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  • Apex application registered with sso as partner application Updated:10-11

    We have 1 apex app registered with sso and working properly. I just registered a new apex application with sso. when i authenticate through sso, it directs me to the originally registered application. I went in through the portal administrator app an

  • APEX-The manullay created column is not getting updated in the database Updated:10-11

    Dear all I have a form on page, which is created along with a report using Form on a Table with Report option. From the form I have deleted one field and recreated manullay as set the property as database column. When I am calling from the report pag

  • APEX LISTENER Install troubleshooting Updated:10-11

    Hi, I need help.. :-) Default Database connection not configured properly What I have done:      ALTER USER APEX_LISTENER ACCOUNT UNLOCK;      ALTER USER APEX_PUBLIC_USER ACCOUNT UNLOCK;      ALTER USER APEX_REST_PUBLIC_USER ACCOUNT UNLOCK;      conn

  • Problem with logging in to apex application builder listener Updated:10-11

    I have problem with my settings and am posting this in hope that someone else out there had similar problem and solved it! I am trying to use reverseproxy to access to our db through apex listener. It's been all set-up and I can login to the applicat

  • Need advise on SQL Report  base for APEX or jasper Updated:10-11

    Hello everyone, I need some advise on how to approach this below report requirement. It has been bugging me for nearly 2 weeks now, and my time is running out. Here is a simplified version of the database Four tables: Defendant, Engagement, Service,

  • Application Developed in Apex 3.2 is not working Apex 4.1 Updated:10-11

    Hi, We have few application developed using oracle apex 3.2 and oracle 10g enterprise edition as the database also have a Apache tomcat server configured in the system. These application are running fine have no issue in production instance. I recent

  • Dynamic image does not work in the template builder plug-in (Apex-BI Intgr) Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I posted this problem in the BI Publisher topic but nobody responded maybe this is because mods thought this is an Apex-BI integration issue. If I'm in the wrong place, please do warn me. The documentation says: Direct Insertion Insert the jp

  • Event page view in APEX 4.0 Updated:10-11

    hi -- It looks to me like the new "tree" page view in APEX 4.0 shows only regions/processes/items, etc defined on the current page. If I recall correctly, the "event" view in 3.2 showed app processes and page 0 regions, etc intertwined

  • How many mails i can send at a time per day using APEX mail system? Updated:10-11

    HI, I am working on application, when i have written a process to send mail, i have a project where i have to send mail at a time for all the email id's given list there are upto 5000 email id's where text body also include certain set of data from a

  • Time Interval for Daily Calendar in APEX 3 Updated:10-11

    Hi, we're looking at upgrading to Apex 3 and I have a question about the Daily Calendar time interval. Is there a way to change the interval to say, 15 minutes from the default 1 Hour? Cheers KofiHello Kofi, "Now looking at what I can see on apex.ora