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  • What happen to the VGA card???? Updated:10-11

    ok my pc : pro:p4 3.2 1mb cash fsb 800 board: Msi 865 PE NEO2 P SERIES VGA : HERCULES RADEON 8500 SOUND : CREATIVE LIVE POWER SUPLY : 300W +3.3V 12A +12V 12A -12V 0.5A +5V 22A -5V 0.5A during playing games or even running winows applicatios  the moni

  • CPU initialization hang on bootup- works w/o VGA card!? Updated:10-11

    After moving my system across country I have encountered a problem.  When I boot up my K7N2-L with 2200 and MSI GF4 4200, the system hangs on "processor initialization," as indicated by the D-bracket LED display.  Removing *just the VGA card rem

  • Ultra 60 with a Hercules VGA Card wont show me anything Updated:10-11

    Hi there, i just have a Ultra 60 on my desk, and unfortunately I am not getting anything on my screen. Is there anything special I should look after to get the U60 with the Hercules PCI Card to work? The Model of the hercules VGA Card is: Terminator

  • S3 trio 3D/2X VGA card configuration Updated:11-30

    Dear, I have installed Solaris 8 for Intel on my PIII system. It has an S3 Trio 3D/2X 4MB VGA card installed in it. There is no such VGA card option given in the list while I run kdmconfig. My Monitor is Compaq V500, Which VGA I should choose from th

  • Reinstall osx server 10.3 on an xserve G5 without vga card. Updated:11-30

    Reinstall osx server 10.3 on an xserve G5 without vga card. How can i software restore the server without a vga card?"How can i software restore the server " If you mean restore as in reloading an existing config from a disk image. If you have a

  • Driver for Creative graphics blaster 3D CLGD5464 pci vga card Updated:11-30

    Can anyone tell me from where to find the driver for Creative graphics blaster 3D CLGD 5464 pci vga card. The driver in Solaris8 is for CLGD 5465 which is not compatible with my card. The solaris detects my card as CLGD 5465 but it doesent work. Can

  • Require Sun AMD Server with VGA card = 16M  - HELP Updated:11-30

    Hi everybody, Right now, Sun has the AMD Servers: V40z, X4100, X4200. These products are very good with high performance and quite cheap. But I find out that the integrated VGA of all AMD Servers has only 8MB. For my job, I need graphic card with at

  • Problem with VGA card Updated:11-30

    Hi, I just bought an MSI 865 Neo2FISR MOBO and a Asus 9600 XT VGA card. As someone said to me on this forum, i install first the intel INF files (april 2003 version)from the MSI CD. The screen was OK (only try with XP not with Games). Next I install

  • MSI FX 5600 VTDR 128 VGA card, Pinnacle 8.8.17 SE REBOOTS Windows XP when it renders. Updated:11-30

    The Problem is that once video is captured by the MSI FX 5600 VTDR 128 VGA card,  Pinnacle 8.8.17 SE crashes Windows XP when it renders. I am using the latest MSI 44.03 drivers and the WDM drivers as shown in Windows XP system properties, hardware, a

  • Motion on G4-best VGA card ?? Updated:11-30

    I use a MacBook Pro for editing native HDV and my Dual 867 G4 will get a processor upgrade soon to make it a Dual 1.25 running 10.4.9 and 2gigs of RAM. I know PCIe and PCIx are the new specifications for VGA cards, but what PCI card is still out ther

  • K9N Neo V3 : PCI-E and PCI-E x1/PCI VGA cards at the same time ? Updated:11-30

    Hello, I'm thinking about getting one more VGA card to resolve my dual screen issue : Quote I use two monitors. PC monitor as first screen, TV is extended for watching videos. PC : Philips 220aw (22", 1680x1050 @ 60Hz) DVI-DVI TV : LG 42lh3000 (42&qu

  • HELP !!! 2nd VGA card not working Updated:11-30

    I have the following board: MSI 865GM2-LS (MS-6743G) Ver0B I have just put into the PCI slot an S3 Virge/DX 375 VGA card and it gives me a yellow exclimation in device manager ( Win XP) Under "General" is the following message: This device canno

  • Installed New VGA Card and Lost Audio Updated:11-30

    (Please forgive my ignorance or stupidity when it comes to any computer knowledge.  In 'Layman's Terms', I am what you would call an idiot when it comes to computers, sorry...) I just installed MSI VGA Card 'MD512D3', 512MB, DDR3 onto my HP Pavillion

  • I need a vga card Updated:11-30

    Hi all I am looking for a vga card.Im thinking,maybe an MSI.Can you recomend one for my mobo..thanksQuote GFORCE 400 mx Er Pancake hasn't really set a budget yet, but in any case the G4 400MX series are not good standers. Check thisgraph and you can

  • Installation with an Elsa GLoria II VGA-card Updated:11-30

    Hi, I use my system for professional purposes (mainly CAD) and just wanted to test the Solaris environment. While installing Solaris (if setup is switching to X-mode) I get an blank screen and the installer asks for the type of my VGA-adapter which i

  • NVidia released a new driver for Qosmio nVidia VGA Cards Updated:11-30

    Hello This is the latest and the official driver from nVidia, Works for all Qosmio models with nVidia VGA Card Vista: XP:

  • Graphics card serial number // warranty vga card Updated:11-30

    When lifting the system, now appear blue vertical lines, graphics card is put in more computers, and it behaved identically. (Picture is attached), I advertised, but I returned because of its bottom missing serial number. Care that is under warranty,

  • MSI Big Bang Marshall B3 RAM and VGA card compatibility question Updated:11-30

    Hello I am thinking about upgrading my RAM and VGA card but will those be compatible with my mobo? Zotac GTX680 AMP Edition and GSkill Ripjaws 4x8GB F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL kit.Hello I am using Corsair 850W PSU and my BIOS version is 1.5. I made an error

  • P45 Platinum Edition and NVidia Geforce 9800 GX2 VGA card Updated:11-30

    I have configuration: M/B: MSI P45 Platinum (MSI S775 IP45 DDR2 SATA2 GBLAN 8-CH ATX) CPU: INTEL E8500 CORE2D 3.16GHZ 1333/6M S775 RAM: CORSAIR DDR2 KIT 2X1GB 800MHZ EPP TECHN - 2 kits for 4 Gb of RAM VGA: XFX GF 9800GX2 PCIE1GB DDR3 DUALDVI HDMI PSU

  • K9A2 Platinum - can I use PCIE4 with single VGA card? Updated:11-30

    I searched but can't find many clues on that. The specs of my system are in my sig. The CPU fan size and the VGA board cooling fins prevent me from installing my VGA card in PCIE1. The manual says that if using a single video card, that's where it sh