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BADI_SD_CM credit exposure

  • Open sales orders are not coming in credit exposure Updated:10-11

    Hi, We have implemented FSCM credit management, when i am running credit exposure, i am able to see open items from FI (200) but not for open orders (100) & Delivery (400), we have created some sales orders, which have exceeded the credit limit, syst

  • FSCM- Credit Exposure Not getting Updated Updated:11-30

    Hello, We are implementing FSCM and we dont have XI / PI System . We are implementing BADI ( BADI_SD_CM ) and using implesit enhancement we by pass the XI / PI. We referred one of the fourum for Direct update method  and works fine. BADI is triggerin

  • Open Sales orders and delivery orders are updating credit exposure Updated:10-11

    Hi Can anyone please tell where is the setting in config in FSCM Credit management by which we can determine that even open order and deliveries(that is before accounting doc gets created) getting updated in credit exposure. Thanks a lot.OK - now thi

  • How to exclude open items by credit exposure calculation Updated:10-11

    Dear all, as anybody idea about how to exclude by the credit exposure calculation some old items (in our case all items having document date lower than 01.10.2005). These are the basic assumptions: i cannot use a special G/L indicator because some of

  • To exclude Open Order Value in Credit exposure for Delivery credit Block Updated:10-11

    Dear All, I have assigned the credit Limit block at the Delivery Level. For the credit Exposure, i have removed the ticked for Open Sales Orders. But when i created sales Order, that open order value get added to the exposure. I want to have only the

  • Open order  and open delivary should include in credit exposure Updated:10-11

    hi expert, 1-hi expert my client requirment is if there is open sales order or open delivery credit exposure should be updated.please help me on issue and  guide me to configure.for static . EX:if i create sales order and save it the net value of sal

  • Credit master records are showing the wrong credit exposure? Updated:10-11

    Hi, Some credit master records are showing the wrong credit exposure and therefore orders are being credit blocked when they should have been approved. The problems occur after the credit limit has changed in the credit master record Please Help. Reg

  • Credit Management: How to include back orders value in credit exposure? Updated:10-11

    Hello, We have to have credit management implemented for some sales order types. Credit exposure is working fine with normal sales orders. But credit exposure is not taking into consideration the value of backorders which are present prior to credit

  • Open order and Open delivery in Credit Exposure FD32 Updated:10-11

    Hello Guys, I am now trying to include Open order and Open delivery values in Credit Exposure FD32. I have configured the following settings, but the Open order and Open delivery values still cannot show in Sales value under Credit Exposure FD32. Can

  • Recievables amoint is not reflecting in credit exposure value Updated:10-11

    "FBL5N - Account Receivable Reports-FI-SAP" is showing updated field of "Credit Control Area". But the same items are not reflected in the "Receivables" field of Credit Management Report hence not updating the Credit Exposure

  • Credit account is not showing the group customers credit exposure Updated:10-11

    Hi Exports, I have an issue where in grouped some customer for credit control. Here say i have taken xxx1 customer as master customer for credit control so that customer xxx1 will carry the credit limits for customers xxx2, xxx3 and xxx4 and i have a

  • Credit Exposure - Sales Value Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have encountered a in my client automatic credit check has been the settings we have not checked the open order and open delivery check box but still the system is taking into account all open order and open deli

  • Credit exposure updating even when the sales order is blocked Updated:10-11

    Hi, We are using FSCM credit management. We observed that the credit exposure is updated even when the sales order is blocked. When we investigated it is found out that SD has removed the requirement 101 in the subsequent functions. The reason is the

  • Credit exposure and Sales value in FD32 Updated:10-11

    Hi, For a Customer in FD32, Sales value displayes some $1000.00, and Receivable shows $2000.00  and then Credit exposure shows $3000.00. Here Sales Value ($1000.00) is Open Sales orders,Deliveries and Billing docs. But in system there is no open docu

  • Open Items from FI not updating Credit Exposure Updated:10-11

    Hi, I've activated BADI's, i have created a sales order(4400), did billing (4400) and posted and incoming payment (4400) to the billing document, in credit exposure report i am seeing orders and billing document in two credit exposure coloumns, thoug

  • Table and Filed for 'Credit Exposure' and 'Credit Value' Updated:10-11

    Hi, Anybody pls let me know the following... 1. What is the source of 'Credit Exposure' in FD33 transaction (Table-Field) ? 2. What is the source of  'Credit Value' in VKM1 transaction (table-Field) ? I know that..... Source of "Credit Exposure"

  • Can anyone pl tell me from which table i can fet credit exposure of custom Updated:10-11

    HI all. can anyone pl tell me from which table i can fet credit exposure of customer...?? or how to use credit_exposure/sd_credit_exposure?? which is used? thanks, bobby. Moderator Message: Consult your Functional Consultant/specs. Edited by: kishan

  • Updation of sales value and credit exposure Updated:10-11

    Hello, In one of my scenario, for one customer my sales value and credit exposure is updated as Rs-100. But nothing has been done against this customer. I checked all FI transactions against this customer and found that some advance has been taken an

  • Credit exposure not correct in SAP Updated:10-11

    Hello, My company has over 3.2 million accounts in our system and we are coming across the issue of credit exposure not being accurate for customers which is causing credit checks that should not be necessary. It look likes what is happening is that

  • Credit exposure is missing after billing doc Updated:10-11

    Hi all i maintain $ 20000 Credit limited in FD32 and i raised few sales order , delivery ,billing accounting document not clear when i check in FBL5N customer line balances it showing due as $ 25000 when i check in FD32 credit exposer is taking in to