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  • What happen to the VGA card???? Updated:10-11

    ok my pc : pro:p4 3.2 1mb cash fsb 800 board: Msi 865 PE NEO2 P SERIES VGA : HERCULES RADEON 8500 SOUND : CREATIVE LIVE POWER SUPLY : 300W +3.3V 12A +12V 12A -12V 0.5A +5V 22A -5V 0.5A during playing games or even running winows applicatios  the moni

  • CPU initialization hang on bootup- works w/o VGA card!? Updated:10-11

    After moving my system across country I have encountered a problem.  When I boot up my K7N2-L with 2200 and MSI GF4 4200, the system hangs on "processor initialization," as indicated by the D-bracket LED display.  Removing *just the VGA card rem

  • Ultra 60 with a Hercules VGA Card wont show me anything Updated:10-11

    Hi there, i just have a Ultra 60 on my desk, and unfortunately I am not getting anything on my screen. Is there anything special I should look after to get the U60 with the Hercules PCI Card to work? The Model of the hercules VGA Card is: Terminator

  • S3 trio 3D/2X VGA card configuration Updated:11-30

    Dear, I have installed Solaris 8 for Intel on my PIII system. It has an S3 Trio 3D/2X 4MB VGA card installed in it. There is no such VGA card option given in the list while I run kdmconfig. My Monitor is Compaq V500, Which VGA I should choose from th