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BAPI for ME41 (Quotation)

  • Very urgent::: Standard BAPI for creating quotation in vendor side Updated:11-30

    hi all i need a standard bapi for creating Quotation in the vendor side i found 2 bapi's : bapi_quotation_createfromdata, bapi_salesorder_createfromdat1. but these are related to customer side itseems... i want standard bapi's for vendor side Quotati

  • BAPI: Create INQUIRY/QUOTATION/SALESORDER- (from data2) Updated:11-30

    Hi ALL... We can create INQUIRY/QUOTATION/SALESORDER using BAPI (Create from data2)........ there are some stuctures/tables as parameters like: ORDER_HEADER_INX ORDER_ITEMS_INX ORDER_SCHEDULES_INX ORDER_CONDITIONS_INX what is use of these structures/

  • BAPI to Change MM Vendor Quotation (Simulate ME47) Updated:11-30

    Hi everybody. I'm abap consultant and I'm trying to find a BAPI to change a Vendor Quotation. I've found two so far, but they are especific to Customer or Purchase Order (BAPI_CUSTOMERQUOTATION_CHANGE and bapi_po_change). I've seen that currently the

  • Regarding Quotation & purchase order Updated:10-11

    Dear experts, I want to get clear how purchase order play a role in creating a quotation. So long i heard of process Enquiry->Quotation->Sale order -> Delivery->Billing->FI posting. But i have no idea how purchase order is used to create qu

  • Quotation line item creation Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am trying to add new line item in quotation using BAPI_CUSTOMERQUOTATION_CHANGE in SE37 tcode. i am passing quote number, line item update flag as I, item number 30, material number, quantity, and set the check boxes for these 3 fields as X in

  • Problem in creating configuration bapi  BAPI_QUOTATION_CREATEFROMDATA2 Updated:11-30

    Hi  Gurus, I am creating quotation for config material using bapi BAPI_QUOTATION_CREATEFROMDATA2. Quotation is getting created without configuration. I am passing data to following bapi  tables  for configuration. QUOTATION_CFGS_REF STRUCTURE  BAPICU

  • Delete line item from quotation Updated:11-30

    Hi i am using bapi to copy requirment is i want some material from  original quotation. so is there any bapi to delete materail from coyied quotation... thanksi  am sorry.actually i was in hurry. my requirement is that.I am Copying Quo

  • Procure to pay process Updated:11-30

    Dear all, Can somebody provide me detailed information about 1.Procure to pay process 2.Types of purchase orders 3.Types of payments So please respond as soon as possible Thanks in advance VarmaPurchase Requisition        ME51N Requisition for Quotat

  • Create Quotation (ME41) with multiple lines item Updated:10-11

    Hi All, Do you guys know how to create a quotation (ME41) with a multiple lines item with LSMW ? I'm considering create a LSMW with a BAPI just like "CREATEFROMDATA1 (for create PO)" so it has a HeaderData and also ItemData. I also looked on the

  • ME41 create - create RFQ - BAPI - Userexit Updated:11-30

    Hello experts, I'm was trying to find a BAPI to create a request for quotation (RFQ). I read the thread [Re: BAPI to create Purchase Requisition;, so there seams to be no BAPI. For that reason I tried to solve the problem with batch input. It created

  • BAPI or Function Module to get open orders and open quotation details Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have requirement to get all the open orders(as in VA05) and all the open quotations( as in VA25) for a sold-to-party. Could you please let me know if there are any BAPIs or Function Modules for the same. Thanks, Surekha.Hi, Check if the below h

  • Problem in Sales order create using BAPI with reference to quotation Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am creating a sales order from Quotation using BAPI /AFS/BAPI_SALESORD_CREATEFDATA. The Sale order is getting created and the document flow is updated. When i check the status of quotation it is "OPEN". Ideally when a sale order is created

  • Creation of sales order with reference to Quotation using BAPI Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I am using BAPI "BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2" for creating sales order. Can you please tell how can I create a sales order with reference to a Quotation.Vinit, In your header structure, set like this:   hdr-REF_DOC = i_order-vbeln.  &


    Hi All, I am creating sales order with refference to quotation by using bapi "BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDATA".Able to create sales order but its not refferencing qutation.Is there any other bapi for this scenario.Please guide me. Regards, Suresh

  • BAPI: Create Sales order with reference to Quotation Updated:10-11

    Hi ... I am using bapi BAPI_SALESOREDER_CREATEFROMDATA2  and i want to create sales order with reference Quotation... All quotation data like Materials prices and conditions must be copied from reference quotaion which is allready created ..... ..Tha

  • Request For Quotation - ME41 - Item texts are not getting copied Updated:10-11

    Hi, I created one RFQ (Request For Quotation) by copying from the existing one (through t-code ME41). But item texts are not copied. How can this issue be resolved..? In menu path ( Item --> Texts --> Adopt Text ), "Adopt Text" option is a

  • Create a vendor inquiry with a BAPI or FM like ME41 Updated:10-11

    Hey Team ABAP, i am a bit lost. I am trying to create a vendor inquiry, which you normally do with ME41. Problem is that i Need to do it in via coding. Call Transaction or Batch Input are not really chances i can Approach. Since they are stored in EK

  • Creating contract reference with Quotation - using bapi or fm Updated:11-30

    Hi Friends Currently I am creating contract using function module sd_saleorder_create function module.But as per new requirement we have to create contract referenced with quotation number. Please suggest the suitable bapi or function module.if you s

  • Referencing Sales Order to a Quotation via BAPI Updated:11-30

    Dear all, I encouter problems to reference a Sales Order to a Quotation when I try to use the SAP BAPI 'BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2'. Even though later when I managed to create the referencing on both the Sales Order Header and Sales Order Line to

  • Quantity gets divided by 1000 while a BAPI is used to create a quotation... Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I am using a BAPI "BAPI_QUOTATION_CREATEFROMDATA" to create a Quotation. I am passing the value 1000 to the REQ_QTY field and that is getting stored as 1 in the Quotation. How should we handle this situation inorder to have 1000 as the q