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  • Divide JscrollPane into 2 picure viewer with scroll bar Updated:10-11

    Hello to all, help me, i must divide a JScrollPane into 2 sub-windows in witch putting 2 different images. The image that i put at left is loaded by a JFileChooser. This is the code, my problem is into load_file() function. Help me, thanks a lot. Esc

  • Need help with AWT, please. Updated:10-11

    I am confused on how panels, containers and such work. Here is my code and I would like to display it at the top of the applet because these are labels and my buttons are right next to them. Therefore when I type something it is covered up by the but

  • Divide Table Column Updated:10-11

    Hello everyone. I have run into a problem ( once again) that i want to divide the first table column into two (but with the excepti of the column header ). Here is what I have tried. import java.awt.BorderLayout; import java.awt.Color; import

  • JSplitPane divider (One touch expandable) Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I am having some problems with the JSplitPane divider. I am using onetouch expandable. I want to stop the divider moving all the way up to the top of the window when the up arrow is clicked on. When you drag the divider up it stops near the t

  • Widgit for horizontal bar divided by configurable number of sliders? Updated:10-11

    hi, does anyone know of a prefabricated gui widgit (or how to construct one) that is a horizontal bar divided in a configurable (and run-time changable) number of sections, each which can be changed by the user? I've tried constructing this by nestin

  • Label Divider won`t appear? Updated:11-30

    Hello I am creating a simple Menu panel on the west side of my main JFrame.This has a Title label Divider label and vertical struts to each.My problem is getting the divider label I created to appear it seems to want to disappear.Please help * Assesi

  • Scrollbars and awt.List Updated:11-30

    Hello, I'm a first year student form the Netherlands in software design. And as of this semester I'm getting Java (finally a new language to learn!). Everything has gone very smoothly, I was hoping of more of a challenge trying to learn it, but it go

  • Is there a way to set divider location of jSplitPane? Updated:11-30

    I am trying to set the divider of my splitpane to have only two locations where the left panel is expaned or contracted. I have set the splitpane enable(false); and oneTouchExpandable(true); This is how the left panel looks contracted: http://hal.hum

  • How need to take screen shot of the screen using java.awt.Robot from javafx Updated:11-30

    1) I am displaying a Stage which is having an image and shapes in it and wanted to take the screen shot as and when i move the shape( which moves the stage ). I am trying to java.awt.Robot, but i am getting headless exception. I used @Override public

  • Can't get rid of the JTable's white column divider Updated:11-30

    I want a JTable that has no grid lines and no space between cells, with or with out headers. Basicly all cells should butt against each other with no grid lines. So far I have succeeded with this, with a exception to some white divider that is about

  • JSplitPane divider does not change cursor in JDialog Updated:11-30

    Hello, I am working with a JSplitPane added to a JDialog and when I try to move the divider the mouse cursor does not change to the resize cursor. If I add the JSplitPane to a JFrame it works ok. Is this a bug??? Try the following code: JDialog d = n

  • Paint divider in JSplitpane Updated:11-30

    Hi guys, In the code below, I want the divider to be painted with a custom color such as red or whatever else. Unfortunatelly, it doesn't. I have even try to subclass BasicSplitPaneDivider and set the background to red. The result is still unsatisfac

  • JSplitPane - Divider only moves to one direction. Updated:11-30

    Hi! I've got a question concerning a JSplitPane I'm using in my program. I add an objecte to each of my sides. On the left I have a Canvas3d (from Java3d) and on the right a JPanel. Now my problem is, that the divider only moves to one direction. I'v

  • JSplitPane Divider problem... Updated:11-30

    I'm having problem with the JSplitPane divider. Ive learned that the MouseListener class is most likely the reason why the divider isn't performing as expected. I had to learn how to use the MouseListener interface and I've also learned that the divi

  • Scrolling over (on top of) the SplitPane divider Updated:11-30

    Hi, In my app I have a vertical SplitPane. The left component is a JTree. The right component is a JTabbedPane. Each Item being added to this JTabbedPane is a ScrollPane which contains a Canvas on which I have my chart drawn. My problem is that when

  • JSplitPanel--- divider locates at the left(upper) component Updated:11-30

    I want the divider is located at the right(under) component. run this program you will see my effect, and fix this problem. thanks for reading import java.awt.BorderLayout; import java.awt.FlowLayout; import; import

  • JSplitPane divider drag animation Updated:11-30

    When resizing a JSPlitPane, there is a black bar that displays on the screen in place of the divider. Is there a way to remove this black bar or change the color?SetContinuousLayout() along with the mouseMotionListener and a custom UI does kind of wh

  • 'dotted' / 'bumpy' background like JSplitPane divider Updated:11-30

    Is there a way to get the background of a JPanel to have the nice 'dotted' (is 'bumpy' more correct ?) look of the light grey divider that Swing uses for such things as JSplitPane ?Too many panels you are having. Try none: import java.awt.*; import j

  • JSplitPane with AWT component Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I have a problem with JSplitPane, I use it with JPanel as right component and an AWT component as left Component, so when I move The Divider of the JSplitPane it hides under the AWT component not on the top of it. I know that result from prob

  • If Statement in java.awt paint Updated:10-11

    import java.applet.Applet;  //bring in the applet class import java.awt.*;             //bring in the graphics class import java.awt.event.*;      //bring in the event class import java.text.DecimalFormat;    //bring in the decimal format class impor