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  • Error: 'BP category 1 does not fit the data in category 2' Updated:10-11

    Hi,             i have written a program to create a contact person and the code for it is pasted below...when i run this program i get nothing but this message in the status bar 'BP category 1 does not fit the data in category 2'...can someone tell

  • XML Data into CRM Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, Can any body tell me how can we get XML data from 3rd party(For ex: Serena tool) into CRM system?Hi Ravi, You can populate the BAPI's from the IDOC data and then BAPI will create the data into the system. SAP has provided n number of BAPI

  • I have a query relating to creation of Business Partner in CRM Updated:10-11

    Hi Group, I have a requirement that, I need to created a Business Partner in CRM by using a BAPI. I don't have an idea of which BAPI to be used for doing this. So please kindly provide me the details of the BAPI to fulfil this requirement. I need you

  • Load BP in CRM Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I am using CRMXIF_PARTNER_SAVE_M and CRMXIF_PARTNER_SAVE_M02 for loaidng BP from flat file in CRM. In Flat fiel i have only BP numbers and ther are nother information. I am matching the structure with the message type. the problem is its aski

  • Mass upload of BP into CRM Updated:10-11

    Hello!   I peform mass upload of BPs into CRM. I use FM BUPA_CREATE_FROM_DATA to create BP itself and BUPA_ADDRESS_ADD to save BP addresses and call these FMs in the same turn for each BP.   So, if I do that for 1-2 BPs, it works perfectly. All BP ar

  • Employee Data for Business Partner Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I am using BAPI_BUPA_CREATE_FROM_DATA as a Function Module in a program to create Business Partners by reading data from an Excel file.I am able to create business partners but I couldn't find the BAPI using which I can add Employee data for

  • Problem with creating business partner via BAPI Updated:10-11

    Hello! I have a simple File-RFC-File scenario: XML-file with Firstname, Lastname and PartnerCategory. I use BAPI_BUPA_CREATE_FROM_DATA to create a partner with this data. It works, in target file I have a number of new business partner, but I can't f

  • Business Partner Creation for Sales Customer Updated:10-11

    Hello, I am almost certain this question was asked before, but I couldn't seem to find the answer. I have an external customer number that needs to be passed in from a 3rd-party system to SAP ECC 5.0 (part of ERP 2004).  I could use BAPI BAPI_BUPA_CR

  • How to create business partner Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I am working on a requirement where I need to create Business partners for employees that have a role as an AP vendor as this will allow personal data (address/bank info) to be shared across applications. So can you please tell me how can I d

  • How to create Business partner from uploaded file by Function module? Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, I have uploaded Business partner data from a file to server now from individual records I have to create Business partner and have to update the records in the tables. Means from on record i have to create one business partner in sap syst

  • Urgent help in coding of creating New Business partner? Updated:10-11

    Hi Friends, I need urgent help on this.Please give me the solution. This is the coding which i written for creating new BP. FUNCTION ZCTS_NEW_CONTACT. ""Local interface: *"  IMPORTING *"     VALUE(BUSINESSPARTNER) LIKE  BAPIBUS1006_HEA

  • How to determine category of business partner with BAPI? Updated:10-11

    Hello guys, I want to read the partnercategory from a businesspartner using JCo to access the BAPI. I tried to use BAPI_BUPA_CENTRAL_GETDETAIL, but I cannot find a category field in the export parameters/tables. (Like the partnercategory field in the

  • BAPI to create bp with name, search term, address and Authorization Group Updated:10-11

    Hi   which BAPI could be used to create Business Partner (type organazation) with names, search term, address and the Authorization Group field.   thsHello , You can use : BAPI_BUPA_CREATE_FROM_DATA In case you need to update additional fragments jus

  • Assigning mobile number tto BP through BADI. Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, I have to create a business partner(organization) through a badi with the fields like name name1,name2,street, house number,telephone,email,mobile number. I am stuck in mobile number. I was able to create business partner with all the oth

  • BP assignment issue Updated:10-11

    I have two Business partners for a user, example 1 and 2. Currently BP 2 has org structure relationship in PPOMA_BBP.But i need the assignment for BP 1.How to do this.I have checked in BP transaction under Identification tab for employee data,It cont