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  • Problem using BAPI_HU_CREATE ? Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I am generating HUs using BAPI_HU_CREATE it is creating HUs fine, values are updated in VEKP and VEPO Table. In VEKP(Header ) Table two fields are there VPOBJ and VPOBJKEY. By deafult after using this BAPI VPOBj - 12(Non-Assigned Handling Uni

  • Problem with BAPI_HU_CREATE Updated:10-11

    Hi, I would create handling units. (Transaction HUP30). During the creation process, how recover the packaging material starting from base material, and pass it to BAPI_HU_CREATE? The VHUSUBSC_PROCESS_USERINPUT function module, recover the packaging

  • Problem in BAPI_HU_CREATE Updated:10-11

    Dear All, Im using BAPI_HU_CREATE for creating the handling unit, but when i run the program, i m getting a message HU cannot be created and the HU is not getting created,pls find the below coding im using in my program and tell me what could be wron

  • External system Sales Order no and Line Item no in to BAPI_HU_CREATE Updated:10-11

    Hi Friends Packing is done and Handling units are created in External System. For this requirement SAP ECC has to update Handling Units creation and  Materials Packing in to HU with reference External System Sales Order no and Line Item no. Could you

  • Why the system create HU that already exists  in table VEKP when I use BAPI_HU_CREATE? Updated:11-30

    Hi All, When I use the BAPI_HU_CREATE  to create HU, the system give me a HU and it inserts a line in Table VEKP, however when I search in table VEKP  with field HU EXIDV, I find  two entries with the same HU, one of them has VPOBJ 01 and the other h

  • BAPI_HU_CREATE connection with VEKP-VPOBJ Updated:11-30

    Hi, do you know what parameter of 'BAPI_HU_CREATE' informs VEKP-VPOBJ? I cant seem to create HU with a correct VPOBJ. Thanks in advance! MayMThe VPOBJ is the key for packing object.. 01 - The handling unit is currently part of an outbound delivery 02

  • Error in BAPI_HU_CREATE Updated:11-30

    Hi, When I execute BAPI_HU_CREATE, I get following error : "00517848450E does not have packaging material type and is therefore not a pack.mat." my code is below :        call function 'BBP_INB_DELIVERY_CREATE'           exporting             is

  • How to pass Delivery nuber in BAPI_HU_CREATE and BAPI_HU_PACK Updated:11-30

    Hi experts, I used BAPI_HU_CREATE to create a Handling unit and using BAPI_HU_PACK i'm sucessfully able to pack the materials. My problem is starts with the delivery number, how to pass the delivery number to the BAPI's, when i go and see in vekp & v

  • Handling unit created with BAPI_HU_CREATE   doesnt show up in Delivery Updated:11-30

    Hi   I m successfully creating a handling unit with the following code in a delivery user exit on Save. I can see the handling unit in the VEKP table. But if i open the delivery i cant see it. The VPOBJKEY has some weird value like 3342 instead of th

  • BAPI_HU_CREate-serial numbers Updated:11-30

    Hi all, My requirement is to split the HU for a serialised material. I am able to split perfectly and also I can see the changes in HU03. But the only issue is I am not able to update EQUI table with the serial numbers. which means if I have a materi

  • Bapi_hu_create Updated:11-30

    i'd like to create HU with FM can you tell me which FM i can use and how to use  itasher ... Welcome to BPX... What is HU ??? Arun Message was edited by:         Arun VaradarajanRead other 3 answers

  • Packing using WS_DELIVERY_UPDATE Error Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, I've been browsing the forums, and, despite the many examples available I can't put this FM(WS_DELIVERY_UPDATE) to work. I want to do Packing of outbound Delivery using VL02N.I am using below Code ,But it's not Working. it's not giving an

  • Error while using the function module..pack_handling_unit_dlvry Updated:10-11

    Hi all... while using the function module pack_handling_unit_dlvry, we need to pass the handling unit number as per the functionality we require. but the mandatory field for the function module is the handling unit number in the form of bar code.. so

  • How to create a new Handling unit assigned to a Shipment? Updated:10-11

    Hi, has anyone an experience how to create a new HU and assign it to a shipment (object type VEKP-VPOBJ = '04')? I need to create it via SAPConsole transaction. Originally I intended to use LM19 to create an unassigned HU and to assign it further on

  • Outbound Delivery Handling Unit HU material box pallet Updated:10-11

    Business requirement. To create a delivery based on a sales order using a function module. To do this, users have an AbapWebdynpro application to collect data,  Handling units for boxes and handling units for pallets are creates as the user packs his

  • Create handeling unit. Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, I have one BAPI : bapi_hu_create. But what is the data for creating a Handeling unit? What are the mandatory fields for that? Can you give me an example code for that ? Regards, Study SAP1) Find help from BAPI document; 2) Try to create a

  • BDC for Creating HU Updated:10-11

    Hi, Using transaction VL02n, i am creating empty handling unit without linking it to any items.  While recording in a tabstrip i am facing problems that in a screen where 5 lines are displayed the control is not moving to next screen I tried by captu

  • HU Create Problem Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, I am trying to create an uassigned Hu thru BAPI_HU_CREATE by providing the Packaging Material No in the HEADERPROPOSAL-PACK_MAT field.Now post executing the BAPI 'm able to get the HU no but the entry is not reflected in VEKP  and VEPO ta

  • FM or BAPI to test HU creation using Packing instruction in test mode Updated:10-11

    Hi SAP Gurus, Can you guys help me in finding out an appropriate FM or BAPI thourgh which systme will create HU using Packaging instructions. I have Packaging instructions are setup as master record and Determination proceudre is also created. Just w

  • Handling Unit creation Updated:10-11

    Dear Friends, I am able to create the Handling Units using BAPI_HU_CREATE but not able to assign the HU to delivery. I can see the HUs are created in VEKP tables correctly. I am using the FM 'HU_ASSIGN_HUS_TO_OBJECT' to assign this to delivery ( LIKP