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bbm not working anymore

  • My bbm wont work anymore with wifi.. help! Updated:11-30

    Hello I have had my blackberry for the past year and I always use my wifi connection at home when my free Internet runs out, it has always worked perfectly. But today, for no reason it isn't working? I have restarted my phone, taking out the battery,

  • BBM issue faced on Z10. HELP NEEDED Updated:10-11

    There seems to be a problem with my BBM feature. I cant seem to bbm with just ONE contact. I can receive pings from him but when I ping or text him, I get a red cross by the side. His contact picture shows up on my device but my contact picture does

  • BBM and PIN not working for one contact! Updated:11-30

    For one BBM contact I cannot send BBMs or PIN anymore. It is driving me crazy.   When I send a PIN i get the message "service blocked" and a red cross.  BBMs will send, I get the tick but no D or R.  This is only happening with one contact.  He

  • BBM Barcode scanner . doesn't work anymore ! Updated:11-30

    BBM barcode scanner doesn't work anymore , and i've downloaded a barcode scanner like QR Scanner Pro and Barcode scanner from app world and it doesn't work either, it was working fine month ago, i have no idea what happened to it Please Help i really

  • Updated Bold 9790 to 0S 7,1 and nothing is working properly anymore: emails, bbm, pictures,.​.. Updated:11-30

    I've a BIS account with my provider "Base" in Belgium. I'm currently travelling in Canada, and my emails and bbm as well as what's app were properly working with the wifi. I updated to OS 7,1 yesterday, and since then, I 'm not able to use BBm n

  • Unable to select the picture shown anymore on BBM and other programs Updated:10-11

    Hi everyone! Device info Your carrier:  Rogers Model info and OS version:  8900, v4.6.1.250 Apps and free space File free before and after a battery remove/replace: 82679615bytes Did a battery pull fix your issue: Nope Apps installed and their versio

  • BBm : cannot send pictures anymore Updated:11-30

    My last upgrade I couldn't send pics thru bbm unless I just took them...if they were in file...forget it! NOW...I can't receive any...the person sending them gets message that I can't save file or some bs!!! I have frigged with this now trying to dow

  • Bbm not working on wifi anymore in dubai Updated:11-30

    I've a blackberry 9300. I live in Egypt and travel a lot to dubai. Up till 6 months ago, bbm used to work fine in dubai on wifi, but only at home, not in public wifi. This time it refuses to work on wifi completely, even at home, along with the mail

  • Standby doesn't work anymore since updating to v5.0.0.103​6 & lock keyboard works differentl​y Updated:10-11

    Hi all, Hope you guys are able to help me with my problem I updated my Blackberry 8900 Curve over the weekend to v5.0.0.1036(Platform Provider is This updated was offered when connecting my device to BlackBerry Desktop Applicat

  • Hi, please i did instal BBM on my new iphone 5c since then i couldn't register in and keep freezing. please help Updated:10-11

    please i did installation BBM and regesiter with them but anytime am try to login it keep freezing,, and i have try my best don't know what to do anymore,, can anyone help please? How to restore as new. and this for

  • Need help for email and BBM Updated:10-11

    Hi i'm Alex and im having problems setting up my email and bbm on my blackberry curve 8520. i'm with orange as a dolphin plan and just wondering if any one can help set up my bbm and enterprise Activation Password.Hello ! It seems you dont have Black


    for a while my phone has been very slow and messages slow att sending but did eventually send/deliver. well one morning when i woke up i discovered my bbm (blackberry messenger) was not working my display picture, status, name wouldnt change and my m

  • BBM chat won't work Updated:11-30

    Hi all,  Since I upgraded my BBM, when I try to send a BBM message, I get the unfriendly red x. I have gone through most of the post on this wall yet nothing. My edge is Capitalised (EDGE) all other applications work just fine, whatsapp, email, Appwo

  • How can I get BBM on my iPhone4 ?? Updated:11-30

    How can I get BBM on my iPhone4 ?? Plz help we all need a SOLUTION for this problem , plz apple help usBBM is designed as a blackberry to blackberry instant messenger, so basicially its an instant messenger exclusiveto a specific device. earlier this

  • BBM & non BB APPS issue!!?!!?!! Updated:11-30

    Hey, All fine. Well, when the validity period of subscribed category to BB service "BIS" expire, accessing APPS. that needs internet results failure accomplishments(opening, finishing) eventhough adjusting apps settings (if option is available i

  • Some buttons arent working anymore Updated:11-30

    Well my curve 8310 took a hard fall and all was well till a hour later some buttons werent working anymore (Z,C space, N,M And the volume down button)  What can I do to fix it?Hi and Welcome to the Forums! Anytime random strange behaviors creep in, t

  • My computer couldn't find my playbook anymore after software update!!! Updated:11-30

    After software updated to, my computer couldn't find my playbook anymore. First couple time it could find normally as like before, few times later it could not anymore!!! LOL. I tried connect to the other PC either in my office and home se

  • Bbm for nokia symbian belle Updated:11-30

    while bbm just came out on other devices, is there any app designed for nokia symbian belleIt would be good but you know, Symbian is not under developmen anymore. They are going for newer operating systems like Microsoft Windows phone 8. Would be goo

  • Switched to new BB10 device - BBM history lost ?! Updated:11-30

    Hi! I switched from my "old" BB10 device to a new Z10 and logged in to BBM at the new Z10. It said (in my native language) that it will transfer automatically all my BBM contacts, group and data to my new device. But after the transfer was finis

  • Update BBM Updated:11-30

    My Blackberry 9220 came with the BBM working perfectly, so I decided to update it to the latest version  then it totally stop working and in fact the screen got all blue and the logo of BlackBerry appear on top. BBM on my blackberry doesn´t