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  • How can I use a refrence background image ? Updated:10-11

    HI, I need to register align horizontally and vertically) about 100 images to the first. I don't want to stack or merge them. An ideal way to accomplish this would be to be able to set the first image as a background reference image for all images in

  • While creating a PO I want to put old PO refrence with status Open or Close Updated:10-11

    Hi, While creating a new PO I want to put old PO refrence with status Open or Closed. please Suggest How to configure in ME21n. Regards, HimanshuHi Himanshu ,            Do clear whether Both ( Old & New PO's ) are Interlinked with Each Other . If Ye

  • Return delivery without refrence to a PO Updated:10-11

    Dears I create a notification and move the material to block stock and create a return delivery by using action box with out refrence to any PO or any material documnet number Now in MD04 i can see this qty as return What is the next transaction step

  • Creation of Applicant with Refrence Emplyee Updated:10-11

    Dear Experts, I am new to HR module, there is a requiremnt where in I have written a report to create applicants using the standard BAPI BAPI_APPLICANT_CREATE by giving the required parameters.But for creation of Applicats with existing employee refr

  • Blank value in field VBAK-XBLNR after using bapi_customerreturn_create. Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I am using BAPI bapi_customerreturn_create for return order creation. I am passing the required details where header includes the invoice number as reference doc ( REF_DOC) which gets updated in table VBAK field XBLNR. But after execution of

  • Tables to find out Vendor Invoices without refrence to a PO Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I need to extract all the invoices for a time period which have been raised without refrence to PO and with refrence to a GL account. If possible I need to get a table from where I can get all these invoices which have been raised with refren

  • [JS][CS3]how to get refrence for source file Updated:10-11

    Hi All I am new and learning javascript Gradually Could any one help on this as i do have a code for load style but don't know how to get refrence for "source file" and "targetDoc" targetDoc.importStyles(charImport, sourceFile, clashPo


    hi all, i would like to ask one favor , i am making a program using the next bapi BAPI_CUSTOMERRETURN_CREATE, but sincerly i have never used this bapi, is´t will posible that somebody give a help with this problem please, i have already run this bapi

  • Why to take refrence of ArrayList in it's interface List Updated:10-11

    hi all as i am new to java n found a strange thing in various books that when they make object of ArrayList thye took it's refrence in List i.e its interface type ,i know by doing so we costrained the limit of arraylist object as it only use methods

  • Ant task cyclic library refrence Updated:10-11

    Hello everyone, I am using flex ant task from my Flash builder to compile application. Its working fine and I am able to get the output. But the problem is whenever I use a library in my main project which is refrencing other library than I am unable

  • How can i have a refrence of a java class object instance in my c++ project Updated:11-30

    Hi! How can i have a refrence of a java class object instance in my c++ project. Is there a way?hahaxia wrote: The second question is the big one. The first question is half of the problem of "c++ to java" invocation and access. But the other ha

  • How to use function module BAPI_CUSTOMERRETURN_CREATE Updated:11-30

    Hello, I need to create return sales order. I am trying to use BAPI_CUSTOMERRETURN_CREATE. Can anybody please help. Regards.Yes, I tried passing constant '10.000', but still quantity is not getting updated. My code is:   CALL FUNCTION 'BAPI_CUSTOMERR

  • Create PO with refrence to multiple PR Updated:11-30

    Hi, We have requirement to create an automated program where one of the requirement is to create an PO with refrence to multiple PR for single vendor. As per my knowledge ME21N can be use to create PO with refrence to multiple PR, but from the techni

  • Create document with refrence + update some fields by passing some  values Updated:11-30

    Hello Experts, I have a small problem . I have to create the sales order from BAPI ...but the scenario is       have to create with refreence to another document       some fields like condition types or material or order quantity etc are passed from

  • How to deselect refrence table fields in Maintenance view. Updated:11-30

    Hello,         Could any one tell me how to deselect all fields here except mara . In the first link as below it shows the table selection tab in maintain view window. When i click Relationships after selecting o

  • Question about the return message of BAPI_CUSTOMERRETURN_CREATE... Updated:11-30

    Hello Experts, We are using the BAPI BAPI_CUSTOMERRETURN_CREATE in one of our programs. In QAS server, it is working fine since in the report we are getting the return value(from RETURN table) where TYPE = 'S', ID = 'V1' and number = '260' to get the

  • Give some refrence to learn Java Script with HTML5lo mates, Updated:11-30

    Hello mates, Can anybody please prvodi me a good refrence to learn java script with HTML5. Yes, i am new to HTML5 and Java. Anybody have a good refrence. Please Share. ThanksSorry for misspell in thread heading.Read other 2 answers

  • Urgent - Please help me on Linera Refrencing System-LRS Updated:11-30

    Oracle Spatial - Linear Referencing System (LRS)question We are building a Highway Database management system and would like to implement Oracle Spatial- Linear Refrencing System-LRS . I have found some example at

  • Diff between Compounded chara & Refrence chara Updated:11-30

    Hi diff between Compounded chara & Refrence chara Thanks KawalHi, You go for compounding when you are unable to define the info objects uniquely. But you'll go for reference characteristics where in you have a scenario like several InfoObjects should

  • Why my refrencing value of  selectOneMenu to HashMap bean cause error? Updated:11-30

    i use HashMap bean in my face-config xml to generate HashMap Bean and refrence it to my selectOneMenu , field "value" of selectedItems . evry thing is true and my combo box fill with my hashmap. but when i submit a form this error generate : jav