• BAPI_INSPCHAR_SETRESULT input Updated:11-30

    Hi experts, Could you please help me out on this. I have to create a bapi BAPI_INSPCHAR_SETRESULT for QM recording . Please tell me what are the inputs and which table fields its belong ? Moderator message: please do more research before asking, show

  • Bapi_inspchar_setresult Problem Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts , I have to create this bapi   ' bapi_inspchar_setresult ' but the inputs is Inspection lot . But how i can get the value of INSPOPER . It is specified in any table. I want the table name. INSPCHAR field value i am getting more than One. A

  • Function modules or BAPI for transacction QP02 Updated:10-11

    Hi to all, Please give me solution for assignment of inspection plan through QP02 transacion. My file contains Material number,Inspection paln, Group counter, Vendor no and plant fields. These fields are updating the MAPL through QP02. For these requ

  • FM to change an inspection lot Updated:11-30

    Hi folks, when inspection lot is created i have no information about the batch. so SAP creates the inspection lot without the batch information and sets the state CHER. unfortunately you can't fill in results to an inspection lot with state CHER. Now

  • BAPI or FM for changing usage decision on Inspection lot Updated:11-30

    Hi, Does anyone know of any BAPI or FM which can change usage decision on inspection lot. I'm already aware of BAPI_INSPLOT_SETUSAGEDECISION. This only works when there is no UD on inspection lot. Thanks for your help. Stephenhi peter, BAPI_INSPCHAR_

  • SAP QM Result recording - Copy inspection results functionality Updated:11-30

    Dear all, I have two queries. 1) The Raw materials used in various plants are same. I want to copy the inspection results to the inspection lot if the batch is already accepted in other plant. The material, batch and vendor is common point. Some of t

  • Hi all..very urgent..full marks wud be given Updated:11-30

    Hi gurus, could you plz help me in finding the replacement for the obsolete function modules in ECC 6.0.. following are the BAPI function modules.full marks wud be given for answers..plz help me BAPI_ABSENCE_GETDETAIL BAPI_ABSENCE_GETDETAILEDLIST BAP

  • Mass Uploading of Result Recording + Usage Decision. Updated:11-30

    Dear Gurus, Are there any BAPI or BADI to Mass upload RESULT RECORDING(t code QE23) + USAGE DECISION(QA11) through an excel in the fore ground mode and back ground mode Regards ShoibRESULT RECORDING : BAPI_INSPCHAR_SETRESULT UD: BAPI_INSPLOT_SETUSAGE

  • Result Recording via PDA Updated:11-30

    Hi guys, Is there anyone here who ever has the experience of using PDA tool to record the results for inspection points (03-in-process inspection)? At the moment my client has this tool and a system to record thier inspection results however would al

  • BAPI Modify result lot inspection Updated:11-30

    hi people... i must modify results for a lot inspection... i dont know how do it. i use BAPI_INSPCHAR_SETRESULT for insert new result......but i dont know how modify a result that have been insert before. please, i need an example about how to use th