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  • No User accounts after Archive and Install ? Updated:10-11

    Today I tried to salvage a 20" iMac G5 for a friend. He had done something that screwed up his hard drive. Disk Utility Disk Repair run of the startup partition always failed. Using an external FW disk, I was able to use Disk Utility Repair successfu

  • 3rd party plugins not working after archive and install Updated:10-11

    hi, i have a few 3rd party plugins in my logic pro, such as all the native instruments, waves diamond, ik multimedia plugins, atmosphere and a few more, i was getting an error on my g5 when i tried to run diskwarrior from the disk. it was the kernal

  • What to do after an Archive and Install operation? Updated:10-11

    Hello: Near the end of a hard drive defrag on the laptop using Drive Genius, something (I am not sure what) caused the computer to shut down before the defrag had finished. Most of the hard drive info. ended up in a folder called Lost and Found. The

  • Freeze during 10.4 archive and install Updated:10-11

    Hi. I'm doing an Archive and Install on my PBG4 and the installation was going fine until I put in the second disk (as requested) and it is now hung-up on "Installing GarageBand Application." It has been for about 30 minutes - "Writing file

  • Failed 'Archive and Install' - will CLI ditto or rsync save me? Updated:11-30

    I've done an 'Archive and Install' that ran properly, executed the restart, and then presented a message saying the installation can not be completed because of insufficient space on the target volume. To be clear, the computer restarts in the 'Insta

  • I did and Archive and Install on MBP with what? Updated:11-30

    I recently performed an "Archive and Install" on my MBP that was having odd random shutdowns (not battery related). Just prior to this I used DiskWarrior 4.0 to fix errors to try to possibly cut down on the shutoffs. All it did was f**k up my ma

  • Performed Archive and Install now Previous System User File is Empty Updated:11-30

    Performed Archive and install yesterday -selected the save users and networks option. When it was complete - the machine worked - but when I went into the previous system folders the user folder is empty. I have almost no space left on my drive - so

  • Archive and install is taking forever-is this normal? Updated:11-30

    Due to ongoing problems with spinning beach balls on my Intel iMac (see my post here:, I decided to just archive and install late last night to see if that would help. Ten hours late

  • The immense hassle of archive and install Updated:11-30

    I had to do an archive and install the other day; and while it solved my main problem, I happen to have hundreds of plug ins and add ons and sounds etc. So when I create my previous system folder, with its 3 'Libraries' I inevitably put things in the

  • Archive and Install and External HD Updated:11-30

    If you need to do an archive and install, can you have the install discs archive the current system and files to a USB or network attached Hard Drive? ThanksYou're welcome. Now i want to buy a new MacBook and im wonder IF I ever need to do a re-insta

  • Can't archive and install Updated:11-30

    Hey, my computer was running kinda slow (i would get the spinning wheel a lot), so I decided to do an archive and install... It has worked for me in the past. However, when the installer finishes checking the disk and goes to the actual installation,

  • How do I use archive and install to restore my CD drive? Updated:10-11

    I have a 2.66 GHz MacPro with current leopard software. My extended warranty just ran out. Before it ran out I began having problems with my CD drive in that some CD's or DVD's will be recognized while others' will not open. After talking extensively

  • Archive and Install/Disc Utility issues - Updated:10-11

    I'm currently spending a summer abroad in South America, and have had issues with my Macbook Pro (early 2011 version) no longer starting up after some virus experiences last week.  The computer hangs itself during loading on the white screen w/ grey

  • I need help to recover/relink mail after archive and install Updated:10-11

    I am helping my friend fix her 15" G4 PowerBook after memory failures caused many crashes. There was no recovering short of a reinstall via "archive and install". All that worked great, but now Mail doesn't recognize the accounts, mailboxes

  • "The application Safari has unexpectedly quit." / "Archive and Install" Updated:10-11

    ...The system and other applications have not been affected. Would you like to submit a bug report to Apple? I was working on my eMac last night when all of a sudden Safari shut down. I tried to open it again and I kept getting the above error messag

  • Syncing two iPhones with one iTunes account, archive and install Updated:10-11

    I had a blue screen and had to archive and install. I re-synched my iPhone and at that time put my iPhone contacts in my address book with my group name, that I just created. I created a group for her and now want to re-synch her iPhone with my compu

  • Want to run an archive and install, but can't empty trash to free space Updated:10-11

    I don't know where to begin... at some point recently something caused problems with several applications, so after trying to repair permissions and repair disk with no luck, I decided to archive & install. Now I want the old problems back: Word/Exce

  • Finder crashes, won't let me archive and install Updated:10-11

    I'm at a complete loss. After installing the latest update to MacOS X, everything is messed up. And it seems unfixable. The finder won't stay open, no matter what user your under, though I can still open everything from the dock. I've tried: 1. Creat

  • After "Archive and Install", my printer no longer works Updated:10-11

    Powerbook 1.67 GHz PowerPC G4 Mac OS X Version 10.4.11 I recently had some issue with my password, so the Apple Genius people ran an archive and install, reset the user password, and got me back to my original state. However, I've had to run all thes

  • A question about archive and install Updated:10-11

    Recently my system crashed due to a faulty OS instal. So, I hauled my G4 to the mac store and they resoved the problem for me and told me to do a archive and instal, and even gave me instructions. Everything was going fine untill it came the time to

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