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bapi_po_change recalculate price

  • BAPI_PO_CHANGE - changing prices Updated:10-11

    Hi, We have a batch job that is changing the Document Type at the PO header (EKKO-BSART) and the code sets the following fields to be changed.   MOVE 'ZB'   TO poheader-doc_type.   MOVE 'X'     TO poheaderx-doc_type. BAPI_PO_CHANGE is called to chang

  • Pricing date change on service order when creating confirmation. Updated:10-11

    Hi gurus, I want  to change the pricing date (and recalculate prices)on service order to the date confirmation is created from the service order.I would like to know if this can be achieved by copy control BADI or order save BADI or pricing BADI ? Pl

  • Recalculate the Price in SRM once the item is transfer to SRM from SRM MDM Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, I am technical person and am facing one issue,we are using MDM catalog for selecting the product and after selection the product is getting transfer to the SRM. In SRM we have Quantity field available which is editable(we don't want to ma

  • BAPI_PO_CHANGE to update the Price for the line item not updating the Price Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am using BAPI_PO_CHANGE to update the Price for the line item. This BAPI is not updating the Price. I am using external cummit also, but the BAPI is not updating price. I am passing following data to the BAPI. Plant: CQ11 PO                   M

  • How to change net Price by using BAPI_PO_change Updated:10-11

    Hi experts.. How i can change net price by using bapi_po_change. What parameters i have to pass in this fm. if possible please tell me , which table this FM will update. Thanks. I will award points for all help.See the below code and have tested and

  • Recalculate PO price conditions in ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST Updated:11-30

    Hello everyone, Im trying to use ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST  positions get_ceonditions/set_conditions to automatically recalculate values of price conditions (PB00). Im trying with me22n to change already created PO and it does not seem to work. Im the metho