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adobe indesign cs4 wont open

  • You can't open the application "Adobe InDesign CS4" because it is not supported on this architecture" Updated:10-11

    A day or two ago I went through installing Adobe InDesign CS4 on Leopard OS X.5.8.  After what appears to be a successful installati on, in launching InDesign CS4 the message " You can't open the application "Adobe InDesign CS4" because it

  • I can't open *.indd files in Adobe InDesign CS4 Updated:10-11

    I've just installed the trial version of Adobe Indesign CS4 and I cannot open my *.indd files which contain my business brochures etc. How can they be opened? Operating system:  Windows XP pro SP3. Processor: Intel E8400, Gigabyte P35 Chipset with 4G

  • Adobe InDesign CS4 Stops Working - Windows 7 Ultimate Updated:11-30

    I have a new computer with 8g of Ram running Windows 7 Ultimate, with an Intel i7 860 2.8 and everything has been working fine until an hour ago and now everytime I open InDesign and start working on a file, I get the error message that Windows has t

  • Adobe Indesign CS4 Updated:11-30

    I am a member of academic staff and purchased (the university purchased it for me - London Metropolitan University, London, England) Adobe Indesign CS4.  The serial number is: [deleted by moderator].  I uploaded this software from a disc onto my lapt

  • Will Adobe inDesign CS4 and Photoshop CS4 run on Yosemite? Updated:11-30

    Will Adobe inDesign CS4 and Photoshop CS4 run on Yosemite?Roaring Apps web site. InDesign has Issues. Photoshop appears to be OK but a re-installation may be necessary.  Run the CS Cleaner Tools below and PS unins

  • CS4 "You cannot open the application Adobe InDesign CS4 because it is not supported on this archit Updated:11-30

    Just installed CS4. Ai and Ps open fine. i get this prompt with InDesign. You cannot open the application Adobe InDesign CS4 because it is not supported on this architecture. any clues on how resolve this? thanks!I'm having exactly the same problem w

  • Adobe InDesign CS4 Phishing Scam Updated:11-30

    This may have been mentioned elsewhere on these forums, but I can't find it. I received an email this morning purporting to be from Adobe with a "user key" attached as a zip file: Dear customer, Your Adobe CS4 License key is in attached document

  • Adobe InDesign CS4 ME (Middle Eastern Version) AND fonts Updated:11-30

    hello, does someone know, which Fonts are in "Adobe Indesign CS4 ME (middle eastern version)"  out-of-the-box (without Tasmeem!)? We have real trouble to find out in advance, what kind of fonts are included or supported (or not). thank you. knut

  • Adobe InDesign CS4 opening problem Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have problem of opening Adobe InDesign CS4. At the following images you can see the error messages that comes one after the other. I really need your help...... Thank you so much in advance, ANo.... but thank you ssoooo much for your effort. No

  • Installing Adobe InDesign CS4. Updated:11-30

    I have previously purchased the Adobe Creative Suite 4. The discs are no longer working, and I need to re-install the programs onto my new computer. I have had this issue in the past and contacted Adobe to email me a link for me to download certain p

  • Adobe InDesign CS4 Printing To 11 x 18 Issues Updated:11-30

    I am trying to print an 11 x 18 in Adobe InDesign CS4 however, it will print automatically to an 8.5 x 11. I have tried to set the printing preferences but It defaults back to 8.5 x 11. This issue only happens in InDesign and not other Adobe products

  • Missing font makes Adobe InDesign CS4 6.0.4 crash Updated:11-30

    Hi! I am having a problem with the latest version of Adobe InDesign CS4 (v 6.0.4). I opened an old document which contained two missing fonts. I was able to correct the first one by changing it to an existing font. But when I tried to correct the sec

  • I recently bought and installed Adobe InDesign CS4. It does not have some fonts I want, e.g., Papyru Updated:11-30

         I recently bought and installed Adobe InDesign CS4. It does not have some fonts I want, e.g., Papyrus Bold. I copied it from the Windows XP Fonts folder into the InDesign Font folder, which, for starters, was empty (even though when I open the I

  • Will adobe indesign cs4 run under lion??? Updated:11-30

    does anyone have experienced problems with adobe indesign cs4 after upgrading to os x lion? or any other cs4 programs that will no longer run? thxNo. &oe=UTF-

  • Adobe InDesign CS4 fonts - where'd they go? Updated:11-30

    Using a PC.  I work for a municipal govt which finally upgraded me from adobe CS to CS4 this past year.  I mostly use InDesign for my work publications and was thrilled to have some new fonts with the new CS4 on my system (fonts like Baveuse, Blue Hi

  • Adobe InDesign CS4 Debug WIN Installation Updated:11-30

    I need to port an InDesign CS3 plugin to InDesign CS4. In order to do that I've installed the Adobe InDesign CS4 Debug WIN but when I'm trying to start the application I receive the following error message in German: "Diese Anwendung konnte nicht ges

  • Where do I find Adobe Indesign cs4? Updated:11-30

    I am wondering if I need to pay for Adobe Indesign cs4 or is it part of my Acrobat Pro Subscription? ThanksHi Christopher, Indesign CS4 is not a part of Acrobat Pro subscription. It is a different product altogather. You need to buy it separately. Le

  • How can I Reinstall adobe Indesign CS4? Updated:11-30

    Hello All. I removed Adobe Indesign CS4 and wants to Reinstall it but it can't install and show me an error. It tell me that can't install Adobe Indesign CS4 and Adobe Bridge CS4. How can I fix it? Cheers.I use Windows XP 64 and Windows 7 64 bit. I a

  • Debug version of Adobe InDesign CS4 Server Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I have installed Debug version of Adobe InDesign CS4 Server on my PC. It gets install properly. When I try to start the server it gives me such error "The system cannot execute the specified program." I have written following command to

  • Adobe Indesign CS4 GREP code Updated:11-30

    Hi Can anyone suggest me how i can change (kill) extra space only math operators (left/right) one time by GREP code in Adobe Indesign CS4 My Question=>  Its Powermath Equation with extra space [&3  -2 3-  2 3  - 3 = 3  +2 3+  2 3  +  3  =3 4=  3&am