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Alien Dalvik 2.0 symbian belle

  • Re: Alien Dalvik 2.0 symbian belle (Android app's ... Updated:11-30

    i have nokia 701. My phone web browser is not working. Net is working in other browsers like opera and uc browser. it's a big problum for me i can't watch online videos and i can't access some software. Someone plz plz help me to solve this problum.

  • Myriad Alien Dalvik (android apps for symbian) Updated:11-30

    When will be available Myriad Alien Dalvik for phones running symbian^3? myriad-alien-dalvik-allows-android-apps-symbian-maemo-virtual-machine ...and so far Myriad has not said anything about making their products available directly to us end users.

  • Is there a chance we will get Alien Dalvik on Symb... Updated:11-30

    I heard that this will be coming to MEEGO and I also read it will be coming to future OS's in the future. I really , really hope it does, then finally we will have some more decent games to play on our N8's and other Symbian 3 phones . I tired asking

  • Disappointed with Symbian Belle! Pros vs Cons Updated:10-11

    I accept that I'm probably in the minority here, as a lot of you seem to be banging on about how great Belle is, but I personally dislike it! In fact, I would go as far as saying I HATE Symbian Belle, after coming from Symbian Anna! First of all, I'd

  • All about Symbian Belle Problems. Updated:10-11

    Hi, Here are my full list of problems, suggestion i would like to  keep infront of you. I sent the problems via ''CONTACT US'' and to some Nokia employee via PM but they just can't.... No problem is solved in software update. Of Course that's really

  • Adobe Photoshop for Symbian Belle phones Updated:10-11

    Why an adobe photoshop aplication wasn't released for symbian belle devices especially for N8, 808 pureview. These are the two best camera phones ever released. Adobe photoshop app is available for windows phones & andriod phones...then why not for s

  • How to download Adobe Flash Player Lite 2.1 for Symbian Belle? Updated:10-11

    Greetings. I would Like to ask if someone would be so kind and tell me where or how couls I download Adobe Flash Player ite 2.1 for Symbian Belle? I registered on Adobe and gone to downloading page clicked to link : Download the free Flash Lite 2.1 p

  • Widgets on Symbian Belle (Nokia N8-00 from Argenti... Updated:10-11

    With the arrival of the update to Symbian Belle I realized that Nokia forgot to place multiple widgets that were present in the leaked versions of Belle months ago. Some of them are in the following images. Widget mini music player: Belle has a music

  • Nokia N8 Symbian Belle - Mobile Data Auto Connecti... Updated:10-11

    I have recently updated my n8 to symbian belle and I am having trouble in disabling the mobile data. For some reason the 3G connection icon keeps on beeping in the menu bar. It keeps on trying to connect to packet data even though i have disabled  th

  • Google maps not working with symbian belle upgrade Updated:10-11

    guys after recent upgrade with symbian belle google maps stopped working is there any problem will belle dose it support google maps 4.1.1For those people still can't get Google map to work on Belle after the Wifi trick, a hard reset finally fixed mi

  • Nokia 701 Symbian Belle Widget problem Updated:10-11

    when i see previews of themes on nokia store, there are some widgets that i don't have on my Nokia 701 (latest software update)...for example the (3G On/Off) widget and some others too, is there any place where i can get these widgets ? Solved! Go to

  • Nokia 500 symbian belle w/ NFC support? Updated:10-11

    i wonder if i upgrade to symbian belle on my nokia 500, will it able to add NFC support? TY Nokia user since 2004. Owned 3310, 1100, 3300, 6600, 6300, 5310, 5130, N79, 5800. Owns: 6230 (still alive) and 500.... Solved! Go to Solution.Well the Nokia "

  • E7 Symbian Belle - MMS problems Updated:10-11

    I own an Nokia E7 with Symbian Belle installed. The MMS are received very small 240x240... even when they are sent in larger formats. The E7 resizes the MMS to that size. I changed the MMS settings to free mode and large image, but the problem remain


    When upgrading my Nokia E7 from symbian anna to symbian belle, the phone switched off and on restarting, it dispay a text: '' phone startup failed, contact retailer.'' what can i do about this? your concern will be appreciated.If the warning came dur

  • Symbian belle / nokia 701 Updated:10-11

    hello symbian belle fp2 was updated in my nokia 701 yet there are many defects 1) front camera not supported 2) no dedicated exit option in camera app 3) arrow keys in keyboard missing ( strongly required ) 4) der should be normal prediction option i

  • Email client issue Symbian Belle Updated:10-11

    Hello everyone. I just installed Symbian Belle in my nokia N8, and configured the email client with my Gmail account.  I'm getting a strange error when I try to read any message of my inbox.  Every time that I try to read a message, all that I can se

  • Nokia C6-01 cant upgrade to Symbian Belle from Sym... Updated:11-30

    Pls advise me how to solve this problem cause i cant upgrade my C6-01 to Symbian Belle using Nokia Suite 3.3.89.First check whether Nokia belle is available for your phone's product come and region. Check belle availability page of Nokia Europe's web

  • Mobile Data Widget N8 Symbian Belle Updated:11-30

    I have just upgraded my N8 to Symbian Belle.  I now have a widget called Mobile Data but have no idea what this should be used for or when it should be on or off. Can anyone offer any advice????Mobile data off - No access to internet. Mobile data on

  • Symbian belle & Tamil font update for c6-00 Updated:11-30

    Is this phone compat for update sym belle and tamil font Solved! Go to Solution.Hi purushmagesh, Thanks for your post and welcome to the Nokia forum. Your phone can't be updated with  Belle, your phone being symbian 9.4, only the symbian ^3 can be up

  • Symbian Belle Updated:11-30

    When will Nokia release the belle update for Nokia N8?is there any exact date?and will Nokia continue to provide exciting  updates carrying new features for Symbian^3 devices? Solved! Go to Solution.Why don't you: a) post in the right section of the