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  • AUC Down Payment issue Updated:10-11

    Dear Experts, Recently we have activated the down payment process in our system for normal purchase orders without configuring for AUC. In the month end we settle the internal orders to AUC (KO88), while doing this process, I got the error You cannot

  • Open AUC Line Items Updated:10-11

    Hi My requirement is to upload the legacy open AUC line items into the new system. For this we are writing a ABAP program. I could find all the AUC line items in the Table ANEP. But my requirement is to extract only the open AUC line items and not al

  • Migrating AUC from legacy system into SAP Updated:10-11

    Hi, I'm trying to migrate AUC into SAP from a legacy system and the fiscal year start from 2008. How do I post the acquisition value in AS91 if the AUC is acquired in 2007? using transaction type 900? The asset value date is posted in 01.01.2008 is I

  • KO88 - Error when settling for Cost Center AND Auc for the same Internal Or Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, We need to configure Investment Internal Orders that could settle to both Cost Center and Auc, but each assignments with different Source Cost Elements We did the following: 1. Created Auc Class 2. Created Investment Profile "IMOBIL"

  • Is there a t-code that allows you to view the AUC Settlement Log? Updated:10-11

    One of my counterparts in a different region would like to review the AUC Settlements for the prvious month.  Is there a t-code that allows one to view the AUC Settlement Log or is there a special procedure required to view those results? thanks in a

  • Error in creating AUC Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I have an issue in creating as AUC , I have tried testing in development system by creating a project and wbs element. In control tab of wbs we need to select the Investment profile (we have maintained the investment profile with asset class

  • AUC (CWIP) Error Updated:10-11

    Hi, While creating the WBS Element user has wrongly updated Requesting company code. all AUC assets were created in requesting company code for the investment management. PO is created with that WBS Element & GR, Invoice, Vendor Payment also

  • AUC Asset not getting created when Internal Order is created Updated:10-11

    Dear Experts, While Creating the internal order ( Object Class - Investment Measure) AuC (Asset Under Construction) not getting created automaticall . Note Investment profile is already there in the order. Following steps below are configured - 1. De

  • AUC and settlement rule mismatch. Updated:10-11

    Hi, We have created many AUCs while uploading initial data at the time of go-live by posting JVs on WBSE and then performing the settlement. Now due to some currency issues we have reversed all settlements, and then Asset accounting person has resett

  • AUC Asset and depreciation error in Area 20 Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I have a problem with AUC settlement,  there is negative values in my AUC (Area 01, no values in Area 20) and when I am settle that to Asset master I got the error message Negative values not allowed in Area 01.   So I have selected negative

  • AUC asset settlement to P&L account Updated:10-11

    Hello Experts, Can we transfer the AUC value to P&L account directly through F-02, without capitalizing and scrapping it? No error showing Asset is investment measure, transaction type is not allowed. Is there any relevant  transaction type available

  • AUC asset settlement to assets Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, I have an AUC asset amount flows from GR/IR and Miro. I need to settle it to multiple assets. I was able to distribute AUC to different assets through AIAB. Once this is done, when i go for settlement(AIBU) its giving an error msg " Settl

  • Error while Settlement to AUC from Project CJ88 Updated:10-11

    Hi, ECC 6.00/PSM-BCS While settling the Project to AUC I am getting the below error. Please advice. *Asset DAML 000009000004 0000: no subnumber with FM assignment CAPEX / /* Message no. AW851 Diagnosis During settlement of sender WBS DAMEPL t

  • Error while AUC settlement Updated:10-11

    Hi This is with reference to the settlement of assets under construction to final asset. We have maintained the settlement rule properly and while settlement thru T Code AIBU, getting following error:- Transaction type 345 not possible (posting to af

  • Internal Order for AUC Asset not getting created Automatically Updated:10-11

    As per SAP Standard , when I create an  AUC Internal Order (KO01), and save , AUC asset is gets created automatically ted via AS01 and stores the AUC Asset in Internal Order settlement rule.  However when tried with the client Im not able to create,

  • VIV for AuC asset error. Updated:10-11

    Hi Friends, We have a scenario, 1. PO for asset was made in foreign currency and GRN done. 2. AuC asset settled 3. Now while making the VIV the exhange rate is changed and the system is trying to credit the asset, but as the asset is already settled

  • Error when reversing settlement back to Auc - Balance in transaction curren Updated:10-11

    Hi, We get following error when reversing a settlement from asset back to Auc (using AIST): FI/CO interface : Balance in transaction currency Message No. RW022 This error only occurs when we settle a portion of the amount sitting in AuC and not the f

  • Settlement rule for AUC not automatically generated Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, I am working on a capital project scenario where I have configured the investment profile and assigned this to the project profile.  I have also configured the settlement profile and allocation structure for settlement to FXA. On release

  • Settlement rule for AUC Updated:10-11

    Dear SAP gurus, In AIAB, I have assigned the settlement rule for AUC asset id. However I am not able to see the settlement rule assigned in  As03. Is there any reportHi, you can see the settlement rule only in AIAB. regards Bernhard Edited by: Bernha

  • Is it possible to do write-up of depreciation for AUC(investment measure) Updated:10-11

    Dear All, In one AUC asset posted some negative value, say -7000.00. After that posted 100000 through WBS internal AUC settlement. Posted the depreciation for one month. After that they have reversed this 100000 AUC settlement. For Book deprn it is 0