• Append New Item with BAPI_RESERVATION_CHANGE Updated:11-30

    Good Day Gurus,       I was able to modify Material Reservation Items with BAPI_Reservation_Change, but appending a new item causes a bapi message of "Not possible to add and update at the same process" what's causing this error? or is there any

  • Difference in 4.7EE & ECC 6.0 in MM Updated:11-30

    Hi experts!!! Happy New Year 2008!!! to all you... Could u plz help me out difference in 4.7EE and ECC  6.0 versions. where it differs. Hope will expect ur valuable suggestion will help me a lot for my presentation Regards suneelHello Some of the dif

  • Change Reservation with BAPI Updated:11-30

    Hi, We need to change the requirement date in a reservation when certain criteria are fullfilled. I thought of using a BAPI for this and checked this forum to find out which --> result : BAPI_RESERVATION_CHANGE ; But when i try to look this one up in

  • BAPI Reservation and PR issue Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have created a reservation and purchase requisition(PR) with reference to the reservation. In my program I am changing the quantity where in both the reservation and PR should be updated. I am using BAPI_RESERVATION_CHANGE and BAPI_PR_CHANGE fo

  • Problem with the standard Updated:11-30

    Hi abapers, I have a big problem. I am using BAPI_RESERVATION_CHANGE in order to marked old reserves with flag of delete After, we use BAPI_RESEVATION_CRATE1 in order to create the new reservation. The problem comes because both bapis use a global va

  • Difference in 4.7 EE & ECC6.0 Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts!!! Can any body help it out waht are the differences in 4.7EE and ECC 6.0  in table format.  Tommorrow i am going to present it in my company.. S.No      MODULE         PROCESS         DESCRIPTION        Comparision to present version.    

  • BAPI to update RESB table Updated:11-30

    Hi, Could anyone pls tell the BAPI name to update the RESB (Reservation) table? Thanks in advance.Did you tried this BAPi BAPI_RESERVATION_CHANGE You can change the following fields in a reservation item: Storage Location (field STGE_LOC) Batch Numbe

  • Deletion of automatic created reservations Updated:11-30

    Hello experts, I have a requirement to delete automatic created reservations. I am using FM BAPI_RESERVATION_CHANGE but it's giving message 'Reservation created automatically. No manual changes possible'. I tried to check Tcode MBVR but couldn't get