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  • BAPI_MATVAL_PRICE_CHANGE - Material price change - Error Updated:11-30

    Hello Friends, I am using the BAPI function module ''BAPI_MATVAL_PRICE_CHANGE' ' for Mass material Price changes. I am giving the following as input parameters                    material                    valuation area                   price date


    hi guys.. i'm using this fuction module CKML_UPDATE_MATERIAL_PRICE for changing the standard price in material..if it working means what parameters i should pass in tht function there any other function module which change standard price (

  • BAPI to change the standard price of the material Updated:11-30

    Hello Friends , I am struggling to find a BAPI to change material standard price. I found 2 BAPIs mentioned below. But was not able to make use of them. 1) BAPI_MATVAL_PRICE_CHANGE 2) BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA Can any of you help me in finding right BAP

  • MR21 change price bapi Updated:11-30

    hi all i search a bapi to change price in transaction mr21. I have found several bapi BAPI_MATVAL_PRICE_CHANGE and BAPI_M_REVAL_CREATEPRICECHANGE, but the both can't need it, it doens't change the price. there are two function modul PRICES_CHANGE and

  • IS there any bapi for mr21? Updated:11-30

    Hi,    Is there any bapi which function is same as MR21,I want to modify the MAP by batch, I find  tow bapi in the forums,BAPI_M_REVAL_CREATEPRICECHANGE,BAPI_MATVAL_PRICE_CHANGE.and test them however there are many error.who have example code for the


    Hello, Im using the BAPI_M_REVAL_CREATEPRICECHANGE, for changing the standard price of the materials, instead of using the MR21, but i cant get it work Im populating the following fields: COMP_CODE : 1000 PSTNG_DATE: 26.03.2009 PLANT: 1001 MATERIAL:

  • Updating Material Master Moving Average Price using BAPI Updated:11-30

    Hi, We need to create a program using which we can update material master moving average price for a specific material. For this we are using BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA. when we are executing this bapi with inputs, it is showing data updated or created b

  • SAP Extension Sets Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am trying to use BAPI_MATVAL_PRICE_CHANGE. However, this BAPI nees some configuration to be done before it can be used. This additional configuration is only available once EA-FIN Extension Set (Financials Extension) is activated. I am aware th