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  • The Definitive Amex 3X CLI Guide Updated:10-11

     Note:  while this was at one time the correct guide, recent changes in policy have changed.  There will be updated information coming soon. One of the most popular topics of discussion on the forum is the American Express 3X CLI. Here is a small gui

  • Ask for amex x3 cli or wait? Updated:11-30

    I recently was approved for 3 cards all on the same day. One of which was the amex bce. I've read a lot of people asking for x3 cli upon activation. I'm a bit nervous to do so given the fact that I opened 2 other cards the same day. Should I give it

  • Amex auto CLI question and 100k plat offer Updated:11-30

    Two questions: 1. Does Amex do auto cli? I feel like I may be near the line with all my amex credit so I do not want to do a SP CLI request and send up any flags, but if they were willing to give me an auto CLI I'd like one on my SPG card because I o

  • Finally got my ALMOST Amex 3X CLI Updated:11-30

    I joined Amex on 03/01/15. And tried way to early. Only 30 days in. So I kept trying every few weeks and decline after decline. AND THEN BOOM!! I tried today and got $5000. It asked how much I wanted and I entered $5000 and got it instantly. Only dow

  • 2 AMEX, BOA CLI & Discover-It Denials - Recon? Updated:11-30

    Hey everyone! I had been riding a hot streak the past few days getting Cap One Quicksilver and Venture, Chase Freedom & Citi Double Cash. I was brought back to earth with a thud by the AMEX Everyday denial, and taking some advice I found in one of th

  • Citi warming up to me a little.. Updated:11-30

    So after Citi gave me abysmal limits on two cards with them: Double Cash - 5/22/2015 for $1,700TY Premier - 7/5/2015 for $2,000 I was messing around on their site and noticed it gave me the SP CLI wording for my DC and went ahead with the request..bu

  • Re: AMEX Cli denied** Updated:11-30

    Hello Everyone,  I recently request an credit increase on my Amex delta Gold upon ACTIVATION .I've got a  7-10 days message. And I talked someone from Amex via chat.he said my relationship with Amex is very new. But he suggested me to call CLI depart

  • Best Course of Action for AMEX Optima Oasis CLI Updated:11-30

    OK, so a little over a year ago, I lost most of my credit cards due to bad decisions, and was left with only an AMEX Optima rebuilder with a $900 cl and a BOA card, which they reduced my limit from $5000 to $700, and tacked on a ridiculous AF, which

  • CLI question (regarding Amazon and mainly AMEX) Updated:11-30

    My credit had been doing great until a few weeks ago when I faced an emergency. In 2 weeks, I went from around 2% utilization to over 35% (once my new balances begin to report). I'm paying down the balance on each card as fast as I can but it's going

  • How Soon for Fidelity Amex CLI?? Updated:11-30

    I was approved last week for the card with only $1k SL, tried to recon SL but was denied. I have cards that are much higher. How soon can I go for CLI and is it a HP? Thanks jamesdwi wrote: the goodnews you can apply for a CLI imediately but it will

  • Amex SPG 10K SL w/ Major Derog Updated:10-11

    Just wanted to share in case anyone who is still working on a rebuild would find it useful. Tried to boil it down to bullets so it's as straightforward as possible. A year ago I had gotten my scores into the 680s at all 3, and got a targeted mail off

  • Macy's Amex now available with Chip Updated:10-11

    i just got off the chat with Macy's to verify my new limit I will have after merge of accounts next month . Rep said that my AU's along with me , would receive new Amex Cards with the Chip in it. My AU's where issued just a  store card and a Amex for

  • Capital one QS1 Second CLI 2 months Updated:11-30

    Hi, This is my first post and wanted to share a very minor step in improving my credit thanks to some info from this forum. I am 29, W2'ed 136k last year and on pace for a good amount more this year. My credit is aweful; far to many spring breaks, ra

  • Chase Freedom Card Approved and BofA CLI Updated:11-30

    Hey everybody, Saturday night I hit the apply button for Chase Freedom (also Hyatt, but I don't think that app went through), and I hit the luv button on BofA. Neither was instant and I was quite nervous about it. Apparently both saw an alert I had p

  • Amex Everyday easier to get than Blue Cash? Updated:11-30

    My last three baddies wil fall off my Experian in October and I wanted to get an Amex Blue Cash Everyday to basically buy all my food and fuel and stuff with to earn cash back, but from what I've read, the regualar Everyday card (the grey/silver one)

  • SP Citi Double Cash CLI! Updated:11-30

    Just went online and figured I would try for a CLI from Citi, as I've recently gotten CLIs from both Amex and Discover, and I'm glad to report it was a success!!!  Instantly approved for double my previous limit, $1,500 --> $3,000 That brings me toAm

  • Discover and Cap1 CLI's! Updated:11-30

    Hi all, My third statement for my Discover It and Cap1 QS1 cut this week and I decided to try for CLI's on both. I've been running a lot of charges on both, mostly gas and lunch but a couple larger things as well. Paid both down to less than 10% Util

  • Close & Combine with Amex Updated:11-30

    DW has the Costco TrueEarnings and just got her BCE. There hasn't been a CLI on the TrueEarnings for over 6 months. Will Amex allow her to move the entire CL on the TrueEarnings over to the BCE (after 61 days since the card is new) and then have the

  • Will using the 0% period with Amex spook them? Updated:11-30

    I've racked up 6k on my AmEx EDP so far in two months. I've also spent 3k (last two months) on my Platinum which I just PIF within days of the statement cutting. But I've paid the minimum on the EDP. All of these are purchases and no balance transfer

  • AMEX Optima "Oasis" Rebuilding Program Any experience? Updated:11-30

    I am fairly new to this community and have found the information and advice found here to be extremely helpful. This past summer, I was offered and accepted into AMEX's "Oasis" credit rebuilding program, by being given an Optima card with a $900