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bbm not working anymore

  • BBM issue faced on Z10. HELP NEEDED Updated:10-11

    There seems to be a problem with my BBM feature. I cant seem to bbm with just ONE contact. I can receive pings from him but when I ping or text him, I get a red cross by the side. His contact picture shows up on my device but my contact picture does

  • Unable to select the picture shown anymore on BBM and other programs Updated:10-11

    Hi everyone! Device info Your carrier:  Rogers Model info and OS version:  8900, v4.6.1.250 Apps and free space File free before and after a battery remove/replace: 82679615bytes Did a battery pull fix your issue: Nope Apps installed and their versio

  • Standby doesn't work anymore since updating to v5.0.0.103​6 & lock keyboard works differentl​y Updated:10-11

    Hi all, Hope you guys are able to help me with my problem I updated my Blackberry 8900 Curve over the weekend to v5.0.0.1036(Platform Provider is This updated was offered when connecting my device to BlackBerry Desktop Applicat

  • Hi, please i did instal BBM on my new iphone 5c since then i couldn't register in and keep freezing. please help Updated:10-11

    please i did installation BBM and regesiter with them but anytime am try to login it keep freezing,, and i have try my best don't know what to do anymore,, can anyone help please? How to restore as new. and this for

  • Need help for email and BBM Updated:10-11

    Hi i'm Alex and im having problems setting up my email and bbm on my blackberry curve 8520. i'm with orange as a dolphin plan and just wondering if any one can help set up my bbm and enterprise Activation Password.Hello ! It seems you dont have Black


    for a while my phone has been very slow and messages slow att sending but did eventually send/deliver. well one morning when i woke up i discovered my bbm (blackberry messenger) was not working my display picture, status, name wouldnt change and my m

  • BBM chat won't work Updated:11-30

    Hi all,  Since I upgraded my BBM, when I try to send a BBM message, I get the unfriendly red x. I have gone through most of the post on this wall yet nothing. My edge is Capitalised (EDGE) all other applications work just fine, whatsapp, email, Appwo

  • How can I get BBM on my iPhone4 ?? Updated:11-30

    How can I get BBM on my iPhone4 ?? Plz help we all need a SOLUTION for this problem , plz apple help usBBM is designed as a blackberry to blackberry instant messenger, so basicially its an instant messenger exclusiveto a specific device. earlier this