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  • How to get adobe aftereffects cs6 elements Updated:11-30

    hai, i m trying to download adobe aftereffects cs6 in to my Macbook pro- plz help me to find a proper link, thanks,Praneeth Mandapati you can download Adobe After Effects CS6 at Download CS6 products.Read other 2 answers

  • Wie kann ich die Sprache von AfterEffects CS6 von Deutsch auf ENGLISCH ändern? Updated:11-30

    Wie kann ich die Sprache von AfterEffects CS6 von Deutsch auf ENGLISCH ändern?Eine Datei namens "ae_force_english.txt" unter Dokumente anlegen. MyleniumRead other 3 answers

  • New MacbookPro with Nvidia Geforce GT 750M 2GB for Premiere and Aftereffects CS6, CC and CC14? Updated:11-30

    I have Premiere Pro and AE CS6. My Mac got stolen, now i have to buy a new one. I think about buying the new Macbook Pro Retina with Nvidia Geforce GT 750M 2GB Graphicscard. I want hardware which works fine with both Premiere Pro, AE CS6 and the late

  • I can't run AfterEffects CS6 or CC using Mavericks HELP! Updated:11-30

    i have updated all the software and uninstalled and re-installed but when i try to open either version i get this message: You can't use this version of the application "Adobe After Effects CS6" with this verson of OS X. You have "Adobe Aft

  • Wie kann ich die Funktion "Bewegung skizzieren" in Gang bringen? Funktioniert nicht unter OS X 10.10, bei AfterEffects CS6 Updated:11-30

    Bei früheren Versionen und auf dem PC funktionierte das "Bewegung skizzieren" problemlos. Jetzt (OS X 10.10, After Effects CS6) verändert sich der Mauszeiger beim Anklicken von "Aufnahme beginnen" kurz zu einem Kreuz (wie gewünscht), a

  • [AfterEffects CS6] : Crash when removing a child control Updated:11-30

    Hello, I work in a script for AfterEffect (JSX). In certain situations I remove controls from a panel, it usualy works. But sometime, this code crashes (inside 'remove'): childCheckbox = myPanel.children[0]; myPanel.remove(childCheckbox); According t

  • While doing work in After Effects CS6 my program froze on AfterEffects CS6 Render Engine window and I cannot exit or quit it Updated:11-30

    Why is this happening and how do I restart my computer I am on a macWe need to know a lot more to help you. Please provide answers to the questions listed here: "FAQ: What information should I provide when asking a question on this forum?"Read o

  • Problem in Adobe Media Encoder CS6 Presets Updated:10-11

    This Problem appears to me when I want to export a project in MPEG preset: I can't export an MPEG Video. but H.264 and MOV is working. My program and version is Adobe Media Encoder CS6. And the same is happened in Adobe Premiere CS6 and Adobe AfterEf

  • Importing Illustrator files into AE CS6 render lo-res in final output video Updated:11-30

    Everything imports, loads, plays and renders from Illustrator into AfterEffects CS6. When I render the final video, the AI files are appearing lo-res in the HD video (1280x720). Do I have a lo-res output setting turned on?What version of After Effect

  • Aftereffects reports source media is unable to be read. Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I have a comp in AE that was working fine until yesterday when aftereffects started reporting that the source files could not be found. The problem is, the files are there and open fine in premier pro, nuke, and any other software i have trie

  • "unable to acquire rendered frame" error message with AE CS6 Motion Tracker Updated:11-30

    Hi Everyone, I am having issues with the built in tracking software in After Effects CS6. Everytime I hit "analyze" I receive the error message "unable to acquire rendered frame" or it simply remains at "0% (frame 1 of 70)".

  • Saving back to After Effects CS6 from CC14? Updated:11-30

    I'm a student and I'm using a trial version of After Effects CC. On the computers at school, we use aftereffects CS6, and I need to turn in my .aep files on those computers, which will not open the CC aftereffects files. Is there any way to save back

  • Hi I was told mocha AE was suppose to come with After effects cs6 Updated:11-30

    I downloaded aftereffects CS6, but I can't find it on my computer. Can anyone help?Select a layer and choose Animation > Track in mocha AE. After Effects Help | Tracking and stabilizing motionRead other 2 answers

  • Forgot a shortcut in CS6- Using Marker+Audio playing Updated:11-30

    I am using ( new ) Aftereffects CS6- Playing the audio in the ram/audio preview. I need to be able to add markers while the song is playing using a shortcut. I know there is one because I was using it once with CS6 but forgot what it is. I was able t

  • CC for Teams, not listing all Creative Cloud Applications Updated:11-30

    So here is my problem Our company has just upgraded to Creative Cloud for Teams, but when I went to install the software on everyone's machines, I noticed that we were missing certain CC apps. I also have a Standard CC license for my personal use to

  • Updates suppressed by administrator Updated:11-30

    Same problem as above posts.  I tried uninstalling and re-installing AfterEffects CS6, but still the same problem; CS6 wont open, and when I try to run the 11.0.3 AdobePatchInstaller, it gives me the following message (which is eroneous, since I am l

  • Problems importing PNG Sequences as Footage Updated:11-30

    Using AfterEffects CS6 with the latest patch (11.0.1).. We have several PNG frame sequences (output from 3dsMax & Mental Ray) that we usually load into AfterEffects for manipulation and rendering.  With the files on our network share, we are unable t

  • AE composition renders progressive in AME CC2014 Updated:11-30

    In AfterEffects CS6 we could render compositions directly as interlaced mp4 files. Now we upgraded to CC 2014.2 - and there we are forced to render mp4 files via Adobe MediaEncoder. But AME determines all AfterEffects compositions as "progressive&quo

  • PhotoShopCC をアンインストールして.パッケージ版のPhotoShopCS6 を使いたい. Updated:11-30

    PhotoShopのユーザーです. 昨年2014年1月に.PhotoShopCCを単体で1年間使用できるカードを 電気量販店で購入して使っていました. OSは.Windows7-64bit です. その後.昨年2014年4月に.CCの前のバージョンの. Adobe CS6 MasterCollection (パッケージDVD-ROM版)が 販売されていたので.購入しておきました. さて.先の.PhotoShopCCが. 1年後の今年2015年1月で.使えなくなりましたので. PhotoShopC

  • Trial mode creative cloud Updated:11-30

    First I had issues with apps starting up in trial-mode. That was solved by chancing the language. But now I get popup screens telling me the whole Creative Cloud is in trial period, starting today. While I am using the Creative Cloud for over a week