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  • How to validate long text in me31k( contract creation) Updated:10-11

    Hi,    I want to validate the long text in creation of contract(T_code - ME31k). In creation it self i want to get the long text for validation. How to get the long text value. For eg. "Release order text'  i am giving the value as '10'. While saving

  • MM Contract(ME31K) Attachment with name of the attachment Updated:10-11

    Hello Experts, I am trying to attach documents to the MM contract using the transaction ME31K with attachment document name but I unable to achieve this. In OAC0/OAC2 we can configure type of document. And attachment can be done using  create->Store

  • How to create Item Services (ME31K) with  BAPI_AGREEMENT_MAINTAIN Updated:10-11

    Hi I need to create Contracts (Agreements) like ME31K with some BAPI . I know i can use BAPI_AGREEMENT_MAINTAIN . But , also to cteate the Items ; i need to create Services for each Item . (Actually i need even to create several conditions , that is

  • BLAORD, Payment term details are not updated automatically in ME31K Updated:10-11

    Hi, Thru FM IDOC_INPUT_BLAORD, am posting contracts (IDOC type: BLAORD03). I am only passing terms of payment through E1EDK01-ZTERM. I am assuming that relevant data for the payment term will be picked up from configuration. I am not passing these va

  • Add a new column in Agreement Items table control (ME31K/ME32K/ME33K) Updated:10-11

    Hi guys, I have a big issue. How can I add a new column at Agreement Items table control (ME31K/ME32K/ME33K) level. Thanks a lot.I think i solved the problem . The single way to to that is to modify the SAP standard Screen.Read other 3 answers

  • Best practice to use contract(ME31K) in reference a PR Updated:10-11

    Hi,      I create a PR(me51n) with service (the commitment is on the PR), next I create a contract(me31k) in reference with the PR. In the contract I do some change, I subdivide the service in two lines. After with ME57 I assign the contract with the

  • How to read header text in MM contract (ME31K/ME32K) before saving record? Updated:10-11

    Hi All, In ME31K / ME32K (Contracts), before saving the contract I would like to check if the user has entered header text in the contract or not. I am using customer exit MM06E005. Can anybody help me with this? Thanks in advance.Try creating dummy

  • ME31k/ME32K  User Exit Updated:11-30

    Hi , In ME31k/ME32k  Program : SAPMM06E and screen 220 based on the material ,the storage location is automatically populated . I want to make storage location as blank for new(ME31K) and existing contract (ME32k). Please let me regarding the same. T

  • ME31K, ME32K, OUn & OPU Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I'm looking fow where the OUN & OPU fields are being populated from when entering or changing a contract. We are creating/adding to contracts (me31k, me32k) and these units are defaulting from somewhere and I just can't find where. We used to

  • How to differentiate scaling information, condition or ratio info in me31k Updated:11-30

    hi, I am working on me31k contract, i am giving some values and saving it. Initially i was using CDPOS table to find whether change or delete is done. Now i have requirement of how to check whether it is scaling information, condition information or

  • Price condition determination for purchasing contract(ME31K) Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts,      It is possible to apply  price condition determination in purchasng contract(ME31K)?  We had maintain the price condition for below keys: WBS/Material number and this condition record work well in purchase order. But I hope that this

  • Contract Created Using ME31K tables  required Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I need to know which tables are updated when we create a contract using ME31K transaction. Thanks BhanuHi bhanu,                Check the table A016. This table for Contract  field name EVRTN. EKKO and EKPO field name BSTYP. Regards Kiran sur

  • LSMW for Purchasing Contracts(ME31k) for Services Updated:11-30

    Hi All I am hoping that someone would be able to guide me or give a suggestion on this. I have seen many questions asked in the forum about upload for Service Conrtacts but none of these have been clearly answered. The standard  idocs PURCONTRACT_CRE

  • Trans ME31K:Defaulting item condition validity to contract validity date Updated:11-30

    Hello Experts, I have a request from my client which is as follows : On transaction ME31K (Create Contract), at header I can enter a start date and an end date for the validity of my contract. Program name : SAPMM06E FIELD-NAMES : EKKO-KDATB & EKKO-K

  • How to update  Service Contract using BAPI/FM for ME31K Updated:11-30

    Hi , I am using BAPI BAPI_CONTRACT_CREATE to create contracts. It works fine, the only problem i am facing is while updating line item with item category "D' its simply skips the item category and create a item. The item category is blank when i see

  • To check Condition Supplements entries in tcode ME31K/ME32K Updated:11-30

    Dear Friends, My requirement is to put a check on condition type selection and entries of condition supplements for transaction code ME31K/ME32K. First Requirement: For a Contract PO, we have 2 condition types 'P000' and 'ZP00'. Currently it is allow

  • LSMW create Vendor Contract ME31k Updated:11-30

    Hello Guys, I have create a LSMW using recording to upload a series of contract with multiple lines. I have defined 2 source structure with the respective fields I intent to input values. Header, field 1, field 2 Item, field 1, field 2 I have also ma

  • GOS(Object Services) for ME31K and ME41 Updated:11-30

    Hi,   Is it possible to have a General object services for the transactions ME31K and ME41.If yes,Can you please give me the procedure for the same. Thanksthe notes for ME31K: start with [329437|

  • ME31K BADI for checking Data in Commitment Plan/ Acct assignment Updated:11-30

    I am trying to find a BADI or User Exit to check Account Assignment / Commitment Plan Data, to work in TCodes ME31k or ME32K. I tried using ME_PROCESS_OUT_CUST , But its only for BAPI. Any Similar BADI to check in ME31K or ME32K. Appricate any helpal

  • User exit or BADI for ME31K for create Contract Updated:11-30

    Hi, I want that in Tcode ME31K when i create a contract, for a particular vendor and particular material only one contract should be allowed to create. If i try to create a second contract with the same vendor and material it should not allow me to d