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  • 10 best apps for Asha 501.. Updated:11-30

    Hi Can you please suggest few best apps for asha 501 users...Though you may get some Random replys to your thread .. BEST is subjective. Something very usefull for one may be utterly useless to the other Best for some particular user need not be

  • No nokia music App in Asha 501 Updated:11-30

    Purchased new asha 501 and discovered that there is no nokia music app to download songs in the phone.It was there at all the previous asha phone released.will it be supported in later software updates????It was renamed a few weeks ago to Nokia MixRa

  • Where is the app for asha 501 ??? Updated:11-30

    Where is the so promised whatsapp for asha 501 .... you guys just bluffed during the launch of asha phone.... And now instead of giving whatsapp compatibility you are releasing new products on oct 22 ? this is funny. First concentrate on 501 matter a

  • Whatsapp and other chat apps for asha 501??? Updated:11-30

    when will whatsapp  be available for asha 501?? Solved! Go to Solution.It should be coming soon. Let's see No official announcement yet.Read other 2 answers

  • About mig33 apps in Asha 501 Updated:11-30

    Hello,          I have recently bought Asha 501 but I got just suprised when I know that it doesnot support mig33.Please help me as I need mig33 to run in Asha 501.Are you trying mig33 version 4.6 Beta (For Touch Phones) from

  • Whatspp For Asha 501 Updated:11-30

    How long does it take for the whatsapp application to be availble for the device ???? Is nokia working on this ???? how long the users must wait for the app. its already two months from the launch of the phone. Please dont say to contact the applicat

  • Nokia asha 501 don't download youtube videos Updated:11-30

    Hello my nokia asha 501 used download youtube videos,nowdays it doesn't instead it just plays them can u help. Solved! Go to Solution.Hi, Richard22. Allow us to verify the issue. You are able to download YouTube videos before, is this correct? Are yo

  • What app not starting on my nokia asha 501 Updated:11-30

    I bought a new asha 501 with a whats app. But now when i launch whatsapp it is running phone setup and sys contact refresh is not possible? What does it mean?Because it works here, we need more information about your setup, for example: Which E-mail

  • Asha 501- keyboard apps or multiple keyboards Updated:11-30

    I'm an Asha 501 user, my fingers are very much large/fat so when ever I try to touch on the screen somtimes it goes to other keywords. my sister also used the same keyboard and her fingers are tiny, she has no issues in accessing the keyboard. but I'

  • Nokia Asha 501- Unable to install apps Updated:11-30

    How can i solve problem on nokia asha 501 which internet browser blank, no store, no network but full signel, unable to install apps, try to restore it restore but without input code. So what to do? Moderator's Note: We have changed the title into a

  • LINE chat app already support nokia asha 501 Updated:11-30

    LINE chat app already support nokia asha 501 Moderator's Note: We have moved your post and changed the title into a subject-related title. This is to keep the forum organized and let other forum users easily see and respond to this post.Hmm.. I think

  • Asha 501 : essential apps missing Updated:11-30

    Hi, now that Whatapp is finally on the horizon, I wonder when other essential apps will be available on the Asha 501? Most importantly, I would need the following apps: dropbox Skype here maps (for Cambodia) Mail exchange (so that I can sync calendar

  • Twitter app not working in asha 501 Updated:11-30

    My twitter app is not working in my asha 501 every time i try to sign in it says username or password is incorrect.please help me!!!Hi Rajan321, When did this issue start to happen? Are you using the inbuilt Twitter app, or a downloaded one? Are you

  • Questions about Nokia Asha 501 Updated:11-30

    before i buy I have some questions about Asha 501 please Answer them as Quickly as possible. 1. Is Asha 501 is a proper smart phone or a new shape of java? 2. What is Asha software Platform? is it proper operating system like Android. 3. will I be ab

  • Line with audio messages for Asha 501. Updated:10-11

    Line app updated with Audio messages feature and with Recently sent stickers. The app is better than previous version.Asha 501 isn't supporter by Nokia suite, so you can't install apps from PC like any other Nokia phone. You aren't able to access Nok

  • Blank screen after Ending a call on Asha 501 Updated:10-11

    I got a new Asha 501 last week. I am very happy with the product and its worth for the money spent. However, two issues i have noticed so far and its bothering me a bit 1. after ending a call the screen goes blank and sometimes it takes a bit to end

  • Problem with Nokia Asha 501 Updated:10-11

    I have recently purchased asha 501 the problem is after recieving few messages it does not recieve more messages for that i have to restart the phone then i can able to recieve the messages .  It happen 3 to 4  times a day . it is not a network issue

  • Email is not working in my Nokia Asha 501 Updated:10-11

    I have a nokia asha 501 and there is mail. But we cant read the mail. What is the use of giving us an app which not even useful. Moderator's Note: We have changed the title into a subject-related title. This is to keep the forum organized and let oth

  • Features to be added in asha 501 Updated:11-30

    hi friends. i am using nokia asha 501. it is good in many respects like speedy scrolling and fast app load time. but still needs more enhancement. Some things i think to be fixed in coming update are as follows. PLEASE DO ADD YOUR REQUIREMENTS AND SU

  • Asha 501 Music player without equalisers Updated:11-30

    Hi, My nokia asha 501 music player doesn't have equalisers, can we expect the next future release of the asha software.. Also, when I plugin the earphone and listen any songs and unplug the earphone music stops. Is this expected behavior, I've check