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adobe flash player for safari 5.1.10

  • Problems installing or running Adobe Flash Player for safari Updated:11-30

    problems installing or running Adobe® Flash® Player for safari when trying to install Adobe Flash Player.pkg it asks to quit Dash Board client then brings up Exclamation mark up and quits install ??????Adobe Flash is pretty much a 32-bit application.

  • Problem updating Adobe Flash Player with Safari Updated:11-30

    Hello! I'm trying to update Adobe Flash Player using Safari on a Macbook Pro with OS X 10.10.1 but every time I download the update the file looks like this: and when I try to start the installation this window appears: I tried several different down

  • I installed Adobe Flash player on Safari but it is still saying install it, I have restarted my computer and Safari Updated:10-11

    Hi, I noticed there was an Adobe Flash player update, so I installed it and restarted Safari, but it kept saying install Adobe Flag player to watch youtube videos I installed the newest version, and restarted my computer, and it still was not working

  • How come I need Adobe Flash Player for Safari Updated:10-11

         I have the latest Macbook Pro and I guess the latest version of Safari.  So why doesn't a current version of Safari play videos on the internet? Why must I download Adobe Flash Player to watch videos on the interne? I can watch a few videos on Y

  • Adobe Flash Player and Safari Updated:10-11

    Hello everybody, I bought new MacBook Pro 13'' last July 2012. For the past week I can not suddenly view presentations and videos. I have installed adobe flash player (program recommended by Apple). My second problem is that when I try to open safari

  • Adobe Flash Player for Safari Updated:10-11

    I can't get Adobe Flash player to install in Safari 5.0.3. Please advise...Adobe Flash is pretty much a 32-bit application. You may be able to fix the problem by going into your Applications folder, and right-clicking on Safari. There is a check box

  • Adobe Flash Player with Safari problem Updated:11-30

    Youtube says that I need to upgrade my Adobe Flash Player when I have already done so. It also says this on multiple sites where I can watch flash content as well. What do I need to do?Make sure you are using the correct version of Flash Player. The

  • Adobe Flash Player in Safari on iPad 2 Updated:11-30

    While running Safari on my iPad 2, I am unable to see video content on websites requiring Adobe Flash Player.  I get a message that states something about licensing restrictions with Apple preventing Flash Player from being able to be used on the iPa

  • Last update of Adobe Flash Player for Safari Updated:11-30

    Adobe flash player last update downloaded and installed but still it doesn't work with Safari. Pls advice as I don't see Adobe in the list of my programms. I followed this instruction and it was successfully install

  • Won't load adobe flash player say safari is open Updated:11-30

    Am trying to install adobe flash player on my new machine, but when installing it hangs and tells me to that safari is open - which, as far as I can tell, it isn't. Any help out there?Neither Safari, or the System Preferences panel can be open when i

  • Farmville on Facebook requies Adobe Flash player but Safari won't allow Updated:11-30

    Has anyone found out how to download and install the Adobe Flash player on the iPad? I use Farmville on Facebook and it will not run the page because it requires Adobe's Flash Player. Has anyone else had this problem and what was the fix?According to

  • Adobe flash player on Safari Updated:11-30

    Hello... First time question. We have trouble uninstalling flash player version 11.1 to install 11.4 on our MacBook, Mountain Lion  with OSX10.8.1. We went thought the steps on the Adobe web site and get the installer for the latest version. It's dow

  • How do I install adobe flash player in Safari? Updated:10-11

    I enabled pop up windows, but it still gets cancelled in the activity window.Get the latest Flash player version from Adobe (address supplied by g_wolfman). Make sure you get the correct version for Mac OS X. Download it to the desktop. Close all bro

  • I cannot watch videos after installing the latest version of adobe flash player for safari 6.1 Updated:10-11

    Ive unistalled and reinstalled versions of adobe flashplayer to fix the problem, cleared computer of cookies, allowed plug ins, and tried various other options to get videos to work. So far it keeps telling me to install latest version of adobe when

  • Mac - Unable to install Adobe Flash Player after Safari update Updated:11-30

    After the latest Safari update (version 8.0.2) for Mac, I received a message that Flash Player was out of date.  I downloaded the latest Flash DMG file and when updating it stalls at 32%. Running the latest update for Yosemite. I've uninstalled all o

  • HT5655 I installed latest Adobe Flash Player BUT Safari still says its blocked out of date! Updated:10-11

    anyone has any solutions?Reinstall Flash Player again, and restart your computer after installing it. Finally, Safari should work with Flash without any problemRead other 4 answers

  • Adobe flash player safari processor +100%? Updated:10-11

    Hello everyone, I have a question regarding the use of adobe flash player with safari: how is it that the processor runs at more than one hundred percent when using flash player? I do not understand why the problem is still not solved after all this

  • Adobe Flash Player Problem with Safari Updated:10-11

    Hello, I've just installed the latest version of Adobe Flash Player on Safari. I can watch videos on all websites except for one, namely NovaTv Play. Whatever I do, I cannot open any of the videos. Therefore, I have to use a different browser like Go

  • I can't download adobe flash player  ( safari win ) Updated:11-30

    i can't download adobe flash player on safari windows , it's started at 7 % and suddenly turn to 47% and give me massage ( download time out )Hi, Can you try again, by going to this link and downloading it for your Safari.

  • Adobe Flash Player endless buffering on Safari 4.1.2 Updated:11-30

    Hello there: I'm having a very strange problem with Adobe Flash Player in Safari 4.1.2 (in this Mac the OS is Tiger 10.4.11), the buffering stays, and no music, you can check the player on gogoyoko ( ) and tell me if you can l