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ayatana hud for xfce

  • Problem with xfce and/or mouse and keyboard Updated:10-11

    Hi! Two days ago I've turned on my laptop with Arch and the display manager Slim has frozen immediately. Later on Single-User mode I've uninstalled it. Now in normal mode when I type "startxfce4" everything is showing up, but the mouse and keybo

  • The HUD Inspector in Full Screen View seems to position at the right margin of the image as a default(?)  If I toggle the button in the top right of the HUD it 'unlocks' and I can drag it to where I prefer -- at the left margin; (for over a decade) my doc Updated:10-11

    The HUD Inspector in Full Screen View seems to position at the right margin of the image as a default(?)  If I toggle the button in the top right of the HUD it 'unlocks' and I can drag it to where I prefer -- at the left margin; (for over a decade) m

  • Unable to start gdm xfce Updated:10-11

    The power went out mid update and when I rebooted I am getting errors of missing libs and gdm/xfce4 fails to start. I have also tried pacman S-yu again plugged into ethernet, but said libs showed an error after that. I did find another post with simi

  • The xfce-4.4 themes contest discussion Updated:10-11

    As stated on I posted the files for the contest on my server: I recommend to either fetch shadowhands xfce4-svn packages or the set I offer here

  • [SOLVED]Mounting usb drives "not authorized" with thunar-volman (XFCE) Updated:10-11

    Hi, I'm new to Arch (even though I must be approximately at my 15th try at installing it properly) and I have a problem with thunar-volman. Whenever I log in as user, and try to mount a usb drive with thunar, let's say I want to plug a drive labeled

  • Xfce takes long to start Updated:10-11

    Hi! Since the day before yesterday, xfce is taking longer than normal to start. It is taking 15-20 seconds to boot to the desktop after the password is input on SLiM. At first I thought it was a matter of slim, since I switched to it recently from li

  • Problems running xfce (&icewm), issues with xorg...? Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am making a 2. attempt at arch linux. I have installed arch on my laptop. The first problem I don't seem to be able to overcome without help is getting xorg working. When i run startx the tty hangs. Its not even recovered by killing startx from

  • Problem with Xfce-svn & thunar Updated:10-11

    Hi, I've got a problem with Xfce-svn installed via pacman from Server = After logging, Xfce is loading and after while I can see 2 panels and black screen (and without icons on desktop) although I set the wallpaper

  • XFCE takes a long time to start up sometimes... Updated:10-11

    I use 'ck-launch-session xfce4-session' to start XFCE. It starts a session in which only xfce-settings-helper, xfdesktop, and xfwm4 are running. In my autostarted applications I have an entry called which corresponds to a .desktop file:

  • After pacman -Syu upgrade xfce boots black screen cursor Updated:10-11

    Hello, I've recently upgraded the system with pacman -Syu and it seem something has gone wrong with new xfce 4.12. I have changed DM from slim to lxdm and can only boot to openbox but not xfce. I also switch to tty2 and try a startx with ~/.xinitrc f

  • Unable to load XFCE as a user Updated:10-11

    Hey guys I really need some help. I'm trying to load XFCE as a normal user however I cannot. First thing I did was install it then tried startx I was able to log get into it as root.  So I decided to logout and login with my normal user account. When

  • Changing the default file manager in XFCE Updated:10-11

    How would I go about using Nautilus as the default file manager in XFCE instead of Thunar? I know it can be started up with 'nautilus --no-desktop', but how do I make this the default when opening folders from the desktop, menus, etc..? The main reas

  • [SOLVED] XFCE customize menu help: applications and directory menu Updated:10-11

    I've been trying to make some progress with customizing XFCE menus. There are two menus I'm trying to create, listed below. Yes, i have read No, I'm not saying I understood all of it. 1. I want to have a cust

  • [solved] XFCE default mail client Updated:10-11

    In preferred applications in the XFCE settings manager the two simple questions appeared: default web browser and default mail client.  I set these to firefox and thunderbird respectively, and XFCE indeed recognized that I meant Bon Echo and Mail/New

  • [SOLVED] Xfce terminal open links with wrong browser. Updated:10-11

    After installing Opera as second browser, xfce terminal began to open links with it, instead of my default browser - Firefox. I right click on an URL, choose 'Open Link' and it opens in Opera. Firefox is set as default browser in Settings -> Preferre

  • [solved] XFCE Dual monitor causes theme & icon, xconf issues Updated:10-11

    Hey all, Here is the issue: I have  sony svz13114gxx laptop with xfce4 DE, i just tried to hook up external vga monitor to laptop and everything configures right (no mirroring) with this run  in normal session: xrandr --output eDP1 --mode 1920x1080 x

  • Xfce mousepad text editor takes a lot of time to exit. Updated:10-11

    Hi As I am a happy user of XFCE, I have a strange problem with great mousepad. 1. Open text file with mousepad. 2. Copy the text. 3. Try to shut down mousepad, and it takes 5-10 seconds before it shuts down. What may be the problem ?lgolebio wrote: H

  • XFCE and KDE question Updated:10-11

    Would there be any conflicts if XFCE and KDE were both installed at the same time or would it be wiser to remove KDE before installing XFCE?You'll probably be fine. Both programs can edit desktop files which can effect the other. I'm not sure how KDE

  • XFCE and KDE Menus on same machine Updated:10-11

    I'm planning on installing both XFCE and KDE on a laptop and was wondering if there was any way to separate the KDE and XFCE programs in the menu.  For example on KDE when I go to Multimedia under the K Menu I would see K3B and under a subfolder call