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apple earpods mic not working on pc

  • Apple Earpods as mic on Mac Mini mid-2011 Updated:10-11

    I've connected my Apple Earpods to the audio line-in socket on my mid-2011 Mac Mini but nothing shows up under the input tab in the sound settings. I tried using the built-in option but when I try to talk it doesn't pick up my voice. Does it just not

  • How does Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic(MD827ZM/A) work with iPod 3rd Generation Updated:11-30

    I have recently bought EarPods With remote and mic (MD827ZM/A) for my old iPod shuffle (3rd generation) Software V 1.1,  capacity 2GB but these EarPods doesn't seems like working with my iPod, any possible solution ?You can also get an "adapter,"

  • Mac Mini (late 2012), Windows 8, and Apple EarPods. Updated:10-11

    Hello there. Recently, I have been trying to get my Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic to work with my bootcamp installation of windows 8. when I plug the earpods into the audio out jack while using OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2) I can use them without t

  • Apple earpods microphone not working Updated:10-11

    I have the apple earpods and the microphone does not work with my iphone 4 running ios 6. Everything works except the mic, when I plug them in the mic on the physical phone is never disabled and I have to use the phone mic if I want to speak. I want

  • Are the Apple EarPods (all functions) compatible with the iPod shuffle 5th Generation 2GB? Updated:11-30

    Are theApple EarPods (all functions) compatible with the iPod shuffle 5th Generation 2GB?There is no "5th gen" iPod shuffle, but it is compatible with the current 4th gen shuffle. On the product listing for the EarPods at the Apple Store http://

  • New Apple Earpods are very nice Updated:11-30

    I have to say these new earpods are very nice. The sound is great and the fit is very comfortable. I have Bose earbuds for my iPod Nano (Gen 7) and Apple's earpods are brighter in sound with adequate bass. The Bose earbuds have a little more bass wit

  • Earpods mic compatibility with Macs? Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have problems with my earpods. I have an iMac early 2008 and my earpod mic dosen't work. I don't know if it's iMac sound input problem or an incompatibility issue microphone. There are a list with macs compatibility? http://www.thei

  • Apple Earpods - Usability Updated:11-30

    I cannot find any information on using the Apple Earpods with Remote and Mic. The only manual available is an online manual that does not indicate which products the controls should function with. I tried searching for a compatibility list, and yet a

  • Do the Apple Earpods work with the HTC One? Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am just about to upgrade my phone to a HTC One and I just wanted to know if my Apple Earpods will work with that phone. I think that the actual earpods themselves will work but I just want to know if the inline mic and controls will work with i

  • How durable are the Apple EarPods? Updated:11-30

    Hi, I was wondering how durable the apple EarPods are to being broken. When I. Say broken I mean how vulnerable are the speakers to being blown? I like my music loud and so not want to destroy these headphones. Thanks in advance, -Ebonythey are more

  • Excuse me, directly to the Apple store to buy  Apple EarPods is HK$238 ? Updated:11-30

    Excuse me, directly to the Apple store to buy  Apple EarPods is HK$238 ?Yes, it looks like it is! This is the page for the earbuds with a mic, for the iPhone. They are also the cheapest headphones on the Store.Read other 2 answers

  • How to get my apple earpods microphone to work on my windows 8.1 Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have brand new apple earpods and I run windows 8.1 on my macbook pro, the headphones work fine but the mic doesn't work at all, Windows doesnt even detect them. Anyone has any idea/experience with this issue?you can't the windows driver don't s

  • My 4th gen iPod touch won't recognize the remote feature on earbuds other than Apple earpods - anyone else had this issue? Updated:10-11

    Apple earpods don't fit my ears well, so I bought a pair of Sony earbuds a few months ago. When they came, I noted that I could turn volume up and down, but the remote portion didn't work - couldn't pause or skip music. They weren't the highest quali

  • If Apple EarPods just randomly decided to break into 2 pieces and get stuck in the headphone jack, will Apple replace or repair the iPad for free? Updated:10-11

    After I was done listening to some music, I of course puller out the EarPods from the headphone jack. But then I noticed how the tip broke into 2, so half of the tip is stuck in the headphone jack. Since they were Apple EarPods, and I didn't inflict

  • I have an apple earpods and I use them for my ipad but when I want to skip a song by tapping the middle button twice it doesn't skip the music so what to do? Updated:10-11

    I have an apple earpods and I use them for my ipad but when I want to skip a song by tapping the middle button twice it doesn't skip the music so what to do?The procedure is Settings>Messages>Send & Receive at>You can be reached by iMessages

  • How do you fix your apple earpod headphones Updated:11-30

    How do you fix your Apple Earpod Headphones if one speaker is not working?Apple ID is Disabled - Apple Club Apple ID- "This Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons" alert appearsRead other 2 answers

  • Apple Earpod volume down control not working Updated:11-30

    The play/pause button works great as well as the volume up, however the control doesn't respond when I press the volume down. The earpod has not been exposed to any water or the sort. Why is this happening? Thanks.Hello milkaballet, This article prov

  • Apple Earpods - Not Working. Help? Updated:11-30

    I have apple earpods and recently one of the sides stop working. You can hardly hear on the side that isn't working. Would Apple trade my earpods for new ones? - I still have my 1 year warrenty and it doesn't expire until December 25, 2013.If you hav

  • Why isn't my apple earpods volume/pause button working? How can i fix this? Updated:11-30

    I bought apple earpods in buffalo for a flight back home and now the volume button has stopped working. How can i fix this?Hey cros87by, Thanks for the question. I understand you are experiencing issues with iTunes Match. The following resource may p

  • 1st generation Touch & Apple earphone+mic remote Updated:11-30

    I have a 1st generation iPod touch. Will the Apple earphone/mic/remote work with my 1st generation iPod?Conal Ho, Yes and no my friend, they will work for listening to audio. However the mic and remote won't work. If you go to the compatibility parts