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Asha Nokia 501 software

  • Asha nokia 501 keyboard bug Updated:11-30

    Keys on extreme right side (P,L,backspace and enter) and extreme left side (Q,A,Caps and symbol) are less responsive to touch when screen is protected with guard.  I took it to Nokia care,  they suggested me to remove the screen guard. My nokia asha

  • Nokia Asha 501 software update Updated:11-30

    When will be nokia asha501 software update in bangladesh ? And what's the new.... By the way its already available in other's country... Please answered me....Please, continue there -Read other 2 answers

  • Nokia 3230 software updates Updated:11-30

    Hallo,, I want to ask .. How do I update my Nokia 3230 software? Is there another software update? For the latest software version number? Thank youThis is an ancient phone model (nearly 10 years old). At that time phones did not even have PC Suite/N

  • Nokia 501 Updated:11-30

    Mass storage not working in asha 501 although it working in charging mode ..plx help me..wat can i do? Solved! Go to Solution.hey @satyam384 , dear i too have nokia 501. But after reset i lost my Nokia xpress browser. I have a icon but it opens a fak

  • Nokia N97 software version 11.X.021 released Updated:11-30

    Nokia N97 software version 11.X.021 released This software release includes significant improvements in the software stability, especially email, imaging, USB detection, widget stability and display transitions. To enable you to get the most out of y

  • How to install Nokia Messaging Software (Push and ... Updated:11-30

    How to install Nokia Messaging Software (Push and Pull email) on SD CARD? I have got Nokia Push email instaled on NOKIA 6110 Navigator. This instalation take all of my phone internal memory, and mailbox is in phone internal memory too. How to install

  • Nokia Updater Software Setup Updated:11-30

    I am trying to install the Nokia Updater Software and I keep receiving: Error Reading Setup Initialization File There is an update available from V 3.0638.0.0.1 My N73(8) was purchased in Saudi Arabia the product code is 0529785. The new software ava

  • Nokia 6270 software update problems Updated:11-30

    i have nokia 6270 an recently downloaded the software update for it,when i tried to update my phone while updating it gets disabled from my startup menu.and it give the error unable to find phone,i tried it many times but the same error occurs. plz h

  • Nokia updater software Updated:11-30

    nokia updater software not working under vista this needs fixing up NOKIA sort it out complete wastwe of time using this software under vista useless just be politeHi moetaz123, While running the application on Nokia software updater right click and

  • Error code 12017,nokia e66 software updation fails Updated:11-30

    The following errors occours when i want to update nokia e66 software i was updating my phone software,during updating something wrong done,due to this 1- My mobile phone files mmssync and contact group ds plugin corrupted. 2- When i update my phone

  • Nokia N900 Software error Updated:11-30

    i cannot switch on my Nokia N900. the last time i tried to switch it on it just kept on loading and got stuck. now the same thing keeps happening. when i plug the usb my pc wont accept it. when i plug the phone to the pc the phone gets stuck as usual

  • Nokia 5800 Software Version V31.0.101 failed to up... Updated:11-30

    Hi Nokia! I purchased your Nokia 5800 Xpress Music mobile phone and I am trying to update the software/driver to improve 1: Touch Screen scrolling, 2: version of OviMaps, 3: Ovi Contacts, 4: SW application, and 5:  WLAN performance. I called technica

  • Nokia 5235 Software Issue Updated:11-30

    Hi,      I am using nokia 5235 mobile. While trying to update mobile software  using nokia suite it is showing 12052 error.      while I am checking the mobile version using *#0000# . It is showing the following details: Software version : v50.9.002

  • Nokia Music software - Suggestions on improving it Updated:11-30

    In the 0.000001 % chance of anyone from Nokia support / Software development etc etc actually reading this, may I make a small suggestion to improve on the Nokia Music software.  Can you please please please give us users the choice of HOW the softwa

  • Nokia 5800 software update (from V31.0.101 to V40.... Updated:11-30

    Does anybody works for Nokia here? I'm still hopeful to get real answers from real Nokia Support employees. This is my post so far. An I also responded on the I hate my Nokia 5800. But I dont really hate it yet. I jus need the sotware to update. Hi N

  • Asha 200: Reinstall software Updated:11-30

    how do i reinstall my nokia 200 software? v11.95 Moderator's note: We have amended the title of this post as it was moved from another thread. Solved! Go to Solution.Install latest Nokia suite on your PC and restart the PC. Connect your phone to PC v

  • Nokia: bad software, bad support, bad system, bad,... Updated:11-30

    Nokia: bad software, bad support, bad system, bad, bad, bad!Hey, Y not b specific abt ur Nokia Ovi Suite issue with pc and phone details, ur post doesnot hav any concrete issue. If my post helped you, click on Kudos button and if my solution provided

  • Nokia N79 software version 30.011 released Updated:11-30

    Hey everybody a new SW for the N79 is out! Nokia N79 software version 30.011 released This software release comes with stability improvements and new features that help you stay in touch with your friends. Contacts include Ovi features that allow you

  • Nokia E90 software version 400.34.93 released Updated:11-30

    Hey everybody, a FW for the E90 is out! Nokia E90 software version 400.34.93 released This software release includes enhanced SW maturity and stability, and includes upgrades to VoIP, FlashLite and WLAN. This software release is available through the

  • Nokia Update Software just refuse to install Updated:11-30

    Hi there, I would like to update my 6288 firmware but can't since the phone doesn't seem to have the first updating option, aka OTA option. There is the second option : Menu ---> Settings ---> Phones ---> Phones Update ---> Install Software Up