no access to their router (wired or wireless) to open ports. I'm running iChat 4.0.8 (619), and 10.5.7, and have tried both an AIM and MobileMe account, and with p

  • Google talk video plugin does not work any more with Firefox 4. When clicking on the video chat icon, I am repeatedly asked to install the plugin, and it never works. Updated:10-11

    Google talk audio/video plugin used to work fine on Firefox 3, but does not work anymore on Firefox 4. Every time I click on the video chat icon on google talk, I am asked to install the plugin, even if I have already installed it before. The plugin

  • Video chat does not work. Updated:10-11

    Ive read countless posts and mine sounds about the same as everyone else's except one thing. I just bought a brand new Macbook last week. I do not have a .Mac account so I use my AIM screen name. My boyfriend also has a brand new Macbook but his is a

  • Isight not recognized by Skype, Google Video Chat, Logitech VID and ichat. Updated:10-11

    MacBook4,1 Firewire Leopard 10.5.8 Skype Quicktime Plug in 7.6.9 QUictime player MIA Here is my story. I will try and make it as brief as possible. The other day, I put a rented DVD into my dvd drive, and it didn't load. I checked for updat

  • Video chat options on Macbook Pro other than Facetime? Updated:10-11


  • Video chat problems - please help!!!!! Updated:10-11

    Please help, I am trying to video chat with my father on a PC, and brother on a macbook I cannot video chat with either of them, I have an comm error -8 come back every time i initiate a video session with either my brother or my father. However my f

  • Video Chat ended with error -8 and sign off Updated:10-11

    Hey everyone, hope you're all doing well. I'm sorry if this comes out as a nuisance to people seeing as there are 234234234 people with the same sort of problem. I tried searching, but unfortunately nothing came up. So here's my problem/story. I'm co

  • I have an iphone 4s, I installed Vtok but the video chatting part of the app is not working when I try to chat with my husband through gmail on his PC. Can I fix this or is there another app that will let me chat with my gmail chat contacts? Updated:10-11

    Vtok video chatting is not working on my iphone 4s. When I try to do a video chat with my gmail chat contacts who are using a PC we each only get the voice part of the chat and no video. Is there some way to fix this or is there another program that

  • A Cry For Help With Video Chat Updated:10-11

    I have been trying for several weeks to get my AV iChat working and before starting this thread I have read nearly every recommeneded fix and have tried all but still no luck. My set up is a Mac Pro Desktop G5 on 10.5.5 and router is a Thompson TG585