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APEX HOw to delcare a global variable

  • Apex User as Global Variable Updated:11-30

    Hi Is there any Way to catch the Apex User as System or Global Variable for using it for auditing for example br. MDK.Hi, There is APP_USER substitution string I ho

  • Unit Testing and APEX Global Variables Updated:10-11

    We've recently started to unit test our database level PL/SQL business logic. As such we have a need to be able to simulate or provide output from PL/SQL APEX components in order to facilitate testing of these components. Some of the most obvious por

  • Apex 3.2 - Global Variables loosing value! Updated:11-30

    Hello Everyone, I am using Oracle Apex version 3.2. I am using global variables in my queries. I found that some times but not always these global variables loosing their value. How I can resolve this issue? All replies will be appreciated. Thanks in

  • Apex Global Variable like D2K Updated:11-30

    HI, Previously my application was develop in d2k6i where i use global variable to keep user_id available in every forms... is it posbile to declare global variable in Apex ? Thanks Engr.M.K ChowdhuryJust to extend Andy's point a little further, you m

  • APEX: Declare global variable in APEX Updated:11-30

    Hello All, Can anyone tell me how to declare global variable in Process(Pl/sql code) in Oracle APEX. Thanks, JitenThere is nothing like Global Variable that can be declared in Process in Apex. Look up Shared Components > Application Item. Maybe that

  • Apex- global variable declaration Updated:11-30

    Dear Friends I am very new to Oracle applicaiton express, Please let me how to declare global variable in an applcation. The variable should be accessible throught ot all the pages in that applicaion. Any one can help?Hi, use an application item for

  • Setting the value of an Application Item (setting a global variable); Updated:10-11

    In APEX, I need to initialize a global variable to 0 to implement a variable for testing to see if anything on the page has changed. Will update to 1 when certain select lists on the page are changed. Have read through some similar questi

  • Can I Access the Value of a Global Variable in a Trigger Updated:10-11

    I'm using a Global variable in a Package which i use in the BIU Trigger to populate a column. After assigning the value for that global variable, I run an INSERT in the same package. But I find only the default value of the Global variable populated

  • Use of global variables like g_cnt_transactions_transferred in the LSMW Updated:10-11

    Hi SapAll. when i had a look at the some of the LSMW's whic use IDOC as the object of uploading data into SAP from external Files i have found in the coding under the step "Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion Rules" that they use some of the g

  • Java Threads vs. Native Global Variables Updated:10-11

    A brief description of the problem: I am trying to integrate a multi-threaded Java app with legacy Fortran code. The Fortran code in question makes extensive use of global variables in the form of Fortran's Common Block data structure. If multiple th

  • Can F4IF_INT_TABLE_VALUE_REQUEST FM return a value in a global variable? Updated:10-11

    Hi everybody, I need to use F4IF_INT_TABLE_VALUE_REQUEST FM because I have to let users select an specific option before choosing another value. The point is that I need to save in a program global variable what the user selects, and decide something

  • Problem with .DLL and global variables Updated:10-11

    Hi, I need some helps to figure out my problem. I wrote a .dll file to open and run a GUI. When I run it at the first time, it is ok. When I call it again, there is an error "Pointer to free memory passed to library. It will be ok if I completely exi

  • Control global variable used in sub vi Updated:10-11

    Hi, I've created a vi to read an instrument and to initiate its calibration with labview. This VI stores data in a global variable containing measurments and status of the instrument. Now what I'm trying to do is create a sub vi with this to read&wri

  • Loading a text file into a global variable issue - really a global var? Updated:10-11

    From all the documentation and examples I can find, it appears that it would be correct to create a global array variable [outside of any functions] to load image names into, then use these images for a slideshow. I want to make the app dynamic, in t

  • How do i create and pass a global variable from one vi to several sub-vi's? Updated:10-11

    Hi Guys, I am trying to create a program that opens several front panels (sub-VI's) in sequence. in each front panel, the user would open a file that the name is obtained from the previous sub-VI. I would like to know how i could pass the filename an

  • How do you override global variable values when calling oraxsl or xsl.exe? Updated:10-11

    I am a newbie to oracle xslt. I have down loaded the latest version of xdk ( (Jan 2, 2009). In the past I haveI used micorsoft's "msxsl.exe" to perform my transformations. I am looking for a more up-to-date transformation tool. I fo

  • How to Use Transient View Objects to Store Session-level Global Variables Updated:10-11

    hi Please consider section "40.8.5 How to Use Transient View Objects to Store Session-level Global Variables" at Based on this documentation I created the ex

  • How do I add a global variable to my app? Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I am building a flex app which displays data in different tabs from a mysql database and I wan't to add a sign in process to make sure only registered users of the mysql db can see the data. To achieve this I built a sign in component which a

  • How to print global variable in smart form table cell Updated:10-11

    hi, i have smartform and i insert table in it, i also have set global variable, i want to show variable in table cell. regards shahid raisHi Shahid Rais  You can use this global variable that has been declared in anywhere as you like. For displaying

  • How can I pass a value field to a global variable? Updated:10-11

    I have a doubt, I wnat to know if is possible to pass a value field to a global variable inside of DataFlow? That a try to do is at the time to execute a JOB on line (real time), depending of the value field that i receive, only certain DATAFLOWS wil